Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is This The Start Of World War?

Note: Watch Video Below. (Wait until it loads)
A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS's cameras Monday night, and officials are staying tight-lipped over the nature of the projectile.

CBS station KFMB put in calls to the Navy and Air Force Monday night about the striking launch off the coast of Los Angeles, which was easily visible from the coast, but the military has said nothing about the launch.

KFMB showed video of the apparent missile to former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsworth, who is also a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, to get his thoughts.


  1. Trillions spent on defense.

    WTF was that?


  2. Absolutely priceless. Cant wait to hear the
    spin on this...nevermind it was the same day
    as the new China firewall against US dollar

  3. I have allready heard people say, we must be sending a message to some one, by launching this missile,BULLSH$T!! THE WORLD ALLREADY KNOWS what we can and have done, and what we are capable of doin(and are still doin)Look at the big picture people, SOMEONE WAS SENDING us,usa, and U.S.A. a message. If you had a hand gun in a holster, would you pull it out and shoot it up in the air, just to show them you have a gun?(if you are on your lawn and a whole bunch of gang members would not leave or threatened you,then you would shoot it in the air or at them) they are feeding us b$llshit!!! WW3 here we come, make peace with god you bastards!!!

  4. Remember, the fact that all forms of media are playing this story; i.e. - TV news, AM radio news, etc, means that "they" want you to believe something has happened. The important questions are "why" have "they" put this story out, and what type of reaction do "they" expect?



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  6. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=171727

    Ok, now let's ask a few questions.....

    What if this wasn't one of ours?
    Who else has this capability? China? Russia? Is this some sort of warning to Obama and/or Bernanke?

    Where was it launched from?
    Sea-launched, as near as we can tell - but surface or submarine? Given the commercial and recreational vessel traffic in that area, if this was ship-launched someone should have seen the launching vessel. Now, more than 12 hours later, there are no reports of anyone having it on radar. Note that private vessel radars are quite-capable of resolving a ship large enough to launch something like this from the distance to the horizon. My ship's radar was quite-capable of resolving a vessel of this size if low to the water in the 10-12 mile range (curvature of the earth) and if the vessel had significant superstructure above the water, even further. If this thing was submarine launched then it gets even more interesting.

    Why the silence?
    I find it very unlikely this was one of ours - unless it was a mistake. An intentional launch - even of a missile with a dummy "warhead" - this close to LA? No way. A malfunction could have sent that thing right into downtown before it could be destroyed, and even unarmed it would do a hell of a lot of damage. For this reason I do not believe this was an intentional US test.

    Where were the NOTAMs if this was ours?
    Missing, that's where. Multiple reports now that there were NO notices posted for aviators. No way in hell our military intentionally launches a missile without posting NOTAMs for the civilian air system before it happens. This means it either wasn't ours, or wasn't intentionally launched.

    Where are the people who heard the notices on VHF Marine Radios and others?
    I live less than 5 miles from Eglin AFB. They run military exercises all the time out in the gulf. I boat in the gulf. There are not only NOTAMs posted all the time on their activity, but there are also notices posted for mariners when they intend to do things out in the deep blue sea. The military comes up on VHF regularly and announces their intentions - and if you get too close by accident they are rather explicit in their warnings to you as well. I have heard these warnings and notices dozens of times. The point is this: if this was a military exercise there would be hundreds if not thousands of mariners who would have heard about it, and it would have been pointed out by now in the media.

    None of the remaining scenarios, once one eliminates the improbable (at best) ones, are good. Some of them are decidedly very bad. If that was a sub-launched device and the submarine wasn't ours, then we have a submarine that got within 50 miles of our coast. You might think that's funny, but I sure as hell don't - the next one of those pretty little lawndarts could easily head the other direction.

  7. It was a Missile tracking test. Most likely to make sure ground and sat based systems where working properly. It was launched from a US submarine.

  8. Karl--NOBODY in this world... EVER.. has hit a button that mistakenly sends a missile into the air..EVER! What world is this guy in? Dumbest article yet.

  9. Just a plane contrail.


  10. sorry bout goin off subject but you guys see the unison fall of gold and silver a half hour ago, damn this is cheap entertainment! make your peace with god you bastards!

  11. some think it was a Chinese missile from a Chinese sub sending thegoodoleusofa a message. since the military is saying they do not have any idea who's missile it was, then one must think the logical alternative, the Chinese! The Chinese are very very unhappy about QE2.

  12. Missile Launch Over Southern California Explained


  13. November 10th, 2010, the United States of America was bombed by the empire of China. Los Angeles, California was bombed by over 300 Chinese war crafts...

    lololol... that would only do the US a favor. Hmmmmmmmmmm... wishful thinking I guess.

  14. You're right, 12:46.....I can't wait for that
    tsunami to hit when that fault South-West of
    San Diego finally shifts. There will be a
    'cleansing' of that part of the country....

  15. ha..a rogue element of our own military! russian sub

  16. Jet contrails from some angles look like missile trails


  17. Might have been result of premature ejaculation on the navy's newest love sub.

  18. A military gentleman on another website says it is clearly a f18 Super Hornet in 'full afterburn'leaving a huge vapour trail due to remaining in afterburn after
    the climb to attitude. He states that it is far too slow for a missile of any kind.Also that you can see momentarily the lit afterburners when the plane levels off at the apex of the climb.He further goes on to state that the plane burns 14,500 lbs of fuel per minute and that makes for a lot of water vapour.He is in California and says last night aloft was very cold and windy and that makes for the wide dispersal of the contrail in the climb out stage of the flight. Makes sense to me!

  19. @November 9, 2010 11:11 AM
    In the first place, China and Russia will never start a war by their current administrations-both a followers of CoPS, which considers a military invasion as the least effective tool to achieve an objective. Your troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is a living proof, unless of course, the objective was other than publicly announced. In this case you should be out on the streets demanding explanation. Secondly, China and Russia had the highest losses during WW2 and they still remember it, even though they don't extort money from the defeated nations based on their memories. Lastly, all they need to do to destroy the banking cartel, that conquered your nation like a tape worm, is to attack the bullion market on the commodity exchange and demand for physical delivery of gold, silver and other commodities that are oversold by 100:1. In a couple of months under this coordinated attack the bullion market will be forced to declare a bankruptcy. After that I can only imagine what is going to happen once people find out the had been robbed of their savings and pension funds.

  20. TLDM.org
    read even if you dont beleive
    i was there
    this is real
    my point things will change quickly god help us all.
    in 1970 she talks of america being attacked by china.
    the usa being bankrupted threw a peace ruse
    and attacked with ww3
    seems to me day by day these things are happening.


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