Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Shipping Changes?

What does modern North Korea, 1600 ~ 1853 Imperial Japan and the USA have in common? Those government's try to support failing systems by cutting their people off from the foreign influence. It's called, in Japanese, Sakoku. Sakoku means something like isolation from the outside.
In North Korea, if they catch you trying to escape, they execute you. Imperial Japan did the same thing. How much longer until the USA tries this? Laugh now but the situation there is getting more absurd by the minute.
People from the outside of the USA can't send you regular mail in many cases anymore.
Americans have lost their freedoms and their country. How much longer will they tolerate what has happened to them? How much farther will they allow their government to invade on their privacy in order to give them "security"?
Considering all the recent uproar about police brutality to TSA groping, I wonder, how many more of these mini cancers will be needed to accumulate before the entire system collapses?
Now, unbeknownst to most Americans, I'm sure, people outside of the USA can no longer mail you packages if that package weighs more than 1 pound (453 grams). That's the total weight including packaging. One pound is not very heavy. 


  1. "People from the outside of the USA can't send you regular mail in many cases anymore."

    At some point some of these articles are like reading the Enquirer. We have tremendous challenges ahead of us. One of them is wading through the alarmists and crazies.

  2. I have to agree. This same line made me silently chuckle. I dont know about anyone else but I get all of my international mail fine. More outright false journalism for the easy to please.

  3. Does that mean that no big food parcels will be sent internationaly ,as happened after WW2 to england in order to beat the food rationing in a bankrupted by war UK?

  4. I wish I spent the last four years in my basement building a time machine. Forget leaving the country to some island... I'd get the hell out of this timeline. lol

  5. news on the coming collapse that's been coming for 3 years now must be slow. Now it;s all about TSA and mail and Wikileaks.

    This is turning into the Enquirer allright

  6. "news on the coming collapse that's been coming for 3 years now must be slow. Now it;s all about TSA and mail and Wikileaks.

    This is turning into the Enquirer allright"

    It's amazing how much we've lost in the last three years though isn't it? Gold is right below 1400, foreclosures and unemployment increase each month, the credit and tuition debt bubbles haven't even popped yet, food prices are inflating (just wait until next year), Euro is dying, Europe is anarchy, we have a nice little Healthcare Reform which alone will destroy every business in America, and... oh yeah the dollar lost 40% of its value this year alone.

    Want to know what else is amazing? People like you have absolutely nothing better to do in life than surf websites trolling them.

    Here's a title to a book that some young intellectual might write in 40 or 50 years:

    From Surfing to Serfdom

    Alrighty, sorry to waste time. It's not like I have anything better to do either. Now, about that time machine...

  7. I hate it when Liberal Co-Intel Pro's types start replying...the next time you DB's go to the post office to mail anything over a pound...it is...by the latest DHS standards "suspect" so consider that when using US Post to send gifts etc. It will be X-rayed and may even be opened and repackaged at their whim.

    On a side note...if you morons don't like this Blog Sight go elsewhere you're irritating the rest of us!

  8. In other words, if you disagree then get the F out . Is that your attitude? You sling around a lot of vitriol. You must be an unhappy person. I send lots of packages over 1 pound from time to time. Have never had a problem yet. Same with receiving items. Dont live inside your own fearful mind or the tabloids too much, it isnt healthy. "Liberal Co-Intel Pro types"....LOL!

  9. Its always difficult for people to acknowledge change or truth. They fight, yell and scream. You will hear more of this new "law" very soon..

  10. Dont any of you buy things from ebay or elsewhere online? Have you not been receiving your items? Ive yet to hear about massive disruptions in shipping. If there were you would think A) you would have noticed by now and B) some people would have been talking about it, including all the other countries that can no longer send items or sell goods to the US. Now I am not saying this will not happen but so far I see no evidence of it all.

  11. Actually its not DHS its Customs and the shipper and its old news (2003)


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