Monday, September 6, 2010

True Cost Of Iraqi War? 3 Trillion

Writing in these pages in early 2008, we put the total cost to the United States of the Iraq war at $3 trillion. This price tag dwarfed previous estimates, including the Bush administration's 2003 projections of a $50 billion to $60 billion war. 

 But today, as the United States ends combat in Iraq, it appears that our $3 trillion estimate (which accounted for both government expenses and the war's broader impact on the U.S. economy) was, if anything, too low. For example, the cost of diagnosing, treating and compensating disabled veterans has proved higher than we expected.
Moreover, two years on, it has become clear to us that our estimate did not capture what may have been the conflict's most sobering expenses: those in the category of "might have beens," or what economists call opportunity costs. For instance, many have wondered aloud whether, absent the Iraq invasion, we would still be stuck in Afghanistan. And this is not the only "what if" worth contemplating. We might also ask: If not for the war in Iraq, would oil prices have risen so rapidly? Would the federal debt be so high? Would the economic crisis have been so severe?
The answer to all four of these questions is probably no. The central lesson of economics is that resources -- including both money and attention -- are scarce. What was devoted to one theater, Iraq, was not available elsewhere. 
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Obama to Announce $50-billion Job Plan 

Considers closing oil, gas firm tax loopholes to pay for six-year infrastructure
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  1. What an INSULT to the American Public
    a small 50 Billion when the Banksters
    got 800 billion - 2 Trillion bailout.

    And all the Tax increases Obama has done
    to pay for the Bankster Bailout.

  2. Ahhh! The famous "what if"! What if my aunt had balls would she be my uncle?

  3. This is another burden for the average citizen. Do you think that cutting the oil and gas tax loopholes for the oil companies will not raise their costs? Will this cost to the oil companies not be passed on to the consumer as a rise in oil/gas prices? This idiot Obamao is lost. Get him and his unqualified groupies out of office now, before they ruin what's left of America!

  4. Yah; But But But

    W started this too!

    It's still all his fault !

  5. we are so screwed.

  6. “Get him and his unqualified groupies out of office now, before they ruin what's left of America! “

    What are you ,some sort of Anti-american Nnational Socialist fool with a party political bias for a republican ,not a democrat corporate state ,trying to do political point scoring in a time of difficult economic crises?
    The truth is America is still even under Obama in the good bi-partisan hands of business and the finance sector in the traditional American way.

    Take note:

    All Puppet Obamas "groupies" in The Fed in treasury and his economic advisers are fully qualified and fully CERTIFIED in corruption just as they were under Bush after training by Goldman Sach and the other stalwart American Banking corporations of wall St.
    These fine American types were not mistaken in their patriotic contributions to Obama to get the best man for business electedc in place.
    Gates and Clinton ,republican and democrats are still on the job too .appointed in a great display of national unity . Showing that This is the best of all possible semi monarchial systems that Americans can deserve .
    Show a little respect and gratitude.
    Bernanke was a great man of money printing and bailouts under Bush and still continues to serve American america in the same old way under the "management" of Obama.
    Patriot acts and Guantanomo are still in force ,wars are being expanded and the bailouts are still ongoing and growing. Its truly "Mission accomplished" in Iraq, for sure now. Sucsess and victory just as Bush falsely claimed earlier . .
    The stock exchange is at new highs since Bush left and Obama got to work.Hope and change realised on the stock markets.

    What a regime!What a comeback for America .

    Show a little non-partisan respect and gratitude for american business leadership ,its lobbies, democracy ,and above all your President and Commander in Chief.

  7. 7:42,

    I can't understand you, can you write a little more coherently and not like a 17 year old?

  8. It's a hopeless cause to try to repair the American political situation. Both parties are totally dominated by the same globalist forces that are intent on destroying the American nation and setting up global government.

    Might as well just have total anarchy now.
    It would be better than the controlled depopulation they plan to do once they've stolen every last drop of wealth out of the economy.

  9. Once again !

    I reiterate

    It does NOT have to be this way !

    It is WE THE PEOPLE !

    We have become this mismosh of unilateral, multilingual mumbo gumbo almost illiterate
    hash of fragmented delineated bullshit.

    That is why

    We cannot and will not elect people who could and would put our country and it's people first

    People like Ron Paul and Patrick Buchannon

    We need the and there ain't a chance in hell we'll get them.

    It's really as simple as that.

    George Washington tried to go back home " have I not done enough for my country" .

    We now have this mishmosh population that does not even understand the basic principle let alone implement it.

    sad - very sad


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