Monday, November 15, 2010

100 Million People On Drugs: The World Has Gone Insane


  1. Many if not all of my sheeple slave friends are on one prescription or another. Most take anti-depressants, many tell me they are ADD or ADHD or whatever. They seem to love to tell me and smile when they do, as though they think it's really cool or something.

    Through my own research, almost all the time, these supposed diseases are from a lack of nutrition. And good luck with that, as most of my sheeple friends eat at McDonalds or eat frozen food with dozens of chemicals additives or preservatives in them or GMO veggies. I love it when they work out and then drink some caffeinated energy drink with all kinds of chemicals in it.

    Yet I am the weird one, cause I do not go to a dr., do not eat fast food, do not eat (for the most part) any foods with additives or preservatives or GMO foods, do not take vaccines and take lots of vitamins and herbs. And of course I also have survival non gmo food in storage as well as gold & silver. I am the weird one. Go figure...

    What will all these drugged out sheeple slaves do when the economy collapses?

    And how many hundreds of thousands or millions of people are in prison because they smoked weed or sold weed?

    The real world is coming very soon, better wake up!

  2. This story leaves out the "supper hour news anchors"
    These pimps and whores like obedient lapdogs read the drug company's latest propaganda disguised as news or the latest greatest study and pass it along the wonky tidbit of information like a caring friend.
    The sad part is that people trust & believe the
    "Ask your doctor... Talk to your doctor"
    advice coming from these local heroes.

    Call me "crazy" and medicate me!
    but I always get a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about their come uppance.
    Their health suffering will be tenfold to the lives they take or ruin.

    Yup... they read a few lines of real news then lace in the "fix" for the pharma companies.
    It's the cheapest and most effective way to get the insecure (not crazy) masses to line up for the un needed drugs.

  3. From watching the video I can't help but notice that all the psychiatrists & experts shown look & sound like raving lunatics.

    These are the people calling other people crazy?
    Er... sorry i meant to say the reality challenged.

  4. If you don't want to get voted off the Island.
    If you don't want to forfeit the delusion of being the next American Idol.
    Take your meds and shut up.

  5. Anybody who uses the word "sheeple" usually is a tool themselves!

    Anyways, its not the whole "world" that's going insane. Its mostly America. And though American's tend to forget this, America is not the "world"!

  6. We are pikers comapred to Asia and the Opium dens

    The U.K. and so much Stout it runs freely in the streets

    In Russia Vodka hour starts at 6:00 AM for 60% of the male population

    They smoke enough "natural botanicals in Mexico and Central America to set off a smole alarm in Canada

    Oh yeah; America - we;re the worst of the lot alright

  7. 2:55 I think you also believe the US is the only country on this planet. They sell these pills all over the WORLD.

  8. yeah and notice the constant advertisments for meds on MSM..even making up new ailments so's must have this new drug..LOL Got tingly legs? maybe have? get (whatever) so you can sleep!..garbage
    And of course there's the--was told by professional with 10ys of study, so must be true, like this pro isn't human? have selfish opinons? just wants you out the door even? hahahah..
    a friend got a DUI-went court appointed meeting with did mostly sit there and talk about his marital problems-in gory details-poop, well yes the phd is human with all same problems! most of the world laughs at america because we run always to the doc for so many stupid things. ball-less, hey, just like our congress! LOL
    guy from Belfast asked me once-don't you all have mates to talk too?
    But consider the people, sniffing aerosols and stuff? so meds to them is a free ride, and they seek such out...happy pills for happy days, no different from the old standbye and common functional alcoholic, must have atleast 1 drink aday, and the 1 bowl a day pot head, be suprised at how many in professional capacities smoke the bowl daily

  9. If you really think that Mcdonalds and MSG cause all mental problems and mental disease does not exist, you are dumber than any sheep. I believe there are a myriad of causes - dietary, environmental, genetic, and social, etc. Dont fool yourself into thinking if do away with the evil pharmaceutical companies our problems are going to disappear overnight. Did you ever stop think about why so many americans are on drugs? Capitalism is a failed experiment that turns its people into neurotic, addicted, unfulfilled consumers.

  10. %:47

    I've but one question ?

    If capitalism is so bad in your mind; would you please respond with what is - " good" ?

    Thank You

  11. What is good? Hmm, as in what pleases me? What things please my senses? What are the good things in the universe?

    If you mean replacements for capitalism, well let's start with a world without greedy corporations. Maybe we can do away with the monetary system while we are at it and all the armed forces used to defend it and make the population obedient to its greed driven goals. We can do away with the prison industry, too and all the slave labor used to make shoes, cheap electronics, and toys for your kiddos. We can stop dumping toxins in our waters by the million tons. We can stop spraying chemicals on all our foods. We can stop feeding our children and families poisonous food. We can stop drugging the world. We can stop fighting wars for resources and our consumptive habits. We can stop creating genetic mutated crops. We can praying to the time clock and being obedient to the incompetent bosses of the world. We can stop praying to the dollar, the career, and material success. We can start relying on ourselves, each other, rehabituating ourselves with nature, healing the world instead of raping it, healing each other with love instead of raping each other with hate. Human beings are divided as fellow brothers and sisters and hence easily conquerable. Stop praying to the "american capitalism is the best" (yet what of all these economic crashes that always plagues us) ideology and you are one step closer to being a free human being. Word.

