Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gulf Businesses Near Total Collapse

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  1. have to leave the gulf it'd seem. gov turned off MSM on it with declaration oils gone and opening the fishing grounds and branded fishery safe to eat so BP's off the hook for further losses was what their after

  2. obamya said that gulf seafood is "delicious". Whats the problem?

  3. obama lost his a$$
    nobody wants him
    hes out in 2012
    to think after bush that piece of sheet
    obama is hated just as much is funny,

    we are so screwed.

  4. w bush 8 years caused this mess, one and 1/2 years cannot cause this devastation, bush should be hung and shot.

  5. As bad as they both are, we can't put all the entirety of blame on them. Hell, some people might even praise Bush for extending the party of war and politics and the american dream for a few more years after the IT collapse and placing us in strategic position around important oil suppliers in the world. America is a criminal enterprise. Dont expect its CEO to save you. Dotn expect replacing him to do any good. You are right, we are all screwed.

  6. weeesh i prolly saw it coming when home was no there any longer. i went toward becoming ranger in army years back. decided not to so my life be saved if wars happen. Guess I saw right. ? help me know the loss we face at gulf, is this big counting people who had homes, shops, dollars, foundings, and buildings to work. It may not be so bad if the oil goes back into pipe, but if it lingers in water water wont be good water to use. depends what water touches. me? I find criminals out of rich business and I find criminals out of lazy leaders. We need Teddy Rosavelt and Licoln to be hear now.

    - Sam

  7. I come saw home when no longer there, become anger for fake oil war, then I ges rite, me know face at loss of gulf, people homes dollars falling to floor, oil pipe for smoke me, water good, oil ba me find water touch me good, me love it too, criminals of usa govt ruin world for me too, everyone we need toady lincoln and george jefferson hear us now

    crazy sam

  8. 11:16pm I wanna have your baby...You sir are a wordsmith!

  9. Keep voting and keep taking in the backside. You are the descendants of people who thought they were creating a place where they could be free.. Oops !
    Freedom carries a high price and not many in this cesspool called america are willing to pay.
    When you find out the vote changed nothing then what will you do, watch football and drink beer.
    Here's a word to the wise no one is coming to save you.

  10. Mfskinner, you are so right. Yep, I voted. Somewhere in my pea sized brain, I still consider voting my duty. I know nothing will change, and nothing will be accomplished. Both parties are just two heads on one snake. Also, 11:16, I hope you are furiously reproducing! Our country needs your offspring to lead us out of this mess!!

  11. BP has cleaned up the gulf,there is no oil or dispersant left, the gulf wildlife are clean, like all the beaches.

    This guy is just looking for a free meal.

    Now go back to watching Faux or CNN and SHUT-UP!

    Or enjoy some yummy gulf shrimp fried in crude oil or oysters in the half shell with Corexit sauce.


  13. We as a nation are getting what we deserve. We have forgotten Almighty God and His laws. Total destruction is coming.

  14. Big Oil and Big Republicans. Sure, and if you voted for Bush and Cheney twice, you have nothing to complain about. You wanted small government and no regulation? Go live with Bush and Cheney. They actually should be living with you, on the Gulf Coast, with their families. Drinking the water. Eating the seafood. Breathing the air.

  15. I was reading Marx's theory of "social motion". Society is in time a collection of people who carry ideas around based on their labor experience. Those who are working for the rich will breed ideas of outrage against whatever the regime's belief systems are collectively.

    Then of course there will be those who are loyal to the collective viewpoint of a nation and this forms dialectic resistance. As time goes on an societies crumble through over expansion, revolution, or major system changes the dialectical motion increases and this generates greater turbulence for later systems of people.

    The "End of History" to him was reached when the economic system was global, and had reached it's pinnacle. Here was when the direction of beliefs could not be reversed and only fools would try to cling to viewpoints and ideas. Eventually all ideas would cause people to be caught up in a polarity field where the mind couldn't find any standard of truth. After this total chaos would start to spead and the world of man (God) would be complete as it would become a utopia of individuals without any law being their own commanders. The world would cease being a huge collection of slaves serving rich people and would begin being many free minded spirits contributing to the collective mind (God).

    I feel like a damn freak saying all that... only last week I hated Marx and socialists. Fucking weird ass world... how unpredictable.


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