Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anger In The Land: 60 Minutes


  1. The video reflects the same stress our small town has experienced since the great recession. 30 businesses have closed and the ones that remain open are hanging on by a thread. Banks are not lending. If the Fed thinks another round of money is necessary then send it out to the business owners as emergency loans. Sounds simple but believe me it will ease alot of unemployment pain. Anyone else agree?

  2. Who bought out the Maytag Company? What vulture? CBS skipped right over following the buyout and naming names.

    The Rotary or Optimist Club closed. Ok, how's the Chamber of Commerce, because the Chamber is the enemy of American workers.

    The two voted for George W Bush in 2004 (and presumably in 2000). They have nothing to complain about. Bush and is dimwit US Labor Secretary Elaine Chao failed every month for 8 years to meet their jobs creation target. Wise up and ask how much Chinese lobbyist 4ss Chao and Mitch McConnell are kissing.

  3. http://dixienet.org/rebellion/images/Toles.jpg

  4. 12:04 anyone who votes for either of the system parties is a fool and dupe. Live and learn. Your vote is worthless unless everyone votes 3rd party.

  5. As a 63 year old black man in Texas, tears rolled down my face at the sham placed on us by both Democrats and Republicans. They are out to conquer and divide us and we are falling that that crap. Those people in Newton Iowa are hard working people who only desire is to work hard. We cannot let any politicians separate us as Americans. Let make a stand for America. We will give the politicians until Christmas Day to come up for a plan for Americans and it better included both conservative and liberals. We must compromise and they better it right. We better get busy living or get busy dying.

  6. great video!


  7. >Banks don't understand anything........< This guy is nuts. They understand very well. They created this chaos. He should have learned his country's history better. He has no clue what is going on. He has no clue how to fix it. How is he going to elect anyone if he has no clue what needs to be done?

  8. Anyways, VOTE all Incumbant bastards out! Either party doesnt matter! Also vote for Gridlock, I mean vote for it, vote for it, vote for it. More GRIDLOCK please, we need time to straighten this out...
    Ultimately I feel bad for Buffet(Warren) and his cronies. He doesn’t get to tell those who are suffering to just “get over it.” Actually, we’re quite sick of being told off. The ball is rolling, and it isn’t going to stop until America is a republic again. You see, here in America rests yet another sleeping giant. The giant’s name is “We The People.” When it awakens from it’s slumber, there will be no stopping it. The giant will be furious, the giant will punish the conspirators. The giant will eat the New World Order for breakfast. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. The globalists will fail, as they always have throughout history. Have a nice day.

  9. Great Recession?Not likely....how about calling a spade a spade.Great Depression 2.0 is what we are in.Every one needs to face this fact and act accordingly.....

  10. "About 11.5 million jobs are now being held by criminals (illegal aliens), while a whopping 42 million Americans are now on food stamps. The real unemployment number is just shy of 26 MILLION, yet the political animals in Congress bicker over protecting illegal aliens who have stolen millions of jobs that belong to Americans, while the corrupt Department of Justice sues the State of Arizona."
    Thank you people for playing 'Musical Chairs' sorry there isnt any left for you, Game Over!

  11. Of course Ron Paul is just one person, but some of you are such hardcore "Naysayers" its a wonder you get up off your lazy flouridated body bag and find time to naysay someone... well at least you tried to do something today...
    Dont vote for the lessor of two weavels...Vote for GRIDLOCK!

  12. Spent time doing my duty and voting today...sad sad sad. I wonder how many recounts and voter fraud accusations we'll have to endure now.

  13. The ObummerCare bill touts the fact that 32 Million Americans will now get health care by FORCING them to buy it from insurance companies (as the Dems say Constitutional Requirement)! Wow! Let’s take care of hunger the same way! Let’s mandate all Americans stop being hungry by forcing them to buy food! We’ll take care of homelessness by mandating that all American’s buy a house...

    Until the 'welfare state' or those who are bought out into the guv system of 'survival' then we will never see a collapse. How can things collapse when there is a 50 percent increase in food stamps in under a 2 year period. It is called crowd control or keeping the sheeple in a hypnotic daze while the last vestiges of America is slated for destruction, until they have fleeced every last bit they can, then there will be no restoration of our Republic. A hungry belly makes for an angry mob.

    Pray the November elections get us back on the right track.And for god sakes next time VOTE FOR AN AMERICAN!

