Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GOLD CRAZY: New Wave of Chinese Money Is Set to Slam The Gold Market

Lion Fund Management Co. will raise up to $500 million in China to invest in overseas exchange-traded funds backed by gold, the first in the country be approved to do so, a company executive said today.

The fund manager has received approval from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Yang Zi, an executive at Lion Fund's marketing deparment said by phone from Beijing. Institutional and retail investors can buy into the fund via banks, she said.

"We will be the first fund in China to offer an access to invest in overseas gold-backed ETFs," Yang said. "Given the inflationary environment we are in right now, Chinese investors have great enthusiasm for gold investments."


  1. i had make fun of gold and silver objects in past for lack of not learning about them. after while of thought I now see why objects like these make value. If people cant get out of debt with cash gold can help them add money to there wallets. Now that I realize the need for gold and silver can i ask a question. Where do I find gold and silver. Any help is thanked.

    - Sam

  2. We are head for a collision course. No one fully understand the magnitude of this mighty collision. are you ready for this great fall. Get your stuff together now before it is too late.

    Get ready, set go. Oh sorry it too late. You miss the train just 22 seconds ago.


  3. Congrats Sam...good move for you and your family. Ever hear the expression Old, New, Borrowed and Blue? with metals/coins its
    Old, New, Bullion and Few. I like to get a mix.
    You can spend $2000 and get a little new/bullion
    gold, new silver eagles (1oz US coins) and old
    (few/historical/"numismatic") silver. If you can
    just spend a few hundred at a time, best way is
    get the 1 oz silver eagles, you can find them
    down to $1.50 above the silver spot price
    (larger orders get you the best discount)
    I use Goldline. US mint may have some. Monex
    has a nice website, and theres others - research. Pre 1933 coins are usually advertised
    as protected from confiscation (as Roosevelt did
    in 1933) but thats not a guarantee. The wording
    in the Patriot act says vintagecollector/numis coins need to have 50% of their worth in historical value to be protected from confiscation. Collector coins and silver coins
    were not confiscated in the 1930s.

  4. I have used bullion direct which I wasn't that impressed with.

    Monex was a huge step up, but they want checks overnighted to them for a purchase.

    Apmex is my preferred vendor now. A lot of inventory, accepts credit/debit cards, and most everything you want to purchase can be 100% completed on their website (don't have to talk to a rep or anything). Plus their stuff ships out pretty quick.

    I have no vested interest in any of these companies, but that has been my experience so far in acquiring bullion. Hope that helps.


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