Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harley-Davidson To Build Motorcycles In India

Harley-Davidson, the iconic American motorcycle brand with a cult-like following, has announced it has chosen to build its second assembly plant ever outside the United States in India.
The "complete knock down" plant or CKD is expected to be up and running in the northern Indian state of Haryana in first half of 2011. Parts made in America will be put together for the Indian market in Haryana.
"What we are doing is made in USA, assembled in India, which will have a positive job effect back home which is why we are driving this investment as quickly as we are," Anoop Prakash managing director for Harley Davidson India told CNN.


  1. Well, normally I'd be pissed about something like this, but today Obama said that India is not siphoning away American jobs, it's creating jobs for American.

  2. didnt they used to build the harley D or the parts in Japan?

  3. what else is is politicians like Jerry brown they drive ALL jobs out of the state and USA

  4. what else is new, it is politicians like w bush that ruin the country and drive away all business and reward their cronies like w bush did with all his fake wars and making his war criminal buddy cheney rich with no bid contracts on a fake oil war.

  5. It will create job in USA too. We can not sell made in USA Harley-Davidson with very high price. But parts manufacturing in USA and final assembly in India will make affordable to Indians. If we can not assemble in India than other rival companies (BMW, Japanese) follow same business model and capture new big market.

    We need to get out from 20 yrs old political sales pitch- America is richest, most powerful, tech advance and greatest country on earth. World has changed and we have to accept it.

  6. America is broke. China lends America money just so that many Americans can pay for groceries over 50% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. China also controls the world's rare earth minerals.

    Hell anything not made in China should have fat build in America and assemble tariff on it.

    All these rotten free trade agreements and bailouts do nothing but make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    Who cares if we have a trade war with the rest of the world globalism has been a flop for the majority of Americans and those other countries don't really matter.

  7. a sucker for the globalists says...

    Who cares if we have a trade war with the rest of the world globalism has been a flop for the majority of Americans and those other countries don't really matter.
    Off to war you go boy, for a war that will be led by the globalists free trade gang currently in charge.
    Globalist NWO here you come!
    Go fight for the Fiat Dollar hegemony !

    The polititians are often blamed as a convenient hate object as a distration , but it was the American capitalists who exported these factories and jobs in parnership with the retailers.
    With bi-patisan support.
    The polititans only facilitated that process in return for a lobbyists fist full of dollars that were only a small part of the truckloads of profits made by their globalist supporters .

    Why talk of "trade wars" for exports as if that were the only way to make money or profits ?

    America needs to rebuild its commodity producing industries to serve its own needs and to create jobs for americans thats an internal economy.

    It makes no difference whether that future wealth production and wealth distribution is done in a socialist or capitalist way.
    But, Bankrupt ponzi scam addicted to "free trade" capitalists and banksters are going the other way.
    And they pretend that a productive economy can recover by paying off the past ,by replacing past losses of capital by printing money.

  8. So India gets our assembly jobs in exchange for their shitty mangoes. Sounds like a win-win to me.

    HD is just following all other big businesses in the US. it’s the bottom line that counts to the CEO’s

    Why pay an American worker sky high union wager when foreigners will do the same thing for five times


    HD will just spin this as am move for job creation not mentioning the jobs created wont be in Chicago where

    they are desperately needed. They will lie and say the parts are made in the US in a desperate attempt to

    keep their “American Icon” image alive.

    It's all Bull Shit. Makes me want to sell my


  9. uuuuuhhhh. bike riding baby is what we are about in united states. people they want to reck are image by giving up are hallmark. Lets get these politicans to get working on programs for poor people, get money made, get stores made, get jobs made, get america back to its feet. but they take this hubert hover method in sticking nose where no nose should be. They grow computers for wimpy nerds in fbi to watch people in monitors. If this farther goes we will be in bad stuff folks. harley davison wants to screw men in nativity then let em, we can do bigger things. ride your bike fire guns off, like sestak would like you to recall.

    - Sam

  10. 8:54 Clinton signed the NAFTA bullshit. Bush is just as bad I agree.

  11. weeeeee obama went to india and shipped more jobs overseas.

    wow how dum we are.
    next stop gold 2000
    all aboard train going to 100000
    and dollar going into the garbage can.
    no jobs no benes no uncle sam
    just debt and servitude for all

    indias is poor and we are going to get rich off of them?
    can someone explain this fiasco to me.
    buy silver too.
    we are screwed and tattoed.
    ahhh forget it.
    stupid is what stupid does.

  12. this goes with the new budaha harley

    rub his belly the motor starts

  13. Good HD is overratted junk anyway hell it'll probably benefit the quality now! Everyone I know that has a HD rides one weekend, works on it the next. Now that manufacturing will be over there, the price should come way down right? hell know "they" will pocket the profits just like the rest of the corporations do. Now I truly believe that HD is americans!!

  14. 9:00 You sound jealous. My guess is that you cannot afford a HD so you call them junk.

    Does your bike have peddles? That's what I thought.

    HD is making the move for profit? Get the fuck out a here...really?

