Friday, November 5, 2010

Massive Future Inflation: Food Price Predictions For The Coming Years

NIA projects that at the average U.S. grocery store it will soon cost $11.43 for one ear of corn, $23.05 for a 24 oz loaf of wheat bread, $62.21 for a 32 oz package of Domino Granulated Sugar, $24.31 for a 32 fl oz container of soy milk, $77.71 for a 11.30 oz container of Folgers Classic Roast Coffee, $45.71 for a 64 fl oz container of Minute Maid Orange Juice, and $15.50 for a Hershey's Milk Chocolate 1.55 oz candy bar. NIA also projects that by the end of this decade, a plain white men's cotton t-shirt at Wal-Mart will cost $55.57.
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  1. ... but the prices will be unchanged (or cheaper than today) when priced in gold/silver money.

  2. Jim Rodgers is nobody's fool and when he says " now is the time to become a farmer" I believe him.

    But you know what - what comes around; goes around and the people who produce the food in this country have been sucking hind tit for far too long - it's about tine it's their turn.

    Also; I'm surely no economist - but with the way the feds are printing money - how in the world could there be any different outcome?

    Lastly; maybe somethng like this could be good for America - I mean; 13 bucks for an ear of corn ! Plant your own I say !

  3. YES... This is what we need. Grow your own food to save money!!

    But also if thats the scenario they are trying to paint to the world that these commodities are going to be astronomically higher than they are today, yet 3.50 gallon gas is considered normal today but 3 years ago it was expensive. 4 years ago i was working for 7$/hr and now i am making 9$ an hour..

    Start buying EVERYTHING walmart sells.. Shit just buy walmart. Start with their stock.. Its really a beautiful elaborate plan to fool the people and the public into buying everythging... it should put people back to work. Keep in mind, a lot of the people currently not in the workforce are fucking idiots who cant compete. I hope their benefit do come to an end, with plenty of notice and forewarning. 6months, a years notice.

    But weapons, bombs and missiles are the # 1 manufatured good being produced in america. They are VERY expensive to produce, and they only have a one time use. Paid and approved by the taxpayer.

  4. 501 Means Paid for and Not Approved by use of force by the us govt and irs

  5. 13 dollars an ear of corn
    thats a penny a kernnel

    gold gold beeeech

  6. also one thing missing ww3

  7. Patriotic Bernanke, in saving the american economy with QE2 doesnt care, so who else should care about food inflation ?

    The well off resonsible ,or lucky mortgage free homeowners and other high income earning americans who had saved from the incomes of their own hard work before the rot set in and for the elite who have gained from their hard working capitals speculation And QE1 , only pay out a small proportion of their own total incomes on food and energy utilities.
    True , a low interest regime means that now your once comfortaby well off granny who may have had only a few small investments in savings in "safe" treasury bills ,is now earning low interest supplementing a government currently non COLA adjusted pension income willnow be able to purchace less food and more for energy utility luxuries and so may feel a bit hungrier and colder soon .
    But ,she as an ex-baby boomer had a good run and so a few frozen grannies moving on will save on the total government pension bill ,cutting deficit spending on useless mouths .
    So any deaths of old grannies should be celebrated as a patriotic contibution to american economic recovery.
    One less american consumer is a greener america!

    Another real benifit of inflation for the American economy , but not nesssarily for the majority americans ,is that in inflated dollars the dole and food stamp people may soon only be able to purchase half as much in real things with their inflated dollars.

    Only giving these people half as much real value things for their stretched dollars has got to be a real world benifit to government .
    as they woll get less real world value in handouts.
    Everybody knows especialy republicans and Austrian economists that its these lazy people now over populating america getting subsistance handouts that are really responsible for bankrupting america and even for the killing off in the future of many hungry, frozen grannies .
    The banksters and the Fed are not to blame ,just because jobs are in short suppply now because they moved their factories to the cheap labor Third world.
    How else could they have made a profit in high waged america exept by getting the trillion dollar handouts they get now?

