Thursday, November 25, 2010

America's Standard of Living is About to Fall Off a Cliff

The social net has become a bit more frayed. Soon extended unemployment benefits will cease and 2 million Americans will have to dip into their savings, if they have any. This is an outgrowth of the effects of free trade, globalization, offshoring and outsourcing. We have lost 8.5 million jobs over the last ten years to this destructive process. We have seen more than 42,000 manufacturing plants leave the country as well. There are now more than 17 million Americans unemployed and the U6 official government unemployment figures 17%. If you remove the bogus birth/death ration, the real figure is 22-5/8%. Over that ten-year period we have lost about 5.5 million manufacturing jobs or about 1/3rd of that labor force. As recent as 1985, 25% of output was in manufacturing, now it is close to 11%. America’s physical infrastructure is in a shambles, so that transnational conglomerates can bring us cheap goods to suppress inflation and bring these companies mega-profits, which they keep stored offshore to bypass taxation. They presently have $1.7 trillion in such profits.
This in part has been caused by deficit spending and the creation of money and credit since August 15,1971, when the US left the gold standard.  It is not surprising as a result that 81% of the US economy is considered in poor shape and that the IMF fears a social explosion. You could call this a financial death spiral. There is no question the economy is moribund and the next stage could be dead in the water and that is after QE1 which saw $2.5 trillion enter the economy. The first installment of QE2 is in process and that $600 billion will grow to another $2.5 trillion, to be followed by Q3 and a further injection of another $2.5 trillion. There are those who say QE2 should be eliminated. We wonder if they realize that if it is, that the American economy, and most of the world’s economy will collapse. If we had allowed a severe recession to play itself out in the early 1990s all this would have never happened, but that is not what Wall Street and banking wanted. We should have bitten the bullet three years ago, but the elitists wanted to take the problem at least one step further to be sure the final result would bring about one-world government. Readers, that is what this is really all about.


  1. Totally agree. Govt has willfully and systematically dismantled & given away the glue that held everything together.
    Their final move is to break the people emotionally and financially until they cry out and welcome that one world govt savior.

    They got the slaves in the galley rowing like mad men toward a new world order.

  2. Third world living standards are inevitable for the majority in future America as the ponzi economy implodes.
    America was once a productive of profits industrial commodity producing country that could in international trade /exhange of goods maintain a favorable balance of accounts .
    Then later America was de-industrialised except for mostly military production for creating job and for wars all subsidized by government deficit spending.By printing money.

    America was converted to a Ponzi economy in recent decades ,both its government and trade deficits were financed by foreign credit and by the dollar hegemony system ,wherby in return for military protection of Puppets like the monarchial House of Saud ,oil was priced in dollars making it necessary for all countries to get dollars to run a modern economy .
    Owing to the way that this dollar hegemony system functioned, the US was able to print money for the world enabling the US to buy things from countries like China and most dollars were then returned to be invested in low interest dividend US bonds.
    America then, enjoyed the ability to print cost free paper money to finance its imports ,the money boomeranged and America then only had to pay say 1% interest on the dollars re-invested in US Treasuries.So nearly cost free debt financing!
    In the end as with any Ponzi the US government and banking sector could not keep with its bond dividend as the accumulated debts mounted up.The US consumer was maxed out in a bubble economy with falling property values.Many Underwater loans cannot be re-financed especially as foreign investment of capital has fallen ,
    For example the Chinese and Japanese And arabs are not to keen to provide the finance now as the can see the value of the dollar id being inflated away by money printing as the US government desperately attempts to bail out the past losses of the banking and finance sector and tries to reflate property values.
    But with little industry and profitability left in high waged America ,America cannot now trade it way out of debts by developing an export industry without a massive drop in wages for its working people .Unemployment and Housing foreclosures are soaring and people cannot afford to spend on consumer goods as they did in the past when cheap credit was available.
    With little profit available now from physical wealth production in a services economy the finance sectors only source of profits is looting the past assets and savings of the middle class.
    Where else can a profit be got now ?
    The State ,government itself has huge past deficit spending for past subsidies to American business to pay for, as well as deficit spending on wars and has now taken the continious need for bailouts for the finance sector. It is good business practice to a sovereign nation to look after the bondholders who own the debts from past deficit spending . “My word is my bond and here I stand” says Shylock.
    That’s the way that capitalism works past title claims of bondholding investors to future incomes and tax revenues have first priority.
    Austerity is the standard practice imposed by the US and the IMF on other peoples and countries in the past .America, in its turn now it will not escape that banker imposed fate.
    Welcome to the third world debt peons !
    Capitals propagandists now claim government, national, state and local cannot continue to pay off the bondholders and continue to subsidize welfare including middle class welfare too .
    Thus Americas working class and those dependent on incomes from the state ,the unemployed and pensioners face benefit cuts and increased taxation as government revenues continue to fall .
    Americas working therefore face heading to third world income levels owing both to income reductions from government imposed Austerity of the type imposed on Ireland and the double whammy of the need to pay off their own past housing and credit card debts out of their increasingly reduced incomes.

