Monday, November 15, 2010

15% of U.S Households Went Hungry Last Year

About 15% of U.S. households — 17.4 million families — lacked enough money to feed themselves at some point last year, according to a new U.S. Department of Agriculture report.
Released Monday, the study also found that 5.6 million of these households — with as many as 1 million children — had ongoing financial problems that forced them to miss meals regularly.
The number of these "food insecure" homes, or households that had a tough time providing enough food for their members, stayed somewhat steady from 2008 to 2009. But that number was more than triple compared with 2006, before the recession brought double-digit unemployment.
The findings were from a survey of 46,000 households about various hunger-related issues, including whether family members were able to pay for balanced meals, skipping meals or running low on or out of food and unable to restock because of financial constraints.
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  1. I am in no way minimizing this horrific problem here on our shores while we spend billions wordwide for every damn flood, typhoon, hurricane, fire and tornado in every other friggin' nation in the world.

    But I swear it must be a sign of the times - as we are bass - ackwards and left is right and right is left.

    Nevermind the fact that if you go hungry in the United States of America in 2010 you are one stupid son of a bitch.

    That still leaves NO excuse why we the people of this country should give to those abroad while our own go hungry.

    I was 101st Airborne into desert sheild and can tell you;
    you'll eat rotten potatoes and smile if your hungry enough.

    We have become spoiled to the point of not willing to fend for ourselves - these 17.4 million families; because as I said before - there is no excuse.

    look up any reputable survivalist site and enter a state in the USA - I would have to want to starve ! There is so much food available !

    I run 20 miles a week to stay in shape and you would not believe the food I see rotting in the fields, on the vines and in the tree's - it's unbelieveable! I was jogging just south of Erie, pa. in mid oct and went past this HUGE apple orchard - there were so many apples that they lie rotting in huge piles in the ditches of the road!

    One of a hundred examples I could recite - coming from one idiot out jogging in good ole homeland USA

  2. 4:45, You are soo right. If your starving in this country you are one stupid son of a bitch. I see waste everyday. I see jobs everyday. Today a restaurant manager asked me if I would be interested in a job, he needed help. The first fast food place I drove through to get a coke to drive home with after leaving my daughters house with a 17 year old grandson who says there's no jobs to be had said to send him in! They're begging for after school help. Americans have noooo idea what they're facing and they only have themselves to blame. End unemployment.

  3. Yeah I'm sure 6:37. I can hardly blame the 17 year old for not wanting to have his working money taken from him as he has to afford rip off gas to get to and from work all the while paying the government a portion of his check.

    So you're at least near 60 or older since he is your grandson I take it? Typical baby boomer - dim intellect, harshness on everyone else with a failure to inspect your own possible faults.

    I bet you drive places and swear at someone who cuts in front of you and wonder why people do such things. But yet, you probably do them everyday. You were the spoiled ones by the way. Your genertion got everything and got the good life.

    You baby boomers deserve what's coming your way. You let the greatest country this world had known die, you all melted your brains on LSD, figured it was okay for your children to smoke pot and experiment with drugs since you did them too, and found no time to cultivate your minds and thereby allowed the government to gain this much power.

    But now, that poor kid has to be pressured left and right (and up and down) by your hypocritical, self righteous, self centered, short sighted crap face. Don't you think he has enough to worry about?

    He, unlike you, doesn't get to live the American Dream. He doesn't have the safe nation that you got to grow up in (and ruined). He is surrounded in schools with kids that have broken families, are on drugs, beating each other up and filming it, and have no ROLE MODELS or LEADERS to look up to... or JOBS to look for.

    I guess there are no excuses. None at all. I'm going to walk down the street and yell at the first person I see, "I read books! Therefore no one has any greater right than me to tell others what to think."

    That one's for you 4:45. Please go back to the military and make your self useful. That's where the scum of society should be at least. Where they promise trashy kids in high school a great career. They come out with no jobs, on medication, and end up resorting to their fallacious Christian concepts to feel important, like having earned more free speech than others.

  4. These dang kids today, we destroyed their educational system, left them to be raised by the television, shipped off the manufacturing base, spent all their money and now they are too lazy to work the minimum wage jobs we left them in order to pay for our social security. How ungrateful.

