Wednesday, November 17, 2010

George Soros Also Profiting Off Controversial New TSA Scanners

Be sure and read Tim Carney’s Examiner column today on the politically-connected lobby for the controversial new TSA scanners that are upsetting airline employees and travelers everywhere. Carney notes that a company called Rapiscan got a $165 million contract for the new body image scanners four days after the underwear-bomber incident this past Christmas. Not surprisingly, Rapiscan is politically connected, observes Carney:
Rapiscan got the other naked-scanner contract from the TSA, worth $173 million. Rapiscan’s lobbyists include Susan Carr, a former senior legislative aide to Rep. David Price, D-N.C., chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee. When Defense Daily reported on Price’s appropriations bill last winter, the publication noted “Price likes the budget for its emphasis on filling gaps in aviation security, in particular the whole body imaging systems.”
Then this morning Carney also noted that former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff was flacking for Rapiscan.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: Here..


  1. What a surprise. You mean certain people in high places, in positions of public trust, have conflicts of interest that ultimately screw the citizenry for their own personal gain?

    Say it isn't so! (cough)

  2. when good men allow it evil men take over.
    frankling delanore rosavelt. We need some defense against tyrants. soldiers come and will do as ordered. We need all men and some able bodied women to prepare for fight. when they come we will be prepared for fight. lets hope it doesnt come to this and we get out of this by printing enough cash for problems to get fixed. I think airport thing is just a small incent of what we become. Morality lost is how people feel urged to touch strangers in personal ways. Nobody good would invade others like that. gentlemen always keeps hands to self. Safety in seeking weapons in privates. Sometimes maybe will help.

    - Sam

  3. Get off the Soros Scapegoat Bandwagon Glenn Beck has created. So let me get the logic straight. Hunt down Soros and hang him for his treasonous acts and we get rid of the bad apple and all's well in the Shining City on The Hill again? Yeah, alright. Sure. Can I have some swampland with that wheel barrel full of go?

    It's the System....not individual players within that system. Sure, some of the "Actors" have more clout and influence than others, and they each play their respective roles, but if you focus on them, rather than the fact you are in a burning theater because the theater was made out of kindling and all the patrons were smoking, you're missing the most important point.

    Glenn Beck works for the same people at the top of the pyramid with Soros. Don't fool yourself. The pyramid has to go....once and for all. Fuck the ancient Egyptians and their God Damn pyramids.

  4. Hey faux Libertarian Survivalists. Hey Mormons. Hey fundamentalist Christians. Hey all other morons pushing gold as a safe investment. George Soros said get into gold. Now get into gold just as your master told you to, you rubes.

    You idiots are such contradictory fools, I cry only because I'm laughing so uncontrollably. I have more compassion for my sheep than your obvious owners have for you. They not only herd you, they mess with your heads in all manner of ways, and you dutifully follow, because you don't have the intellectual capacity to see beyond the wool over your eyes.

    You deserve what you get....which is a perpetual metaphorical ass-raping.

  5. well the rest of the world is pushing us to trim spending and raise taxes or something to lower the debt, and euroland has their VAT...


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