  3. Everything has it's season and time and after the NWO fails miserably ( which it will ) we the people will try to pick up the pieces.

    Isn't it ironic that these all knowing, all seeing, all powerful people like Soros and Rockerfeller and Bilderberg - don't live a day longer than you and I.

    Thruout history of mankind - it is always the common man who picks himself up, dusts himself off and continues on while Ghengis and Ceasar
    conspire once again to dominate their world.

    It just repeats itself with minor twists and turns - but it's always the same. It's like becoming a millionaire. Ok - now what ? Or a billionaire. Ok - now what?

    That what is power and most people handle it very well. Some people however let it eat them
    up and power is something that those that are afflicted with, never, ever get enough - ever.

    But like I said at the top - thankfully; it's a realatively short process; because they are always fairly old by the time they obtain all this power; die shortly thereafter and the successor never has the same zest for slaughter

  4. 4:21 -

    Well said! Hell always has a welcome sign blinking for these type of people and will joyfully except them at their moment of physical death. Then never ending payback begins!

    There is a grand designer with a grand design. All is as it should be and nothing will change what is coming.

  5. was pulled over in newyork today
    no seat belt click it or ticket week
    they are so concerned for my well being
    except they destroy the rule of law sell out the country give all our jobs away
    some guy on the news last night showing korea being bombed
    thiers another war there getting us into
    maybe the north koreans arent wearing thier seat belts
    i laughed about the ticket
    because i dont go out save my money and dont spend a dime unless its for something i need
    because of the nuisance laws the airport gestapo tactics
    and ill say it again
    got gold beeches

  6. I"ll never understand this. If you owned a cotton plantation and had 200 slaves to plant and harvest, you would want your work force strong and healthy, otherwise it effects your bottom line, cotton sales. It seems the elete want us all living in poverty and dependent on the gov for food and health care. The want us physically and spiritually bankrupt and for what cause? You can't take anything from me if I have nothing to take!

  7. 9:18 you are 100% correct..Nice to see smart people on here..

  8. 4:21 I wish it would fail, but Bible prophecy reveals it will not fail.. All govs will give their authority for 1 hr to the wild beast.. Read Revelation.. It's there.. It even shows ppl will admire and worship the beast. This scene is not over by no means. I believe the Bible is where ppl should be looking. Because what is coming will mean our lives. This beast will compel all mankind to worship it. It will starve out those who do not comply. One will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Another words if one does not comply they will not be able to survive. This is all part of Satans plan to unite ppl against God. Of course all who comply will die when God exacts punishment against this whole system which ppl cannot fathom is coming although it has been taught a Judgment day is coming. When it finally does come it will catch millions and millions by surprise.. This world rule is more sinister than many think. It goes beyond the greed of humans.. It is a devilish plan.

  9. Here's what Lau Tzu said about the "end of the world" in the Tao Te Ching (Paraphrased):

    "Venerable Prince, in the future age during the time of confusion people will have cultivated intellects that will lead to less self-awareness. People will mate and have offspring as prolifically as the moth. They will do this with little astrological understanding or moral control, and as a result there will be many sick individuals born...

    Because of the over increase in people and things, humanity will lose quality. Disease, violence, greed, theft, and misery will all increase and this will finally lead to a big war which most lives will be lost...

