Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too Big To Fail: Bank Of America Goes Bankrupt? So Does The FDIC

The FDIC has a herculean challenge in confronting the too big to fail banks.  There is little doubt that having institutions that are too big is part of the reason for the current systemic crisis.  Yet through the last few years the solution has been to make these banks even bigger allowing their web to spread even further and deeper into the economy.  The FDIC has an insolvent Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) backing up $13 trillion in banking assets.  And what the banks call assets is simply stunning.  Bank of America for example has $2.3 trillion in assets (or a larger amount than the annual GDP of California).  Yet 41 percent of the assets are backed by loans, predominately real estate loans.

Let us take a look at the breakdown of the $2.3 trillion:
bofa total asset sheet breakdown
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  1. All National Banks need to be and should be torn apart and broken! Let em burn. Give the bankster the choice, prison or take your chances in the streets. Got Lamp Post & Rope?

  2. 8:19
    Your comment reeks of class violence ,not peacefull non resistance thought and with its lack of environmental concern for global warming is therefor declared politicaly incorrect.
    The too big to fail are too big to hang.

    Soros Buffet Paulsen Bernanke and the like ,would not approve of this lack of concern for free trade and the human rights of banksters to rob whomesover they please by the millions.

    As responsible banksters they do not want to contribute to global warming with their hung by imported chinese rope exposing their bodies thereby giving off harmful greenhouse gasses.
    so it is not expected that when SHTF they will hang around to adorn and polish your local lamposts.
    The really big guys have invested a part of their bonuses internationaly in gold and other transferable wealth and can easily follow the gold with a hot ticket out of their gated communities.

    The elite, some of them dual nationals have already easily solved any nationality problems.
    The truly envirionmentaly concerned can go first class by air and buy carbon credits to offset their carbon footprints.

  3. 10:08 you're being funny right? Literally your post was meant to be funny? HAHA joking?

    If you are serious you must be like that guy who tried to blow up the Discovery Channel building demanding they make shows on the need for depopulation.

    You are kidding about your post right? Oh my fucking word if you're serious... you would have to be one dumb motherfucker. How easy can the elites win with people like you rooting for them?

    Holy Shit.

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    But,Yeah 4:36,He is having a laugh and a joke.
    It's called "SARCASM"4:36.


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