    It is clear that as long as big goverment welfare handouts drain government tax revenues ,that there is less available to pay for these bailouts and for trillions of dollars for was for Empire.

    Where you stand on this wasteful handouts for welfare recipients costs is a matter of patriotism as many in the Tea party movement will tell you.
    Government waste on welfare or money for wars and bailouts for business?
    Thats a no-brainer for pro-businiess and strong empire strolg dollar anti -socialist americans

  8. "also one thing missing ww3 "
    just like last time?
    Not to worry ,the ideologists of the "left" keynesian klugman wing of fascist economics in partnership with the right neo-cons are claiming that the only way to save america of a depression is war.Turn loose the printing press faster they cry out to Ben.
    Ben, is not spending enough to keep the bondholders happy .
    Voodoo economics progress by creating jobs for the unemployed for destroying other counties industry to free up and create new export markets.

    I hope the Chinese or Europeons do not start thinking like Klugman too!

  9. It would be wise for you above to remember:

    This planet now houses almost 7 Billion people

    If you think we are about to stretch our resources thin now ------------------

    What would our current population be without any wars ( say in the last 250 years )

    Hint --- we'd be pushing 12 Billion and those would be the same mega population centers that are currently the poorest and still spitting out babies like widgets = only worse!

  10. Comments such as those above have been repeated all too often on this and other sites. It's one way of venting our frustration, anger and sense of insecurity along with many other emotions. But if you feel it's helpful to determine where the blame lies and then render judgement, start with your own life...if you have the guts. It doesn't matter if you believe you have gotten on the right path and led an exemplary life for x-number years. In most instances, the situation we face began long before we were born. The only question we need to deeply search our souls with is....have I been part of the problem or part of the solution? In my entire "grannie" life, I have never met a perfect human being. If you have made improvements in your life, I respect, honor and commend you for it. If there are areas you recongnize as lacking, you can strive to improve on them. There has been a phrase around for many years, but perhaps some are unfamiliar with it, that has been uttered when seeing devestating circumstances occur to family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. "There but for the grace of God go I". Substitue if you wish the word "God" with "luck" or any other term that might apply to your belief system. This I feel is timely considering we are living during a period when almost no job is truely safe and secure; many mortgages, contracts and other legal documents and procedures are highly questionable; and our constitutional 'rights' in numerous ways appear to be dissolving before our very eyes.
    When faced with any decisions, I will continue to use that little test question...will it be part of the problem or part of the solution? When my anger and disgust threaten to take me places I choose not to go I'll remember..."judge not lest ye be judged". Yes, even 'grannies' experience moments of hatred, jealousy and the desire to lash out in violence...but to what end? So I'll continue to turn that negative energy that causes more harm to ourselves than others, into positive energy by searching out, experimenting and constantly finding better ways to make the most of what passes through our hands and lives. Life and living are very much a state of mind...and you have complete control of that, if you choose to. Not even gold or silver can buy that. Best wishes to all.
    P.S In reference to the comment about the population, you neglected to mention the numerous medical miracles which have resulted in continuation of life (antibiotics and other medicenes, sterile procedures, surgery, 'safe' drinking water,etc.), extensions of life and the ability for life to occur. What about food? Before transportation and refrigeration it was much more difficult to have access to all the foods we do now. Again, the question comes down to who is to judge?....and what if the miracle considered concerned your spouse, child, parent, best friend...or yourself?
    The best way I have found to avoid "hoof IN mouth" dis-ease, is to mentally wear anothers shoes for a bit, it tends to broaden ones perspective. In the 60's/70's a form of this was done as "role playing" to work out problems and solutions. It too worked.

