Saturday, November 13, 2010

When The Collapse Comes, Will FEMA Camps Look Like Club Med?

The collapse of American society occurs in early 2011.  The system was fundamentally headed toward this stunning unraveling for decades, but it took a multi-city nuclear "terror" attack on American soil to plunge the system into chaos.

Food, fuel, and medicine supply lines disappeared overnight and money quickly became useless.  It was every man for himself and there was little the government could do to stem the flow of anarchy and looting in the streets.

Roving gangs of armed thugs began to stalk suburban streets, ransacking homes for rations.  It is a time where everyone is gripped by fear and uncertainty.  Communications are temporarily jammed, forcing those with electricity or battery radios to be glued to emergency broadcast signals.  Reports of more bombs and street violence fill the airwaves.

You've just finished the last of your canned goods, water is no longer coming out of your tap, and the batteries are getting low in your car as you huddle to listen to the radio, refusing to turn it off for fear of missing important instructions.  You gaze into your family's terrified eyes and contemplate your dismal options.
The government announces one-time sweeps of neighborhoods to "rescue" desperate citizens from the anarchy and bring them to gathering centers or camps where they will be guaranteed food and security.  You've read articles and have seen movies about the nefarious nature of FEMA camps being described as prison internment camps -- and you remember post-Katrina New Orleans -- but what choice do you have?

You've exhausted your supplies, most of your neighbors already ran for the hills to stay with their extended family.  Now, you begin to hear the rumbling patrols of bandits coming up your street smashing into your neighbors' homes. Just then you hear a government chopper marking its landing.  The bandits duck and hide when they hear the helicopter, and the National Guard soldiers call out for survivors over the loudspeaker . . . .
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  1. suitable script for a film.

  2. I have ALWAYS thought that people will willingly go to the camps. They won't have any other option.

    Sheeple camps

  3. What? This will never happen. I'll bet on it.

  4. 1:31 It is apparent you already have!

  5. Funny the comments with people who are in the "know". The sheep just keep showing their true educated minds..

  6. camps are for those who aren't onboard any form of NWO, for those who hold to the constitution. most will surrender their freedoms and climb aboard for promises of safety and prosperity and the little freedom from not being in any camp..the set up is already happening little by little and they's ok, it's good even. ..just give em another day of gains, a bit of money, some status and a sense of power, something to occupy their attention, sell their souls for stuff like that many do.

  7. If I ran the words FEMA camp through an automatic laguage translater into Russian ,I wonder if I would get ..

    "GULAG exile work camp"
    ... as the translated response?

  8. 10:46 & 1:31, you have indicated this is either a script for a film or "will never happen", please do not think this is something that will never happen. It can, it will and it is happening this very minute. You still disbelieve? Look at the unemployment numbers, look at the forclosures, look at the rate of inflation taking place with the cost of groceries, look at the folks that are forgoing medical care, this is only a few thisng that will drive people into thinking they would be better off by letting the Gov't take care of them. It has happened many times before and will most definately happen again.

    How many banks are failing weekly? Today, BOA is asking for additional help (stimulas) what about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Just last week, they had indicated that they will need additional monies to operate. Just this past week, the postal service has lost billions of dollars. How many different state(s) have announced their in finiancial straights?

    How many retirement plans for unions, teachers, firemen and the like are underfunded and will be needing help for the federal gov't?

    So, for all of you critics that think this cannot happen or is bogged by cranks, soon, you will be the judge.


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