  12. So how does a chiroprator cure vertigo??? Massage your ear, adjust your neck??? Chiropractors are quacks tolerated only because they have a strong organization that fights any attempt tp bring honesty or science to the field.
    And for some looney tunes to blame fast food or frozen food is ludicrious. It's just food, DUH! Take two big Macs and call me in the morning

  13. One of the better comments shown on this site 10:29.

    You have to remember many automatically assume now that whatever is anti-money is a Socialist. There we go, now we can further divide against each other. Now we can't even say how money is wrong without being assumed to be Communist or a democrat.

    I'm a conservative more than a liberal (politically), but I hate wealth. What is wrong with a society without institutions, churches, television, and groups hijacking our minds and preventing us from becoming the infinite beings that we were at one time?

    Instead we've become reduced to dogma, intellectual prejudice, and nationalism. We degrade womanhood by sexually exploiting them instead of giving them love and respect, males are taught to be vicious, greedy, and unaffactionate, and people walk around spooked by others - needing to cling to a clique and anything that stands out as a free being is strange.

    See, all the shit I see happening, to me it's a miracle. I'm sure 10:29 will have little touble surviving with it. That's the mentality to have now.

  14. CCHR...funded by the Church of Scientology, an even more despicable group. Great.

  15. I can vouch for a portion of this flick, I had a episode several years back (dizzy spell), went through a battery of physical testing, all came back negative, so next I went to the psycho doctor, just like they said in the movie, I bull shitted with female shrink (sexy young arab thing I might add), and Iwas in there for like 15 minutes, I walked out with effexor (2 different kinds) and cholazpain?, it was unreal I took the shit for like a week, and stopped taking it, when back for my 2nd trip to the shrink, I informed her I stopped taking the pills she freakin flipped out on me gave me a shit load more pills and told me to take these or else!!!!, havent taken one yet, sure hate to be one of the ones who are on some of these psychotropic drugs and try to buy a gun, pistol, ect!!! anyone try that new legalbud yet?

  16. I work for a chiropractor and didn't have a sick day for 18 years. Vertigo can be caused by a pinched nerve. Sorry to correct you.

  17. It would be unrealistic to think that somehow 7 Billion of us could transport ourselves back to the 1600's and drink out of pristine trout streams teeming with 5 lb. native fish in the middle of a virgin white pine forest with little bluebirds singing merrily in the background.

    All the things listed here come at a cost as does our freedom.

    Back in "the day" shoes were made from leather. Where do you get leather? Think there's enough deer,bison,elk, moose and stag in the entire world to outfit 7 billion ? Not even close

    Enter the farm - we'll raise our own leather on cows. Well, now you gotta feed 'em and they poop lots and they get sick and did you ever see exactly how leather is manufactured? It takes chemicals - even if you use hemlock or oak bark the old fashioned way - chemicals - LOTS of them.

    Enter the answer - "made made substitutes". I don't even have to go there.

    One little item - the shoe; One HUGE problem - unsolveable without modern capitalism.

  18. Good comments 7:47. The way I see it, the sooner we make our changes the better. Do you think the streams and lakes are going to heal themselves? Speaking of dogma, 6:13 displays a certain trouble of thinking out of the box. There are alternatives to using leather, of course. And what about RE-USING what we have already produced, ever think of that novel idea? No? I suppose you would prefer to keep consuming and then dumping in the ground because the lord said it was okay. The animal population may be dying off, but is the solution really to destroy the livelihoods of MORE of them? This is the kind of illegitimate thinking that belongs in the dreary halls of Washington and our corporations. I recommend reducing your intake of commercials, advertisements, and public opinion-making, just as a place to start.

  19. I should say heal themselves if we keep up with more of the same activities.

  20. And yeah, labels don't really get us very far, especially with those misplaced, cartoonish ones I see being applied to anyone that opposes capitalism and the American Dream.

  21. 2:42 Your typical

    There are alternatives to using leather of course?

    I know' I stated as much - but you offer no alternative manufacturing method or an alternative to the capatialism that allowed the alternative method to enter the marketplace !

    Your a hypocrite & back we go to the little birdie singing merrily while you sip a california cabernet and listen to janis joplin on your bose and then cry foul when you find out the cd was made in Pakistan by 10 yera olds.

    Recycling is fantastic and we can always do more - but sticking with the example; one doesn't recycle leather; it wears out; ever wear a pair of WORK boots that have had a patch sewed over a hole in the toe? I guarantee you won't do it twice - which means the boots now need new uppers placed on them ----- MORE LEATHER.

    And you can try to repair "made made materials"
    good luck there - the costs of repair are more than you paid for the shoes.

    I did not bring the lord into this; but since you did - he must be fine with the 7 billion and how we got here ;cause we're still here.

    "destroy the livelihoods of more of them" you speak as if they are people !


  22. Make no mistake this is about psychiatrists being able to charge patients $150 an hour. They don't like treating mental diseases with drugs because there is no money in it for them. The drugs work, people with serious mental illness can function and work with the right prescription. The psychiatrists are angry because they are losing money.

  23. You are completely full of shit. Drugs is about the only solution psychiatrists have to offer and than offer them quite readily! Although have to do is prescribe to you a medication and have you report back to them every two weeks, a month, etc. They are like the mediator to the drug dealers, the pharmaceuticals. These companies also try to make it worth the physician's while to prescribe their medications. How do I know this? Because I have two family members that worked for pharmaceuticals and a brother who is a doctor. Learn what the F you are talking about before you say it! Peace.

  24. Sorry for the typos - it's my cold.


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