Saturday, November 13, 2010

Its All Over: Save Yourself You're On Your Own Now

(important snippets)
Our Best Advisor Says It’s All Over.
I’m not a pessimist but our top and best advisor who seems to be always correct offers the following.  If he is correct, and I suspect he is, we have a long slow Japan-style slog in the economic mud with a major system breakdown, like Russia’s bust-up some years ago. I suspect somewhere along the trail in this movie, the USA Sheeple go to pitchforks and torches. I sure hope not but it almost seems inevitable. What a shame that a few Marxists can do so much permanent damage to my beloved America. All political parties are guilty.

---As we write this forecast on Election Day, we feel certain Bernanke will smooth talk the public after the FOMC meeting tomorrow. These efforts are designed to ease the minds of Wall Street, central bankers, and foreign nations while preparing to jam another $500B in QE2 printing of new bonds, bills and currency. The outcome is a dollar dilution-devaluation with a large move toward inflationary destruction of international credit. They hope for and talk of the opposite. Expect $500B more in each quarter in the first three quarters of 2011; $2 Trillion total.

--As Americans on food stamps approach 50,000,000 next year, the American government and most particularly the bankrupt states cannot afford to keep paying unemployment checks and related benefits. We noticed last week that one state is posting armed guards at unemployment offices as those folks prepare to cut-off the checks. They are expecting violence and I think they are correct. U.S. jobless is 24% going to 35%.

--Immigration problems are spreading and violence is increasing. Watch Arizona and southern California for stand-offs between USA citizens and both legal and illegal immigrants. The American southwest has millions of guns and the Sheeple are getting super angry faster. We think the federal government should immediately order two full divisions of troops to guard the border and cool the hot tempers. They won’t do it as it would admit policy defeat and interfere with new immigrants’ votes for the administration. This dust-up is now in the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco. The outcome will be against the State of Arizona. Arizona State and local police are unfairly caught in the middle. This turns ugly as citizens take charge and do what they think they must.

--I can foresee, that if this is permitted to continue and spread while the current US administration does nothing, the entire USA Southwest goes under siege. It could turn very violent.
One of the larger wet blankets on America and other economies will be massive, hard-core inflation. Most still think we are in a deflation with no inflation. Food and energy are always the first to inflate and they are running at +9% and moving-up faster. Soon many other parts of the U.S. economy inflate on a sinking U.S. Dollar. We already have a tightening noose on capital controls. Expect this to get worse. Next we’ll see price controls, which are most familiar in war time. 
Pensioners and those older Americans on fixed incomes will be largely, economically destroyed in the forthcoming inflation. New GOP House members will be in open warfare with Obama and his democratically controlled senate. Obama is a one term president going out in disgrace as one of the worst ever to hold the job.  His is an event worse than Jimmy Carter and Woodrow Wilson. May we live in interesting times so be prepared.

--The next fall rally in gold and silver should commence after Thanksgiving. From the signals we see, this rally could be absolutely outstanding. Try your best to own physical gold and silver and trade the shares of the related companies. The next larger-faster phase of commodities trading can continue for another 7 years based upon previous historical cycles. 
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  1. This is crap info for sucker investors who cannot find a place to invest money in America!

    "The next larger-faster phase of commodities trading can continue for another 7 years based upon previous historical cycles."

    Yes pigs and the world commodity markets recovery will fly soon.
    The US is in an economic depression not in a pre-recovery of a normal "economic cycle".
    Many countries in the world were dependent export of wealth economies. Converting raw materials into commodities for sale to the rich First World.
    Recent WORLD commodity price “cycles” were dependent to a large extent on the existence of a debt driven ponzi US and European economy consumer goods markets
    Financed by credit supply.

    In the end no real "physical" profits were being created in US industry and total US profits ,after tax dividends ,were only about equal to the foreign credit supplied to the US.
    For example Chinese and Japanese credit supply investments in the US treasuries and in the housing property markets bubble.

    The US ,had been de-industrialized and turned into a serial bubble foreign credit supply dependent Ponzi economy, under a dollar hegemony set up in world trade and finance .

    When the credit /money supply dried up in the Crash of 2008 the Ponzi and the dollar hegemony system died as it could not even keep up its dividend payments on the dud bonds it had issued. The US had exported Trillions of dollars worth of its debts as AAA assets to the rest of the world. The losses on those dud bonds created a world financial crisis. Paying off past debts and losses may last decades.
    US capitalism and its dollar hegemony system had turned to fraud and money printing for its profits and is a failed capitalism that cannot get a return from its capital in its own internal markets. Mountains of over accumulated profits from re- invested past profits could not any longer make average capital profits in the falling rate of profits as spread between the total invested capital fell.
    Not enough profits to be shared around or a place left to invest that money in more credit supply either as the consumers were maxed out on credit.
    After the collapse of the Great Ponzi Both the US and Chinese economies are being temporarily propped by government Stimulus.
    The US central bank is now the main purchaser of US Treasury debt bonds.
    Any existing US “profits” are created by money printing as bailout and interest free money supplied by the Fed to the banksters and by Fed purchases of the new debts from deficit spending of the US government .