  5. The great ponzi economy.
    Zero hedge reports :

    Federal Workers Making Over $180,000 Increase By 2,000% In Past Five Years

    For all those wondering how to cut down on government expenditures, here's a thought: cut the skyrocketing salaries! A study by USA Today, using US Office of Personnel Management data, confirms what has been widely known: that the biggest beneficiaries of government largesse over the past 5 years as a worker cohort, are none other than Federal workers themselves. The numbers are stunning: those earning over $150,000 in the past five years have grown from 7,420 to 82,034, a 1,006% increase. More shockingly, those earning over $180,000 has surged from just 805 in 2005, to 16,912 in 2010: a 2,001% increase. And it is on the background of this that Congress is planning on giving 2.1 million federal workers another 1.4% across the board pay raise!”’

    Gee 1.4% increases this year too, that’s sure to be way above offical inflation COLA adjustment levels .
    The Obama criminals are worse than that big deficit speder and ilegal immigrant defender Bush.
    Clinton never inhaled or had sex with that woman and poor old Bush never did permanent harm to anybody by torture or by free trade wars .
    These are well knwn american political facts.
    But an often uknown fact in the way the great ponzi economy worked is that after it became impossible to make a real profit in high waged american industry.
    Services workers were able to sell services at their value to government and because government and the the finance sector extending the circulation of foreign suppled credit to americans to make selling foreign cheap labor commodities profitable.

    This all helped to keep the Ponzi economy going and money circulating to make business profitable from sales . Many higher paid jobs government jobs had to be created by government deficit spending.

    Now that the Great ponzi has collapsed and credit supply maxed out,the government cant even sell its own Treasury bills exept to the Fed and is bankrupt .it is clear to those theat regognise the neccity of cutting back on deficit spending that many of these services jobs in government create no real new value at all.
    Respectable and middle class america ,including those working in the private services supply sector ,believe their own hard work is essential and that only the military deficits are a last chance for keeping real value flowing to america so the backbone of american sercices small business america can go on making america profitable again.

    But of course with growing unemployment the total wages value circulating in the economy for purchasing goods is much less. So recovery is going to be difficult.
    But anyway the rich and the middle class is clear, the tea partyand rand paul has spoken ,they are willing to make the hard choices for others to pay.
    it is now the sacred mission of american government to create job cuts and austerity , sack all the useless workers so that america can afford its proper levels of bailout money and war deficits and otherwise subsidise business.
    Keeping Tax cuts for the well off is clearly another necessity.
    Austerity cuts ,the sacking of government workers and cutting unemployment benefits and costly food stamp recipients for those unable to find work is the only way , along of course with prayer and money printing, is the only “patriotic” to way to save american business and restore the great ponzi economy for the benefit of ‘average americans”that still have a job and minimise their taxes.

  6. "I was 101st Airborne into desert sheild and can tell you;
    you'll eat rotten potatoes and smile if your hungry enough."

    Thats disgusting ,did they actualy treat you like the british treated the irish in the great famines?
    are you of Irish descent?
    Rotten potatoes in the pre-packaged ready to eat american meals Eh?

    Did Saddam somehow arrange that sabotage ?

    Anyway you are clearly now a hard bitten vet after that rotten potatoes experience!

    I thought it was only the Iraqis that had food problems and no ice creams for their children after their electricity supply and water supplies was knocked out and the benevelent armies established the oil for food program scams.

  7. Wiki says
    “In January 1991, the 101st once again had its "Rendezvous with Destiny" in Iraq during the combat air assault into enemy territory. The 101st sustained no soldiers killed in action during the 100-hour war and captured thousands of enemy prisoners of war.”

    I myself have no personal military experience and am not therefore qualified to speak of rotten potatoes.

    Fighting with a modern war machine and depleted uranium ammunition against a third world badly equipped enemy meant no US deaths in the 101st in indading iraq for amercas oil empire.

    After my bit of a joke about rotten potatoes and the 101st airborne experience in the 100 hour desert shield invasion of Iraq ,I would like to point out that the 101st once had a proud history of real bravery in the fight for freedom .
    So ,I now feel obliged to salute the brave American anti-fascist soldiers of the 101st who fought with eternal honor at the landing at Normandy,the battle of the bulge and in the Market Garden operation.

    Now those soldiers really did do it tough and were real American heros.

  8. An Average American Exmaple:

    I love my girl...But she won't eat fish, seafood, beef, broccali, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, squash etc etc etc.

    You want to know why? Because she has choices.

    Same with these hungry families...They could have ate oats with cinammon and raisins with whole wheat bread...Or simple potatoes fried and seasoned with buillion...Maybe an egg or two with some cheap corn tortillas and a side of pinto beans.