    It will be up to those born of heaven to start the world over. Over expansion is something that has happened many times on earth, many cultures and worlds have come and gone. Each time reaching their pinnacle, sages will incarnate at those times to help mankind begin again."

    We are definitely in an end times cycle, notwithstanding the skepticism of any scientist. Creepy how the Hopi, Bible, and Lau Tzu all say the same exact but thing in different words.

  10. 10:24 hit it on the spot.

    The multiplication of population has led to a weaker offspring...We are like that movie ""Idiocracy."

    A watering down of intelligence and common sense...Even as technological wonders are invented everyday...We are and have been a generation of fools for the longest time.

    BUUUUT the hard times will make us hard again...So maybe there is a silver lining to this dark cloud.

  11. We're all watching a horror movie and like a rabbit in headlights, paralysed by fear, unable or due to our own human frailty, unwilling to do anything about the status quo. Popular opinion continues paying homage to the executioner so long as they are paid for their booty. Day after day, our spiritual wounds become more gaping and exposed as we cling to the elite and their folies.
    Lets not underestimate the genuine sentiment of anger and outrage among ordinary people collectively, and how this may be mobilised to restore Natural Law and accept the inevitable debacle that ensues. This is truly a struggle of vice and virtue and if the personal will triumph in utopia or be tortured in hell

  12. once our wallets are lighter some-some will open their eyes a it's ok. can we eat, love our family, neighbor, keep faith, help another, speak truth...or is it gizmo's and bling bling, party's and other mindlessness with a full wallet. Our god money, with some self and money are god and acquiring things perhaps it takes this to break the chain of soulset on things, money and it's accompanying status.

    overnight in the rain a human waits for the mall doors to open then runs and runs turning corners with wide eyes scanning products.. like a rat placed at the entrance to the maze waits for the door to lift and runs and runs sniffing aisles nearly panicked..amazing

  13. "Ill never understand this.
    If you owned a cotton plantation and had 200 slaves to plant and harvest, you would want your work force strong and healthy, otherwise it effects your bottom line, cotton sales."
    You are thinking like a modern capitalist with wage slaves .
    This is not the case in slave based economics a judgement is made considering the cost of the slave on how long a slave will last to repay the cost outlaid for the slave , the breeding profits of new replacement slaves are considered too.This breeding of new slaves becomes of greater importance when the importation af fresh new slaves is banned as it was in america.
    Thus an element of some paternalist care for plantation owners slaves and in slave breeder states economies became economicaly sensible.

    In sugar plantations such as the West indies a life expectation of seven years labor before death may have been considered a reasonable cost calculation .

    Historicaly ,in the production of precious metals the greed for quick profits was always dominant and hundreds of thousands of slaves died in a hundred years of working the Potosi silver mines of Bolivia.
    The slave turnover and life cycle wastage of humanity was very fast indeed .

    In popular culture this fast slave turnover in precious metal mine working was reflected in The old Movie starring Anthony Quin "Barrabas" where the length of Barrabas service in the mines ,was identified by the date of the Emperors medallion Barrabas wore.

    Sheer amazement that a slave could survive so long in a precious metal mine !

  14. I've recently become aware of this scenario myself and I'm terrified quite frankly.
    There is a deliberate conspiracy against our money and there is an end-game at stake here.. insidious laws passed ostensibly to 'protect' us but in reality designed to keep us more and more enslaved. The economic collapse we all know is coming has been purposely engineered.

  15. If you cut all the taxes actually the standard of living goes higher even if wages are cut by say half or more. Get rid of the credit/loan industry and prices for goods/houses/education will drop like a stone. Get the government out of student loans especially.

    All of this income and capital is illusory. It's fake. Really the essentials of life are not that expensive. You need a roof over your head, some indoor plumbing/heating/electricity, some minor entertainment, food, and that's about it. Get the government out of the property tax business and all of a sudden almost none of this costs anything.

    Third world countries are in fact problematic a lot of the time but also a lot of the time they have more freedoms than the US and the people live happier lives. As long as you can get lifes necessities things aren't truly that bad.

    In the US, it's actually kind of rougher it seems now.


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