    The US government can only pay a dividend pittance on own its Treasury bills and the banks are busy making their profits internally by looting the past savings assets of the middle class.

    There can be no LONG TERM recovery of the old WORLD market for commodities.
    With the foreign credit supply drying up the US will be unable to easily make its purchases of foreign commodities made from raw material commodities on the old levels .
    Although Commodity market prices are expected to surge in the short term as the US has launched a currency war against the world with QE 2 money printing .
    As a lot of that money cannot be profitably invested in America now the banksters are exporting their cheaply supplied near free money in a carry trade to try and make money in other countries that are paying higher interest returns.
    And by speculators armed with dollars driving up many world commodity prices
    The third world people will be the main victims of this speculation as the commodities being speculated on include food grains .This will create a lot more hungry people in the Third world .While Americans and other first world peoples may view the price rises in food as simply annoying inflation.
    This cannot last, other countries will be forced to throw up protection from inflows of fast devaluing speculative US “hot money’ destroying their own economies and food security.

  2. So, "Marxists" disguised as "Keynesians' destroyed pure capitalist america in a secret Barry led plot for infiltrating 'big government" and for carrying out a financial coup in treasury for the money power ,unashamably bribing people with welfare crunbs as a distraction from the proletarian "socialise out losses 'TBTF banksters now looting america.
    You can see that these "Marxists" have already carried out the revolution by seizing control of americas means of production by class struggle strikes and by occupying factories everywhere and ruling from soviets.
    Especialy from their the big national Bankster Soviet in Washington.

    The filthy "Marxist" ,big government ,bailout welfare ,rich proletarian banksters !

  3. people in america are 'marxists' as "sexists" and "racists". When you mix poison with water you die in drinkage. when people say things like women cant do some things men do it is true. They can be accuse of sexism for telling truth. When black people dont work and someone says why they will be called racism. A marx is like one who says money makers are evil, they are sexist against money makers. if money is made right and not given by people feeling sorry then it is good. Women who arent in physical shape shouldnt do man jobs, like rich man theiving off folks. The money train has bad stuff when theivery runs it. People feel bad and have bad people take control of what they arent capable. They will be called marxists if they ask questions. Defy an empire makes you stand alone, dont hold it against people for practising free amendments.

    - Sam



  5. To say Obama is the worst President ever is to presume his role was to actually be President. I saw nothing more than a PR man reading autocues while the unelected who really run things ensured they continued to do as they wanted while American voters stared at Obama thinking different coloured skin was somehow going to bring change. We thought it couldn't get worse after Bush. It flatlined and now so is America.

  6. I thought skin "colour" was in the 21st century
    a non existent issue?

    Let me tell you something sanchez; you can teake the boy out of the country

    But you'll never take the country out of the boy

    Those are facts of human nature that in these days everyone thinks we are somehow above.

    Be that as it may this man is not only the worst puppet of all time; he cannot even think for himself as evidenced by the few times his beloved prompter was not available. His 47 year young community organizer background and muslim upbringing come rushing to the forefront as on national media he says such outlandish comments as" yes, under these new guidelines. energy prices would neccesarily skyrocket".

    He is at heart a 47 year old junior senator from a state that he helped run into the ditch
    who understands nothing of the true way in which the world runs and relies on people around him who are even worse.

    We are in deep shit because of this Mohemn dickbag.

    Did you listen to him in India with Sushil Kamar?

    It was like we were all in college again trading shooters for hocey tickets

    The guy has no clue

  7. I really do hope there is no well designed, single-goal oriented conspiracy against humanity. I hope this is just human stupidity. Now obviously there are sick people who have been operating powerful things and buying each other off. Criminals in our government have been taking bribes by drug cartels, mobsters, and terror networks and keeping silent about their activities. They could have got rid of drugs like meth, ecstasy, cocaine, etc. in this country if they wanted to. Easily.

    There are Communists who helped add to the destruction of Europe and America, there are also capitalists that have vampirized the people in this world to the point of taking their brains away. Television and the 20,000 commercials the average child will watch each year is just one example.

    What I mean is that I hope all of this doesn't boil down to a single entity who knows exactly how this will come about and how it will end. I hope they are just mortals. If they are mortal they will fail. So far everytime powerful people do these kinds of things they fail.

