Saturday, November 13, 2010

Canadian Government Can't Explain Photos of Missiles Launched From Sea Near Newfoundland

Kind of hard to explain this of unexplained missile sighting in New Foundland as a ‘jet contrail’
We put this story in an update on a recent post of a news helicopter video shot in the skies of Manhattan the morning after the mysterious missile video was shot in southern California. The Manhattan news report dubbed by the press, “Fire in the Sky’, the report from CBS 2 News, an ‘unnamed top astronomer’ said the object was a jet contrail. The same official explanation from the Pentagon, the mystery ‘missile’ in southern California, ‘most likely’ a jet contrail. Also in our post, a news report from Canada’s CTV, NASA was investigating mysterious ‘fire balls’ sighted over Canada and the U.S..
Based on the above photo, it’d be a pretty hard sell the object, one of three sighted by two women in Newfoundland, was a jet contrail. The news report from CTV, extraordinary.
No one seems to know what two neighbors saw off the coast of Newfoundland earlier this week, but the two are convinced three large bullet-like objects were missiles. And they have photos they say prove it.
It all began around 5 p.m. Monday when Darlene Stewart of Harbour Mille, N.L., was outside snapping photos of a sunset, when she saw a long, thin glimmering object in the sky that appeared as if it came out of water.
The photos she took show a thin object shooting into the air, with a tail of fire and smoke.
She called her neighbour Emmy Pardy, who went to get binoculars for a closer look.
“I went out on the patio and I zoomed in and I saw a humungous bullet, silver-grey in colour and it had flames coming out of the bottom and a trail of smoke,” Pardy told
“I said to Darlene my God, this looks like it’s a missile or something.”
Stewart and Pardy said the objects were visible in the sky for about 15 minutes.
The women say they watched in fear and thought that a missile could be heading their way.
“I was sick to my stomach,” Stewart said. “If it was a missile, what goes up does come down, but where is it going to land?”
“If I hadn’t taken the pictures, they’d figure it was just another UFO sighting.”
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  1. who knows...
    we do have some quarter of navy in arabian sea, another 33 with prez on his trip and more elsewhere..policing the world. Maybe it's a message from china or russia that we left noone capable patroling the backdoor and with our financial war we're waging on everyone with QE their simply saying stop being so arrogant...go get 'em coast swarthy sub hunters ye...LOL

  2. mission impossible is hosted on youtube. Watch clips reminds of old days with good stuff. good people said, give me freedom or death, my country is not a hostage to dictaters. When we started giving up we began losing control of other people, family leaves and we become fat and mean. Run children over in cars as you drive off not caring. Bad stuff is coming people. America no longer protects world from missles, guess now we will pay the price for holding evil men in charge of things like military. Get ready folks, bad stuff coming are way.

    - Sam

  3. You can say that again

  4. Well guys, its all over, the game is up. This collapse is going to make Club Med look like a Fema camp. Fasten your seatbelts, when all is said and done the bankrobbers are going to get away with the loot and te TSA elitists will have your had on a tray in a full body scanner. Chin is going to have the biggest economy in 2 years while rome turns into zimbabwe in about 2 seconds. And I will be getting the f out of dodge in Under 60 seconds. If you aint got gold you aint got squat. Folks, this is not the greatest depression, this is the greatest depression. A depression to end all depressions, and you better have gold in a bank bag and a strider rider bike as depicted in the image on the right.

  5. It's a plane ! What's all this crap about? Planes have been doing this for years and years.

  6. 12:07 is a moron, drunk on the MSM kewl aid. A plane you say? Maybe it's a cow?lol.
    A plane with no wings, yeah, uh huh

  7. 12:07, I forgot, the US government tells it's people nothing but the truth, so help me God. Oh, I forgot, this is the same gov't that took God out of the schools and gov't facilities, how silly of me.

    Wake up sheeple, some of this crap is just that, but we are indebted to every country on the globe, it will not suprise me one bit to find out that our gov't is being controlled by China and other mongrel nations.

    It's all about who is controlling the dollar. (or currency)


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