Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UK To Lose 1 Million Jobs: Spending Cuts

Almost one million jobs will be lost as a result of the Government's programme of deficit reduction – many in the very regions and industries that have already suffered most in the recession, according to a powerful report from a leading firm of accountants.
Economists at PricewaterhouseCoopers say that a further half a million jobs will be lost among private sector contractors and suppliers as a result of the Chancellor's anticipated £84bn in cuts, due to be announced in detail in eight days' time. The Office for Budget Responsibility has already acknowledged that half a million public sector jobs will go by the time the cuts programme is fully implemented, by 2015. The outlook for the UK economy, PwC says, "remains in the balance". It adds: "There is no escaping the fact that the fiscal squeeze will have a significant adverse effect on many sectors and regions."
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  1. Americans should not think what happens in an England that has already basicaly nationalised bank debts is of no concern to them.

    The UK economy and financial center is one wing of Anglo/ US imperialism organising the dollar hegemony system.
    The UK has turned to bailouts and money printing Quantative easing with the support of the US Fed Bank.

    The economic collapse of either wing is the economic collapse of the other.

  2. "Let's get real here"4:37 is very correct,
    But this is not even the fucking beginning of the hellstorm that has been "ENGINEERED".

    The "BIGTIME MUG PUNTER INVESTOR"Is about to get fucked so hard in the shitter,It's Arse won't know if's it's coming or going.Get real and gain "A" fundamental "IQ" that says "NO GO".


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