  15. My next bike will be a Honda now, instead of a Harley!!!!!

  16. guess that makes 'em a true multinational corp now...LOLOLOL
    wonder if their customer service will suck now
    income made oversea's stays oversea's so neat tax breaks
    follow the lead of others and next year we'll see the parts made oversea's aswell! LOLOLOL

    anyway this new-snap together-factory idea sounds like a boon for multi' those asian laborers are demanding more then $1.80US an hr now..let's upsnap the factory and move to guatamala...
    hmm..they see the course of ameri and so why not make preps to get out

  17. 9:00 "You sound jealous. My guess is that you cannot afford a HD so you call them junk."

    ( you sound jealous .My guess is that you do not own many fast devaluing superior American brand dollars and call them American junk)

    "Does your bike have peddles? That's what I thought."

    "Dont you believe your American paper dollar brand still does not need peddles or wings and still is able to fly as real world value .Forever.”
    Thats what I thought .

    HD is making the move for profit? Get the fuck out a here...really?

    American brands are forever good because of superior high tech and higher quality workers. Any body that says in any different has rocks in their head still thinking they need American jobs .
    All American corporations need is dollar profits!
    So ,get the fuck out of here .
    That’s the science of it.
    American capital and Americans are ingenious
    These unscientific people are probably anti capitalist
    -power of profit and free market deniers -.
    And propably do not even understand the science of how American branded moonrocks could once be created in the USA.

    Have faith in America its dollar hegemony American labor and American moonrocks!

    China or India can never catch up with the quality of an American Harley or even with the quality of american brand "moonrocks"!

    Even if a Chinese super computer is now twice as twice as fast as any America has now ,these dimwits do not have the power of American ingenuity .
    Why I seen it right before my very eyes, onscreen on MSM T.V , how Americans even in the sixties using portable computer power no greater than a calculator of today, could get Americans safely to the moon and back safely 6 times without a single loss of life .
    Only creative Americans of the calibre of Disney or Speelberg could make reality TV shows like that!
    A feat nobody else in the world has since been able to match in 50 years and will not be able to do again for at least many decades in the future.
    They are still only playing catch up!
    So America cleverness still leads the world in H.D. style high tech and has the best cost effective highly productive workforce in the world .

    The actual existence of these made in America moon rocks on earth is the physical proof of that!
    Check that out, all you anti-American doubters and profit skeptics .
    You are probably all 9/11 anti -American unscientific ‘Truthers” anyway!
    Harley Davison and Mickey Mouse brands forever!
    Long live The dollar brand ragpaper and the printing press too too!

    China: No Moon Landing Soon

    China 'zero chance' of moon landing in next five years ... China has taken a giant leap forward, after launching its second lunar probe earlier this month. The Chinese rocket carrying a probe destined for the moon blasted off on October the first. Its aim is to test key technologies and collect data for future landings. If the mission succeeds, it will put China another step ahead of India in the race to become the second nation, after the United States, to land an astronaut on the moon. – ABC International..
    Dominant Social Theme:
    Nobody is as smart as Americans.’

  18. QUESTION ???

    How do Americans buy a Harley if they do not have a job?

  19. "How do Americans buy a Harley if they do not have a job?"

    Harley is not necessity but luxury. American needs to save money. But our govt and consumer base industry do not want people to save money.

  20. Stupid "barry", another one of the plans to destroy the economy. Damn, how much more do we endure before the "SHTF"? Every single American should be raising the roof off of thier local gov't rep's. What the hell is going on? We stupid Americans have set back for so long and allowed this to happen to otther companies and never said a word, why? because it did not immediately impact us, our family or pocket books.

    Damn people wake up! What in the hell is going to be next? All of our cars are made from the components made in one of these mongrel nations for pennies on the dollar and then they import them to this sucker nation for all of us to purchase at top dollar.

    we have lost all of our automotive businesses to Japan, we have lost the vast majority of our textiles to third world nations not to mention the electronics sector.

    So, go ahead mr. BHO, keep going, and for the rest of the sheeple sitting in your heads, you will be impacted.

  21. If your that "AMERICAN" and Patriotic, then throw away every item in your home that is NOT assembled or made in the USA...I thought so...So much for keeping the jobs in the US.
    "So why is this different you dummys..."

  22. well ,for a stary ,there is a 90% chance he types on a Chinese keyboard ,uses a chinese made monitor and mongrel made cheap labor Chinese computor.

    He needs that stuff for a start for patriotic social networking with his friends ,so he can boast about smart americans and how clever american capitalism is ,and how it was making great profits in wall mart from the stupid chinese cheap labour. Till the credit supply ran out from the Mongrel Asian dumbos !

    Free trade used to be great as long as the dollar hegemony worked .

    My solution is that The fed could help to keep the "top dollar" strong if it saved on the cost of production (about six cents) by getting the Chinese cental bank to keep up the money supply for americans by printing them on direct contract to the Fed.

  23. Oh yeah, it might 'cost' less to build the HD,
    but, does anyone think it's going to cost less
    to 'buy' one? BWAHHAHAHAHA! Harley has stock-
    holders to satisfy..... the bikes will cost even
    more than they do now, many more AmeriKans will
    be out of work, and any additional profits will
    be sucked back into the corporation. Zero benefit
    for Joe 6 Pack.


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