Saturday, November 6, 2010

Michael Savage People Are Terrified; Treasury, Currency

Gold's 7 Parabolic C Waves - Projection $1600 By December


  1. Michael is either a shill or delusional. What amateurs is he talking about? These are professional thieves that managed to f$ck the entire World so badly that nobody can do anything. They created a mortgage fraud and they sold it to pension funds. Ha-ha. No, Michael, these are not amateurs. These are very smart and devious people who have been running the planet for a long, long time. Bernanke and Geithner are just front men who execute the instructions from up above. That's all. Surprisingly, these people are not Mongolians as you all can see. Michael knows it, but he cannot bash people of his tribe. Look how skillfully they screwed Switzerland. >Audits of dormant accounts ordered by the Swiss government in 1962 and 1995 showed a total of $32 million (1995 dollars) in unclaimed war-era accounts. The WJC rejected initial offers from the banks and demanded payment of $1.8 billion to settle the lawsuit. < and this: >The Volcker commission audit cost CHF 300 million and gave its final report in December 1999.< Read the full article here:
    If this is not an extortion I don't know what is. Do you still think that these people are amateurs?

  2. Two words: Secret Service. Look them up. The President does not decide the security level he needs. Besides, who's standing around, counting? No one.

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  4. Wonder how many Mom & Pops advertise on Savage's show? If any of his ilk have one corporate sponsor, it doesn't matter what they say, eventually they're shills. Yeah, right, Amateurs, indeed!

  5. Please stop posting rants by idealogues. Savage is a rightwing crazy. It doesn't matter if the president is a liberal or a conservative, he will be surrounded by the Secret Service and a whole bunch of other people, and it will cost the taxpayers money no matter what.

    When the Justice Dept. goes after the banksters, then I'll believe we're on the right track. Until then, back to hunkering down. Don't expect the corporate Republicans to give a damn about the rest of us.

  6. Keep posting the doctor savage. He is awsome. Just stopwith the dope smoker alex jones who is in his own delusional world of everyones out to get me.

  7. Why does it seem when this site first opened we had no talk of shill and stooges or 911 was an inside job. After a couple of conspiract articles it drew the Alex Jones crowd here in a hurry. I do agree with 309am Savage is a very intelligent man unlike Alex Jones and the goofballs who follow him. Dr Savage is so correct on the issues he states and proves them with back up evidence. Just remeber Alex Jones the dope smoker was the one crying the world is going to collapse when Y2K HITS... Well nothing happened. HE WAS WRONG AGAIN... Yet his pothead followers were right there backing him up. They are pro islam and anti jew. Fuck them muslims.


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