    I also hope that the Wallstreet scum and billionaires stockpiling gold right now find no ability to use their gold afterward and that the gold will be unwanted. You REAL people that are getting small bits of gold should consider that for a second. It is smart what you're doing but you would rather not need it right?

    Of course there are two different kinds of rich people: Drugged out celebrity pop stars and actors with no awareness at all, and the Soros type who know what's going on in the money world, and have hearts colder than snake skin. That guy has a place ready for him and his family in Singapore. He's high tailing it.

    What it sounds like to me, and I pray to whatever benevolent spiritual forces that exist, is that the reason guys like that are preparing is because they know how screwed up it is. There will be no shelter for them like the rest of us and there is no steel cage ready to be dropped on us that they have prepared. Rather, they just know what's coming so they're getting out or getting fortified.

    If you all know what I'm saying, if it makes sense to you. The dollar is roasted, the Euro is a goner too. We know the money system is about to die globally. That's an ostensible reality. What will be the outcome be though?

    It would be better to have several billion people killing each other or small communities being formed as we get caught in a strange synthesis between the 21st century consciousness and material stuff lying around, but with prehistoric concerns for food and water - VERSUS - we are all starving and dying out while politicians and bankers who planned this will be ready to set up the new world government for your children, and those with billions of dollars prior to the collapse or who were inside the government will have stockpiled years worth of food and will be the sole survivors.

  8. Some very sincere and sobering comments here this morning. One of the saddest things I see is the loss of trust, belief and respect between the average person and THE (can't say OUR!) government, elected officials, business and even faith based organizations. Without those things, you cannot have any kind of workable relationship. What does give me hope is the very things we saw in this decade, first with 9-11 and again with the nightmare of Katrina. While our "leaders" were self absorbed with how to spin everything, deny or mislead us....we had masses of average good hearted folks responding, collecting needed items and delivering them, offering assistance in any way they could. If things do continue to unravel, eventually I think we will see a growing grass-roots movement toward helping each other again. It is already occuring some, with numerous ideas on how to prepare. We have it right now in our own neighborhood. THAT is the true spirit of America I was raised learning about and seeing in practise. THEY cannot kill that!! There will always be evil cold hearted greedy vultures. But we can resist and make their agenda more difficult...with a little help from our friends.

  9. I am really tired of the reference of the American people as "sheeple". Get over it already. There are so many good people out there. Whoever uses that work implies that they are better than their brother. Who made you God?

  10. 12:06 Go spend some time at Wal-Mart and look around. Yes... we are.

  11. 12:06 - Right on! I'm sick and tired of that word being used--especially on this blog. I think it's the same dope who's using it continually. And what the heck does spending time at Walmart have to do with anything? Stupid example.

  12. Wal-Mart, much like the DMV, gives you a true sampling of the American public. Hence the word "sheeple". Sheeple = Oblivious, if I'm not mistaken, and if you don't think the general public is oblivious to what is going on, you oblivious. I know that in today's politically correct society, everyone is special and everyone is a winner. everyone gets a trophy. Everyone is above average and nobody is a sheep, right?

    No offense is intended by these comments, you just have to realize that, just because you stop calling oblivious people "sheeple" doesn't mean they aren't. Whether they are oblivious to the economy, or to crime, or to anything else.

  13. 12:23 - I wouldn't be too smug if I were you. Anyone reading this blog is not a "sheeple"; they are FAR AHEAD of the curve in terms of fully understanding what's happening in our world.

    Also, tens of millions of Americans--Republican, Independents, and even quite a few Democrats just elected a new Congress--plus numerous Republican governors and state legislatures--because they are NOT sheeple and also fully understand what's going on and will have their newly elected officials do something about or they will be booted out too. What do you think the Tea Party Movement is all about? Are those sheeple?

  14. 1:14: You're right. This is the same guy who's always using the term "sheeple" in his posts. I can tell from his writing style. He thinks he's "Anonymous" but anyone who reads this blog regularly gets to know the writing styles of the various people making comments.

  15. 2:23 is an arrogant prick who thinks he's better than everyone else. People like him will be the first to go in the coming revolution.

  16. Come on people. (this is 2:23 here) I didn't call any of you "sheeple" I merely defended the use of the word to describe people who are oblivious.

    Are ALL Americans sheeple? HELL NO. I'm not, and I'm sure people who read this are not. 4:24 mentioned the election as an example to prove that there are no sheeple in America. That is a crappy example if you ask me. How many people DIDN'T vote? How many people went home and played PS3 or watched their favorite reality show instead? How many voted for the status quo?

    If you went to the local Wal-Mart, or the Local DMV and did a survey, how many people there would know who Ben Bernanke is?
    How many would know what Quantitative Easing is?

