Monday, November 15, 2010

$100 Bills Stacked Over 250 Miles High Still Didn't Work

What is happening in the economy is signaling enormous changes for the U.S. and the world.  The scale of what the Federal Reserve is doing is unparalleled in human history.  No country has ever produced so much money and so much debt in such a short amount of time.   The Fed has embarked on another round of money printing (Quantitative Easing or QE2).  It has been reported that it will buy $600 billion in Treasuries and another nearly $300 billion in mortgage-backed securities.  In a statement nearly two weeks ago, The Fed left its plan of money printing open-ended.  It said it would, “regularly review the pace of its securities purchases and the overall size of the asset-purchase program in the light of incoming information and will adjust the program as needed.”
All the fancy financial terminology and complicated skullduggery can be boiled down to a simple phrase or two.  The dollar is being debauched at the hands of the Fed, and the massive debt and future commitments we owe will never be paid off in “real” money.   Boston University Economist Laurence Kotlikoff says the real amount America is on the hook for is $202 trillion. For perspective, just one trillion dollars is a stack of $100 bills nearly 68 miles high!
The Fed is trying another round of QE, even though the first installment of $1.7 trillion did not work to actually repair the economy.  We spent another $2 trillion in TARP and other stimulus that was, also, supposed to fix the economy.  It’s a grand total of $3.7 trillion just in the last two years.  (Some say it’s more than $12 trillion spent or committed.)  All this money printing did inflate stock prices.  It also helped out the big banks.  It worked so well they are paying a record $144 billion in bonuses this year.  What did the man on the street get?–foreclosure fraud and higher unemployment (22.5% according to   Now, the money is running out, and the Fed is back to printing to keep the economy from falling off a cliff–again.  Nothing has been fixed; the day of reckoning has just been postponed, but this cannot go on forever.  At some point, the U.S. dollar will take a severe plunge, and inflation will hit America with a vengeance.
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  5. I have read that light traveling at the speed of light travels at 6 billon miles per second.

    Energy =mass = eguals speed of light and all that scientific relativity stuff.

    Then there is the ruling elites magic 'black arts" of US privately owned central banking .

    This art of Money printing has come a long way since that time when Issac Newton was Master of the Royal mint , the very same Isaac that “invented” the hard headed apple theory of Gravity while dabbling on the side spare time in the traditional scientific alchemy kabala theories of his craft of how to turn lead into gold.
    This theory of Gravity for understanding the universe later evolved into the General Theory of relativity then Quantum Theories emerged too .

    In the world of the Mint theories for money creation ,the problem of turning paper into gold was solved by fractional reserve banking and control of the printing of paper as FRN.
    Issac would be amazed at the sheer audacity of these modern theories of money creation lead wasn’t even required only Paper and ink!

    The modern day “black art” of kabala and the minting of money , involves the inflationary numbers genius theories of financial wizards like Greenspan and Benjamin Bernanke that clearly understand the more modern quantum theories of the value of the American dollar hegemony in the real world.
    Value theories that Isaac never even dreamed of.

    The value of a dollar like the Atom can now be split into many extra printed parts all each called a dollar and yet each $ can still be equal to itself.

    They call this mint theory Quantatative Easing .

    The theory that more paper quantity = more quality paper.
    This theory of money is therefore related to String Theories of contemplating the multiple possible alternative universes existing..

    But the Fed bank and the finance sector is still, a long way yet from printing money at the speed of light.

    But , it is believed that the US federal reserve bank is well on the way to preparing for printing physicaly ,or digitaly an extra annual 6 billion a year or so in dollars.
    Whatever is necessary says Ben a true practitoner and theoretician of the kabala black arts of Usury.

    This eventual printing of money at the speed of light will come soon with QE3 that naturally will follows logicaly after the TARP bailouts of money transfers from the taxpayer at warp speed to the TBTF and then by QE 1 and QE2.

    Its all value created they say 'out of fresh air".
    This has something to do with Quantum economics physics according to supporting economists of this religion Quantative easing is the chances of money printing representing real value or some such scientific theory that the ordinary real world layman like myself has trouble grasping.

    Under fractional reserve banking the "freash air dollars" physically multiply ,as issued debts by the banks.
    This is said to turn the extra printed fresh air money into liquidity.
    And the liquidity then equals recovery of Americas physical economic GD"P.
    So it is still all only leveraged relative ,earthly "value" and nothing to be concerned about , someone has to bail out the rich and the banksters.
    A good thing these kabala Einsteins are on the job with an inexhaustible printing press. While not yet printing money at the speed of light yet they are still heading in the direction of infinite ,universal value of money creation .

    God is infinite and so is the dollar as infinite value according to these Kabala wizards of America.
    God is clearly the on Americas side in the currency wars against the rest of the word.
    There is nothing to fear now in the cost of the the permanent war against terror.

    Beam us up doctor Ben .

  6. So acording to the economists of the religion of usury. like kotlikoff the US is broke ,even after throwing trillions of dollars at the financial sector and must still pay its debts.

    Even though Kotlikoff himself says this is actualy impossible ,yet he still calls for "Austerity" for working people as the solution to pay of the criminals.
    "Austerity" Rand Paul would cheer!
    yet the american economy was destroyed by wholesale ponzi economic fraud not by ordinary americans who are now being handed the bill.

    Alternatively another co- religionist ofthe Usury economics achool klugman, says the solution is money printing, print trillions for deficit spending to bail out the fraudsters by government and the interest on that can easily be paid off by by future generations pracising austerity, by high taxes if ever the economy actualy does recover.
    kotlikoff says :
    "Let’s get real. The U.S. is bankrupt. Neither spending more nor taxing less will help the country pay its bills to maintain the American financial system and way of life.
    What it can and must do is radically simplify its tax, health-care, retirement and financial systems, each of which is a complete mess. But this is the good news. It means they can each be redesigned to achieve their legitimate purposes at much lower cost and, in the process, revitalize the economy."
    "revitalise the economy" for whom?

    So,in order to save the system "to revitalize the economy " it is necessary he says, to destroy the benifits living standards and way way of life enjoyed in the past by americans.
    To revitalise the capitalist vampires like the Goldman Sach squids by sucking the economic life blood of all future americans.

    This is the logic of Usury ,the claim of the enforcement of right to incomes for past invested wealth created by human labor over the future wealth creation of the living and even of their grand children.

    Debts are now to be owed to the "7th generation" of enslaved Debt Peons as interest on the interest expands and can necver be repaid ?

    As the task is admitted to be imposible anyway .

    Its either time for a jubilee year or decades of Austerity for capital.

    The best way to end these endless demands by the TBTF ,is bank runs, to kill these now eternal monsters now eating at the heart of america.

    December 7 has been suggested as the day for organising peoples bank runs .

    Starting with The Bank of American fraud.

  7. Ben Bernank Cartoon


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