Saturday, October 16, 2010

Peter Schiff: "It's Scary How Clueless Bernanke Is"

As expected, Ben Bernanke provided a rational for more quantitative easing Friday, declaring: "Inflation is running at rates that are too low relative to the levels the [FOMC] judges to be most consistent with the Federal Reserve's dual mandate" of price stability and full employment.
Predictably, Euro Pacific Capital president Peter Schiff wholeheartedly disagrees with that - and just about everything else Bernanke says.
"It's scary how clueless Bernanke is," Schiff says, noting the dollar is at or near record lows vs. several major currencies and commodities from agriculture to zinc are soaring.
"That is inflation," he says, dismissing this morning's tame CPI data as hedonically adjusted government fiction. "As money loses value prices are going to rise because you need more diminished dollars to buy goods and services."


  1. You have to keep your grass cut to keep an eye on snakes like Bernanke.

  2. I guess it is Peter who is clueless, if he can't figure out that Bernanke is running the front end of a gangster's cartel, and he doesn't give a f$ck about America or American people. In fact his job is to destroy America as fast as possible. NWO doesn't need a superpower after it has done its job. Time to flush it down. Peeettteerr, waaaake uuuuppp! What's wrong with you, man?

  3. What if the feds never launch qe2. Inflation is happening hence the low dollar rising metals and commodities. Consecutive weeks of stock market outflows from retail investors. Which means it is hedge funds and big money only. If any one of them decide to hit the sell button
    What's going to happen is as the market melts higher retail traders will beginnging to recognize the obvious trade... buy..

    The hedge funds will sell into retail dragging the market commodities with it. What will cause this is the abscence of govt intervention creating confidence in the mrkts. Its really just a recipe for up up up and away for anyone holding commodities and risk assets

  4. Just imagine if he were a bona fidi GOVERNMENT official; he would be considered incompetent beyond all rational comprehension. Being as he is only a stick man mercenary, however, would probably explain his profound aversion to lawn mowers. Yup, 11:11 is right-gotta keep that grass down! lol

  5. The bigger picture in this, Theater Of Operations, is the "little" general Benolion Bernakapart!

    He's the one taking savers to their Waterloo.

  6. They all know that Benanke is the arsehole perse
    that take it directly in the shitter while the "ROTHSCHILDS"And their "Protocols of zion",BELIEVE THAT ZION ISRAEL RULES THE WORLD

  7. Bernanke is doing a great job, that is to destroy the American economy and get rid of the middle class. The dollar has lost 40% of it value this year? And the bubbles continue while Bernanke prints and prints and prints.

    Yup, Bernanke should get a huge bonus this year, millions of $$? Or will it just be gold bullion?


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