Friday, November 5, 2010

Collection Agency Created Fake Cop, Fake Courtroom, Fake Judge, Fake Court Papers, Fake Sheriffs

It isn’t easy for consumers to protect themselves these days, from robo-signers, foreclosure-rescue scams, and all manner of abusive collection tactics, but the Unicredit scam may take the prize for sheer audacity.  It seems that Erie, Pennsylvania debt collection agency Unicredit not only set up a fake courtroom, complete with phony judge, with which to bamboozle and intimidate, but it dressed up employees like sheriff’s deputies to “serve” faked court papers on consumers.  The Pennsylvania Attorney General has brought charges against Unicredit:
This is an unconscionable attempt to use fake court proceedings to deceive, mislead or frighten consumers into making payments or surrendering valuables to Unicredit without following lawful procedures for debt collection,” Corbett said. “Consumers also allegedly received dubious ‘hearing notices’ and letters – often hand-delivered by individuals who appear to be Sheriff Deputies – which implied they would be taken into custody by the Sheriff if they failed to appear at the phony court for ‘hearings’ or ‘depositions’.

According to the lawsuit, fictitious court proceedings were used to intimidate consumers into providing access to bank accounts, making immediate payments or surrendering vehicle titles and other assets – sometimes dispatching Unicredit employees to consumers’ homes in order to retrieve documents or have consumers sign payment agreements.
Corbett said Unicredit allegedly used civil subpoenas to summon consumers to an office in Erie, which included an area referred to by Unicredit employees as “the courtroom.”
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  1. A foreign observer of the economic implosion of Ponzi America says:

    I don’t understand this American story criticizing the American legal way of life and American law and order courts .

    So ,where does this fake Court differ from the ‘official” Courts that now serve corporate person law “human rights” and defend property rights contracts in America?

    Its all very confusing for a foreigner to understand American “Democracy” these days.

    For example I observe ,in American democracy ,Corporate State America has a Congress and Senate that passed laws in regard to the massive fraud in millions of property titles ,whereby state judges can be instructed by this Federal law ,to ignore local state property law ,as long as the foreclosure paper claims are “notarized” by “robo signers” as valid legal claims in some another state.
    No awkward questions then need to be asked and it will probably illegal for the local state or municipal court to actually question these property and mortgage loan titles claims , even if they may be fake.
    America is a constitutional Union of “sovereign” states right?

    So ,this law to me sounds like a reasonable national compromise to fix up property right in the Union, after a collapse in the property law sector in a fraudulent lawless mess,
    in order to get the system for foreclosing on middle class assets functioning again smoothly. after an economic crisis in the Ponzi economy that was driven by a property bubble all became insolvent.
    After the financial coup to bailout the losers in the property bond scams it seems reasonable to me under the American system that the property rights of these scammers to get their loaned money back as well should be re-enforced too .
    Congess has done its job.
    But ,Obama did a “pocket veto”, so he did not actually have to authorize this law against Debt Peons ,till after the election and the unfolding of the crisis makes it necessary .
    But, this political timing of law is clearly the right of any semi-monarchial President as the front man “decider” in a bi -partisan Corporate state.
    So this backdating of law ,or a variety of this law, will no doubt soon come into effect in the normal democratic American way.
    Especially as there is now a republican majority in congress now very keen to protect property right and the law of rules and tax cuts for the better off.
    The Supreme court judges of America are democraticaly selected and appointed by the Semi-monarch with the approval of the politicians after a show of a few questions, so that they are shown by their track record to be willing to look after the politician managers and property right laws.
    The Supreme Court Judges did a marvelous bi-partisan job recently in helping the politicians to be re-elected as we can see happened in the recent election, by declaring that the Corporate persons have the legal right to (bribe) or lobby and donate to politicians of either political party as an equal right with mere flesh and blood Americans of more limited means .

    So ,it’s a nice system of law and order , the politicians and judges and corporate persons can support one another and work together in assuring American Corporate State democracy is healthy and functioning well according to “Constitutional guidelines as interpreted in the light of the judges own past practice in applying law.

    Only in America!
    But its still too confusing for a foreigner to understand how democracy worlks in a Corporate State !

  2. "Judge Judy" is that you on the job?

  3. "First of all, remember learning that there are no debtors’ prisons in this country? "
    That is right!

    Their is no need for debt prisons for Debt Peons when they can easily be locked in by contract law into their own underwater debt prison called houseownership .

    Paying of the house of dubious property title house is as good as life sentence.

  4. What is it about this home ownership thing... How can it be a good idea to buy a home that I will eventually pay twice the value of when I include the interest? And then let's not forget the property tax increases for the good of the chidren... Huh? WTF? Keep it; I will lease, then move at my leisure, allowing the homeowner to absorb all the related costs... Thank you, thank you very much... Lemmings...

  5. No, what you WILL do is move at the whim of somebody else's timetable.

    You WILL also not have a cat
    You WILL not smoke
    You WILL not make noise
    You WILL not come in after 12:00
    YaDa YaDA YaDA

    When push comes to shove I OWN this place and the 237 acres that goes with it - I call the shots. And regardless of what some of the heroes on here will tell you; NOBODY sets foot on my land without my permission - and that goes for the FBI; without due process.

    That's what it is about this homeownership thing - is is one of the 2 last remaing things that separate Americans from most of the rest of the world.

  6. 10:31 you own nothing. Your farm is on GOVERNMENT land, you pay the taxes or they take it. It's "rented" from them. You have no rights as a human being, either. They own you, lock stock and barrel, until you die. Then they take what's left of you like a vulture. You're picked clean.

  7. 10.31
    For most americans houseownershp is about a suburban house or apartment.

    Only a vey very small number now 'own" a farm.
    most are in debt up to their eyballs to the banks ,if not for the land ,then for the farms machinery, or on other credit supply .

    you are an individualist dreamer that has a licenced gun and an individualist cat! pretending that you are one of the very few that are still claiming to be independent.

    If the banks come to foreclose and sell you up your land and house ,they will say :

    How will you stop us 'You and whose army?'

    Capitalism developes by throwing small farmers of the land to develope largescale capitalist farming .
    The fact that you need 237 acres to scratch a living and now have not many neighbours or slaves , shows how succsessful the finance capitalists were.

    So how many americans can now get a farm with 237 acres and talk individualist economic independence cowboy bullshit like you?

    Should food distribution break down in the cities supermarkets , your farm may seen see an influx of human locusts looking to strip your farm bare. Some of whom will also be armed .
    Gonna play individual gunfights at the O.K corral?
    Or, demand "due process" from the banks before tou are willing to move on from your 237 acres ?

    Yeh,right and ya da ya da yada .
    I suppose it was this due process and legality that got the indians of the land you now farm/
    Or was it a DIE process?
    What a brainwashed american dream dumbo you are!!
    Feeling superior to the 'sheeple" debt peons in the towns and cities?
    "That's what it is about this homeownership thing - is is one of the 2 last remaing things that separate Americans from most of the rest of the world."

    So kiss your flag?
    Only in america!
    Do you realy think that only american farmers have houseownership and land in this world ?


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