  11. It is the people such as 6:56 AM who have placed us where we are now. I refer to them as the "Emotionals", and thankfully, they are on their way out. We have tried their way and the misery has only been extended and foisted upon even more people, and worse yet, people who have no hope whether it be for lack of education, desire, geographic location, dubious leaders, etc... It doesn't matter; this will end badly (for the Poor especially) but for the "Emotionals" in particular. We can no longer afford them and it is my hope they will remove themselves from the gene pool before others have to.

    And please, your personal bull$hit beliefs "judge not..."; keep that mind control crap to yourself. This is a forum for a mature audience; we can make our own decisions, and judging is part of that experience.

  12. AMEN 7:21!

    The same people don't quite understand that the Bible and other hijacked spiritualism tells us not to judge things. If we can't judge things then I suppose we will be subject to infectious lifestyles.

    I will not judge the druggies down the street that my kid might hang out with. I shall give them a chance and let my kid hang out with them. This is so we do not become ignorant of the lifestyles others choose...

    OH HELL NO! I will judge the fucking future addicts and losers. I will not even look at them. If I see some uncouthed trash buying liquor in a store, or a 500 pound idiot eating donuts then I will know immediately they are just pathetic people.

    Judgement is not done enough, that's the problem. = Don't tread on me, I'm a free man in a free nation. But thanks to neurotic idiots like 6:56 we can't judge, we need to be apart of stupid things, and do things we do not want to do. Therefore we will cease living in a free nation and we will be trespassed on.

  13. Meanwhile, Joe the Spender and his troop of travelers are having an excellent Indian vacation.

    Let me ax you a question, are you better of now then you were two years ago?

  14. Good to see all the false prophets hanging out here lol
    End times lurking?

  15. 7:53 AM End times... Oh my, more dribble... IF there is such thing as a deity, and IF that deity is so trite as to want complete control over every detail of our lives, then f*ck that. I will relish the End Times that these mind control f*cks purport. Why think for yourself when you can have some child or wife abusing prick do it for you? How many of those f*cks preach from their temple but then get caught in an affair with a male prostitute for 3 years? LOL Keep your f*cking deity beliefs to yourself.

  16. lol, 7:39 ..I will judge the fucking future addicts and losers. I will not even look at them.....I'm a free man in a free nation..pfff so funny reading the comments here.

    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.(Johann Wolfgang von) especially in that country you live in ;)

  17. 8:42 AM True, to an extent... You still can and must judge, or discriminate.

    "Freedom isn't Free" "Home of the Free" "Land of the Brave" and so many other control expressions... Are you really free? That is a wonderful question; and one you might ask yourself no matter where you are. The only response is there are only levels of Free; and no place on other earth has complete freedom. It is the Human Experience.

  18. Our founding Fathers were wise men, they were self taught in the classics of Knowledge and Integrity. Our Constitution is a masterpiece of checks and balances to keep corruption out of government and establishes the Rule of Law (worthless without Integrity). -- All corrupted by World Banksters and Big Oil.

    The separation of power between our three branches of government, Congress and the executive was brilliant (worthless without Integrity).—All corrupted by World Banksters and Big Oil.

    2010 is a very fast pace year, beginning on January 9th , the corrupt and Treasonous, Supreme Court ruled Multinational Corporations are now Citizens and have the same rights as Citizens.

    “Government for and by the people” has now become “Government for and by the Multinational Corporations”. A Oligarchy of New World Order Treason granted by the top Judiciary against our American Constitution which embodies our American Independence, Freedom and Democracy.

    Will the lower Judiciary in the state and federal courts bring the Traitors and War criminals to Justice or will Americans be thrown into Tyranny and the Second American Revolution? If so, the robed ones will have failed us by not moving forward in time with corruption and Treason charges and the prosecution of the conspirators; to save and apply the Rule of Law.

    You are Guilty, your Honor!

    As I mentioned, 2010 is a very fasted pace year, the enemy is moving quickly to establish their World Bankster Tyranny with the Totalitarian New World Order.

    This month, October 2010, the Treasonous Federal Reserve, (privately owned by the World Banksters) has declared war on the American dollar by printing more tax dollars and American debt in “Quantitative Easing” to drive down the value of the dollar.