    But everyone makes faces at eating cheaply...Or if it involves effort...The Airborne guy is right...If you're hungry enough you WILL eat a rotten potato and say thank you.

    The beatings will continue until morale improves...I feel no sorrow when the "Long Emergency" comes and people learn to cook, save and work for their supper.

    We as Americans need an ass kicking to wake up...Sadly enough this time it might be a long drawn out ass kicking a decade or two long...Damn it I chose a bad day to give up smoking.

  9. 7:56 suffers from dementia and is a fucking liar. Go back to your tea and crumpets and quit posting from mums basement

  10. I am very suspicious of these findings. We spend about 200 billion a year feeding people. I suspect these numbers are pure fiction and they include people on welfare who get food stamps. school lunches and food bank handouts but otherwise piss away their money and benefits on booze and drugs. Sooner or later we have to figure out that you cannto fix stupid.

  11. I spent Sunday with friends where we did a workshop on how to make your liqueur (as opposed to liquor). We also have held workshops on making mead (which is honey wine). And I did a demo on how to make your own paper.

    Most people no longer know how to do anything. Nor are they taught decent nutrition, how to shop, etc. They get used to living on hot dogs and soda, because that's what the supermarkets put on sale.

    The situation is much more complicated that you realize, so simplistic statements are ridiculous. The fact remains that we have a large percentage of poor in this country and we're getting poorer each year.

  12. Sharonsj-Who's fault is that?

    The info is all around us on tv, the radio, books...People choose to ignore it till they're HUGE or diabetic.

    No one wakes up obese 40-50lbs overweight...No one forces people to buy the easy, overly processed food...Even ME...I eat junk but I try to mix it...Many people DO NOT CARE...Till they go to the doctor and get put on some pills.

    In America you have choices still...The info is there AND common sense...What you do is up to you...There is still a thing called personal responsibility...I don't feel bad for the poor that over eat when the have it...Drink, smoke or do a lil drugs...Some maybe cool people but obviously they don't care about anyone but themselves.

    People need to think like the Ant not the Grasshopper...Otherwise it's going to be a sad hungry winter.

  13. Noodles123 said, “People need to think like the Ant not the Grasshopper...Otherwise it's going to be a sad hungry winter.”


    Drinking the liqueur and mead, plus burning the paper may make for a warm winter, but warmth doesn’t keep hunger away.

    There is available information for the preservation of food.

    In anticipation of a long cold winter, I spent the spring canning rhubarb sauce and zucchini relish. As summer progressed, I canned a variety of pickles, pickled beets, relishes, sauerkraut, salsa, tomatoes, ketchup, apple butter, mint jelly, and soups. I dehydrated onions, zucchini, mushrooms, hot peppers, and jerky.

    There is no reason people live on hot dogs and soda. It's a choice, as recipes are readily obtainable to assist in cooking from scratch.

    People can drink water, tea, or they make their own drinks from a simple sugar syrup and a flavoring like mint or fruit.

  14. The poor people who are making beer and booze are using foodstuff to make it. Given the effort and cost wouldn't it make more sense to can some food? How can anyone justify drinking, drugs, smoking, cell phones, cable TV, internet, a car, new clothes, etc. and then complain they don't have enough food?

  15. Something much worse is looming on the horizon! It will make no difference on who is hungry, everyone will be hungry! Durbin (D-IL) has introduced Senate Bill S 510, that would Outlaw Home Gardening & Seed Saving. The bill is so broad that many people who grow their own food may be in jeopardy. You will not be able to sell or possibly even give away any extra vegies you may grow.

    (NaturalNews) Senate Bill 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, has been called "the most dangerous bill in the history of the United States of America." It would grant the U.S. government new authority over the public's right to grow, trade and transport any foods. This would give Big brother the power to regulate the tomato plants in your backyard. It would grant them the power to arrest and imprison people selling cucumbers at farmer's markets. It would criminalize the transporting of organic produce if you don't comply with the authoritarian rules of the federal government.

    We are well on our way to a police state. Neighbor will turn upon neighbor seeking favor with the government.

  16. Do NOT worry about bill 510

    Or about gun confiscation

    We have too many other things that ARE happening and going to happen in early '11

    These 2 things will NEVER ever ever happen - do the math; 305 million of us

    couple hundred thousand of them

    We already have all the guns, and smart people like me have enough seed to supply a 3rd world country and they don't know it now, nor will they ever.


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