    Seriously, you call someone smug who defends the word "sheeple" yet how smug is it of you to think I am talking about you (or anyone else on this board for that matter). Just because someone is an American doesn't make them immune from being called a sheeple. It is not unpatriotic to call a fellow American a sheeple. Just like it is not racist to disagree with the President.

    There are sheeple all over the place.
    There are sheeple who think the 2nd amendment should be abolished because it will make them safer. They are clueless.
    Call them "clueless people" of you want. Call them "misinformed" if it makes it more politically correct to you.

    I will call them sheeple.

  17. Well, I dislike the word only because it has becomed abused on this blog; much like Hedgemony
    which is just the latest greatest word that everybody who cannot write their own thoughts trots out at every available opportunity.

    I do not however disagree with either implication with current events however. One only has to moderatly study history to find out exactly where we are at and to a lesser extent; where we are going ( because nobody knows for sure exactly when and where we'll end up).

    On this blog; very enlightened individuals with impressive credentials have likened us with everything from Rome to Japan and now, in one of the latest headlines; to Greece.

    The closest twin we can claim has to be The Roman empire and all you have to do to substantiate that is to read the history and decline and fall of the roman empire by Ed Gibbon ( which by the way was read and commented on many times by Thomas Jefferson )

    The similarites of then to now are too say the least -- striking & the most has to be taxation and the many forms in which it took to keep the populace " interested and compliant". Right down to delivering free wine, bread and olive oil to the citzenry. We now of course have free money extractors and estimates of 50 million of them by next year.

    It is must reading for everybody here.

    History defintly repeats itself or at the very least tries - at least this time around we have the knowledge at our fingertips to lean on. We now know without a doubt what makes you fat and how to circumvent it -

    Queation is -- can we stop overindulging; even if we know it's going to kill us?

  18. This article is a disgrace and the post here even worst. What a sad statement of the human race. The fact is this is a reflection of the greater population and we are in deep trouble.
    We have become self absorbed, greedy and destructive.

  19. Whose "we". Greedy? Who has become greedy. Am I greedy as a provider for a family of 6 making 54k/year with a run down minivan a camper and a yukon in a modest 155k home? Am I greedy because I want to provide a nice living for my family? I am just one in millions of Americans. Are we greedy? I give 10% of my income to my church and other offerings for the hungry. Am I greedy?

  20. OK--90 per cent of the people I come across in the medium sized city I live in are clueless, and don't want to hear the facts. They are driven by their own uninformed opinions and fear. Dare I call them sheeple? Sorry to those who are offended, but this does describe the majority of people I come into contact with, and I wish it were not so.

  21. 8:52 You need to realize that when someone is speaking in generalizations, they aren't singling you out. It's actually kind of self-centered to go through life thinking that way.

  22. This is 5:24. It is very true that we've been dumbed down, there is no need to excuse this fact. Most people in this country have deteriorated with it. The Americans you may be identifying with are not remotely near being the same as those in the 1950s, or even 80s for that matter.

    We were a brilliant people at one time. We are not anything near bright anymore. They ruined us from the inside out. The country has gone to fast food, porn, drugs, celebrities, corporate propaganda, Marxism, and social isolation (that one especially because of cell phones and myspace).

    There are few and far in between brilliant Americans today. There are still though, many good people left with values and concern. We should be allowed to call things for what they are. To call the ordinary, modern people making up the masses sheeple is to sugar coat the way it really is.

    The same applies to what is coming. The country is gone, period. Get with family, get prepared, try to befriend others who still have their senses, and don't imagine that we aren't in for hell. We are in for a nightmare.

  23. The fact is that the word "sheeple" has become cliche and way over-used in this blog, slung around as if it is something cutting and incisive, but it takes the place of actual thinking in describing what is going on. Yes, a lot of Americans are brainwashed. They are entrenched in their lives and have become apathetic. Labeling them sheeple and writing them off as if illegitimate pieces of trash (this is the way you refer to them and walmart shoppers) doesn't do any good. You sound rather intolerant to me. You are probably the same racist individual that has plagued this blog before with your mean-spirited rants.

    Anyway, another poster was right, those who can't get along and see themselves better or different than the rest will probably be the first to go.


  25. 10:28

    You need to read some my friend

    We are the same as always

    Nothing has changed under the sun


    Same people, Same wants. Same needs, Same struggles. Same inequities, Same classes

    It's called life my friend, get used to it as it's merely

    A different? Day !

  26. A different day.
    america has already changed .

    now its the day of the banksters and the TBTF as well as of the Debt Peons.

    The good thing is that the system is going down slowly not in a sudden crash ,it gives people time to understand what is happening and the lies and frauds and even to understand that there are arrogant goats and ordinary dumb sheep that all need to learn how to unite to fight against the criminals sensibly ,not amongst themselves, or by fighting scapegoats.

  27. 2:37 - Right on, brother! You got it!


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