Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Suicide Is Painless

The fact that the US currently spends 7 times as much on Defense as the next nearest country is proof that the military industrial complex has gained unwarranted influence and a disastrous rise of misplaced power has occurred.

                           U.S. DEFENSE SPENDING

When you critically analyze why we would need to spend 7 times as much as China on military when there is no country on earth that can challenge us, the answer can only be OIL. Our own military came to the following chilling conclusion in their Joint Operating Environment report, issued earlier this year:
By 2012, surplus oil production capacity could entirely disappear, and as early as 2015, the shortfall in output could reach nearly 10 MBD. 
A severe energy crunch is inevitable without a massive expansion of production and refining capacity. While it is difficult to predict precisely what economic, political, and strategic effects such a shortfall might produce, it surely would reduce the prospects for growth in both the developing and developed worlds. Such an economic slowdown would exacerbate other unresolved tensions, push fragile and failing states further down the path toward collapse, and perhaps have serious economic impact on both China and India. At best, it would lead to periods of harsh economic adjustment. To what extent conservation measures, investments in alternative energy production, and efforts to expand petroleum production from tar sands and shale would mitigate such a period of adjustment is difficult to predict. One should not forget that the Great Depression spawned a number of totalitarian regimes that sought economic prosperity for their nations by ruthless conquest.
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  1. I changed my mind today about something. Liberals are bad, we all know that much. Assuming Americans just removed many of them, this means we might end up reverting back to the same money fixation that I've been hoping to see come to an end in my life.

    Growing up in this piece of shit country full of hateful, violent, mean, dumb, and out of shape people has been a nightmare. The Christian and Patriot types I endured were full of fucking paranoia. The Baby Boomers shoved their insecurities down my brain as they make kids feel bad if they don't aspire to kiss ass in the "real world". Look at children trying to predict future losers was their favorite hobby.

    Generation X helped spread drugs, debt, indolence, ignorance, and perversion and set the stage for Generation Y to become zombies. Now the government can do what it wants. Who will even have the mental energy to question their actions? Nobody. The youth are so busy drowning their minds in alcohol, making their neurochemistry malfunction by text messaging 200 times a day, and making bastard children that whatever they see on T.V is the truth. It could be fiction but they'd believe it, so vacant of intellect they are.

    We can now look hopefully at the future as we are ruled still by rich people, and work hard trying to make a living. But that's okay, the rich worked hard for their wealth, flying to Europe and sitting in spas. You too worked hard for the food and toilet paper your income got you.

    I had hope a while ago. I had hope as I saw the economy falling apart. I had hope that I could contribute to a new world, a new foundation. I'm losing hope as I see no one else around me wanting a new world. They want to continue slaving for their hard earned money. They want to continue sitting in front of the television watching MTV, VH1, Biggest Loser... crap filling their brains. Hypnotic suggestions commanding their every impulse. I had hope. I don't know if it's even worth sitting around waiting for anymore.

  2. 633
    are you on drugs?
    also i burn coal heats my water and my house
    america has 200 years worth of coal.
    so who cares , oil is for suckas and 633

  3. 6:33 you have been living in a fantasy: welcome to the real world, it sounds like you are starting to come around. But the comment about liberals being bad people is silly. It is funny how people fixate on certain concepts and repeat them mindlessly.

    6:46 we do not have 200 years worth of coal. That is beyond optimistic, going in to ludicrous-land. There are some that argue perhaps 25 years or less on that resource. And if we did have 200 years, why we would end up choking ourselves to death anyway.

  4. "when there is no country on earth that can challenge us, the answer can only be OIL"

    haha no country on earth aye right now America is Rome on fire, a paper tiger stretched past its limits - it can't even handle itself in the middle east anymore (see http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/250378/us-s-disorganized-retreat-conrad-black)

    China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela all challenge and insult the USA on a daily basis. No longer does anyone fear the USA.

  5. 6:33 is pretty much correct...I deal with both Generation X and Y and they have aboslutely no skills...Most seem like drones only caring where their next fix of fun will come from.

    An incredible selfish streak of "Me-ism"...Sure there's exceptions but as a whole most kids 16-32 are just lost.

    I was in the same boat as him...Believing the ship could be guided and the route changed...But it's too late...We are in a slow crash...Each day bringing worse news as they try to hide everything and change nothing.

    We are Rome before the fall.

  6. Liberals ARE bad people. Only the most profoundly naive or malicious would trip the the smart kid to allow the dumb kid to proclaim equality.

    Trillions spent on forced busing, affirmative action, quotas, and brainwashing all squandered by jewish/liberal politicians, media spinmasters, bankers and lawyers. And still our differences persist. Destroying communities, nations, cultures, and committing genocide in the name of self-serving false ideology. I couldn't think of a more rotten crowd.


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