    This is the final economic “coup de grace” not only for Americans but for nations in the world that have their currency tied to the American dollar. The World Banksters want to destroy the American dollar as the world trading benchmark currency and replace it with a Totalitarian New World Order currency. They win! America is bankrupt and its Citizens are enslaved to them! Just like Greece, France, Spain, Iceland, Britain and many more countries.

    They are not American!

    They are New World Order Traitors to the United States of America!

    Hyperinflation will crush small business and steal all of our American savings and retirement and then indenture us just to pay the interest on the World Banksters created National debt.

    The Federal Reserve and the World Bankster Totalitarian New World Order will have effectively destroyed Social Security with hyperinflation when the monthly disbursement for Senior Citizens will equal a basket of food for the month.

    Is there no Will or Integrity left in the Department of Justice, State Judiciaries or the FBI to bring the conspiratory Totalitarian New World Order Traitors in the Bush/Obama administrations to Justice and the Rule of Law?

    Will the 21st. Century be the age of Enlightenment or the age of Tyranny?

    If it is the age of Enlightenment we first must bring the Traitors to Justice and begin rebuilding the American economy as a Free Nation with new inventions and industries.

    If it is the age of Tyranny and World Totalitarianism, we must fight to survive. Fellow Americans, focus on the Traitors who brought US of A down and our heritage. We all know who the Traitors are.

  19. Here comes the second horseman.

  20. bad company corrupts good can one determine bad without judging, and how can we even know what we do is right or wrong? actually we must, and do daily already, make judgements but told to make righteous judgements as in jn7:24, can't take a single verse-judge not lest you be judged-and make teaching, read the entire bible..

  21. what the producers have been doing to hold prices back is shrinking the sizes for the same price but that has run it's course, so grow your own I can, what about apartment dwellers and those in the city? maybe those interested could petition the city about using some vacant land and have a communtiy garden, or make arrangements for a place to go later on.

  22. 520 those in big cities are screwed, Period, they have no chance.

  23. Really?

    I just bought Campbells soup for 10 bucks a case
    with 2011 exp. dates so it's new production.

    That works out to .42 cents a can.

    If those miners in Chile could subsist on a teaspoon of tuna everyday - I reckon a can of soup will keep me going. That's almost a month
    on 10 bucks.

    WTF are we talking about ?

  24. 4:18 What indeed ! Rich beyond all comprehension on the other 95% parts of our sphere and all I ever see here is fucking bitching and moaning and belittling one another.

    Like most things, the proof is in the actions not the words - words are like assholes & everybody has 'em

    If this country was really the evil, deamongering, plauge that the other 95% here say it is

    What the fuck are they still doing here and why oh why are so many trying oh so hard to get in ?

    Because for all our faults - it's still the best game in town. No rebuttal No Rebuke No bullshit and take your we're so screwed attitude with you

    maybe to Russia - they have beautiful weather there I hear

  25. Greed Greed Greed POWER POWER! ! ! No Conscience

  26. Politics= open mouth,LIE,breath,LIE,shut mouth.

  27. Wake up and vote people!!!

  28. More and more people living paycheck to paycheck; the rate of inflation {especially of food} going up with people making the minimum wage or barely over it. My youngest {age 23} still not able to get a job, not even part time...I know the middle class is in bad shape like right before the depression of 1929. Are we going back to the feudal system when there is absolutely no more middle class and just the rich and poor? I feel like we are on the abyss of something big...and you all know the old saying "history will repeat itself" especially if we do not know anything about our history and would rather sit around drinking 6 packs of beer and watch inane movies...I think we'd better WAKE UP!

  29. There is no answer to be had at the voting booth. Human nature is such that if it's easier to steal than work, most people will steal, and that's what got us to where we are. There has got to be more than half the voters unwilling to steal to correct the problem. Not going to happen.


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