  14. Is it a bad thing if they abandon the 'Frog in the Pan" method and just come out and say it is Communis Policy and the Constitution is just a G-d Damn piece of paper?

    You see neither party really thinks it matters whether they represent "We The People" so we are left with hoping that Corporations really do 'Love' you and will spend BILLIONS looking out for your interests. Since that is the only daydream you have left, enjoy!

    What is your profession? Corporate slave?

  15. those of you who voted for bush, eat it now and rot. you did it to yourself.

  16. They (MSM) say that 'We The People' are getting tired of calling our reps and demanding that they VOTE the way we say or we will KICK THEM ALL OUT. They say we cannot keep up the MASSIVE PROTESTS that keep erupting into more outspoken DEMANDS. However, when has the MSM been right about anything objective? Not lately..youtube.com/watch?v=FGZ2kHuaSK8
    You think Posing will save your day...

  17. those of you who voted for obama, eat it now and rot. you did it to yourself.

  18. The video is pathetic. Newton barely has 15K

    people. A biz can't survive in a depression

    in a town that small..hello? These people need

    to wake up & let go of Newton ASAP & GTF out

    b4 its too late.

    Those people actually think the GOV is gonna

    help them????

    And no "we the people" aka "the sleeping giant"

    lol are NOT gonna do crap EVER.

    Your in dreamland/hollywood. All the protests

    from the last 50 years have done NOTHING...

    If you want to survive in this economy u need

    to move to where the jobs are and yes I mean

    the big cities...

  19. I voted yesterday, here in California. I entered my voting booth with that "kick the bastards out" attitude and just as I suspected, all the bastards I voted to have removed, got re-elected. I so wanted to see Barbara Boxer and Rep. Loretta Sanchez gone and they both survived.

    I'm done wasting my time voting when the system is corrupt to the core.

  20. Here's my psychic prediction: you will see gridlock in Congress and the change we need won't happen. The Republicans will continue spending for two wars and whatever the Pentagon wants. They will not regulate big corporations. They will not extend unemployment benefits. They will cut food stamps and health care. They will continue with corporate welfare, though, and we will be expected to pay for it.

    Tax cuts have not created any jobs. The stimulus was a joke because the Republicans insisted that half of it consist of tax cuts. That was on top of the tax cuts they pushed through ten years ago. So, have you seen any jobs created?

    By 2012, there will be another 6 million home foreclosured. Bankruptcies will continue to soar. There won't be enough money for schools, police, and firemen. The states will get stuck trying to give people welfare to survive, which means all your state taxes and fees will go up. (That's because the voters don't understand how state and federal governments work.)

    In the video it was pointed out that nobody gives a damn anymore about gay marriage and abortion--maybe they finally woke up to the Republican smoke screens--but that means the Republicans will be expected to deliver on their promises...which they can't.

    By 2012 you'll be hearing a lot more talk about revolution, and that's the only good thing to come out of electing more Republicans.

  21. "We do not have two political parties in this country, America. We have one party; called the Big Government Party. The Republican wing likes Deficits, WAR, and ASSAULTS on Civil Liberties. The Democratic wing likes Wealth Transfer, TAXES, and assaults on commercial liberties. Both parties like power; and neither is interested in your FREEDOMS. Think about it. Government is the negation of freedom. Freedom is your power and ability to follow your own FREE WILL and your own conscience. The government wants you to follow the will of some faceless bureaucrat."
    Judge Andrew Napolitano
    clean out all the incumbants... Thanks to all who took the TRASH OUT!
    and if you aint been a part of this at least you got to witness... Bitch-es

  22. So what you have is in just a few years the DOLLAR had devauled apporx another 60% plus from the already devauled point of 35$ per Ounce and has NEVER returned. This is what Ron Paul calls the Bankers Tax on your money, and allows them to print Money Out Of Thin Air!

    At this point we have to support the process of GRIDLOCK,

    Lets hope Mr. Soetoro losing big for his Dem party will mean just a hair more GRIDLOCK

    When it comes to his stripping of the CONSTITUTION and aggreeing to cede US Sovereignty to a One World Governant.

    You hear over and over how the economy is GROWING! and what is it growing into? a Jobless recovery? What a joke, there is no recovery without JOBS, pure and simple.
    another one for all the 'naysayers' on here...


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