Monday, November 29, 2010

N.Korea 'Has 180,000 Special Forces Ready to Cross into South'

North Korea operates 40,000 special forces troops, including the 11th or "Storm" Corps whose mission is to infiltrate South Korea and create havoc in case of war. It also has around 10,000 naval special forces and around 5,000 air force soldiers who can cross the border if a war breaks out.

The figures were revealed in a speech by former South Korean commander of special operations Kim Yun-suk to fellow veterans at the War Memorial in Seoul.

Kim said the Storm Corps, which has been trained to stir up confusion behind enemy lines, is composed of four light infantry, seven airborne and three sniper brigades. And the 4th Corps special forces, stationed on the Ongjin Peninsula close to South Korea's Baeknyeong Islands in the West Sea, consists of 600 scout troops, 600 naval reconnaissance soldiers and around 1,800 naval forces. 
Totaling 180,000 troops, North Korea has the largest number of special ops forces in the world. 



  2. That's right. The US war mongers are chomping at the bit and are looking for any excuse to go to war with Iran, not N. Korea. Kim Dong
    little is just looking for some attention.

  3. The fact I keep wondering about, and one that has been totally absent in the "lapdog" media's reporting, is the situation of 20,000 U.S. troops located on and immediately below the DMZ on the main corridor leading to Seoul. If NK does invade the south (again) our troops will be hit with the brunt of the attack. Guess commander "ZERO" might have some explaining to do if/when our troops are overrun. "Bush's fault" won't cut it with the American people.

  4. Yes ,in the event of war, in the initial stages, American forces in Sth Korea especially those exposed at the border and in the foreign bases around Seoul, will likely be subject to being swept aside by any the Nth Koreans advance .
    As the Americans were in the first Korean war.
    A rehash of history.
    In the initial stages of first Korean war the ‘Nth Koreans” had little else except rifles and a national spirit to fight the technologically superior Americans and their allies.
    The difficulty for the currently exposed Americans is not created by Obama ,but has existed since the time of Eisenhower and even before that ,when the US occupying forces set up a zone of control over South Korea.
    That problem will exist until the Americans withdraw their armed forces from Korea.
    The Korean people have a very long history of attempting to preserve themselves as an independent people with their own national culture language etc.
    Historical experience of hundreds of years, the past struggles against the Chinese Empire ,the Japanese , Kublai Khan Mongols invaders etc, has taught them that national survival is best achieved by building a strong unified country .
    This trend towards rebuilding a national unity burned into the Korean soul is evident amongst both Sth Koreans and Nth Koreans today .
    The division of their nation into two , Nth and South “countries”, along an armistice line is the product of foreign interventions since WW2.
    At the end of the 19th century Korea after Japanese invasion, was integrated into ‘the great Japanese co- prosperity sphere” -Empire.
    But at the end of WW 2 all Korea was liberated by the allies Primarily by National resistance forces and their allied Russian Red Army fighters.
    As with Germany and Vietnam after WW2 , Korea was divided at Yalta into Zones of control or influence .
    The south was handed over to the US . A Socialist and Capitalist contention developed and as with east and west Germany.Two "countries’

    Whether or not the socialist North Koreans or the American dominated South zone started the Korean war is not really important and may be a subject to debate by foreigners .
    After a long war in which upwards of 20 % of the Korean people died.
    A return to the pre war status quo was enforced on the American led side and the country remained divided .
    There is a great bitterness that remains, that the necessity for this war was imposed on Korea by external forces and the country remains “permanently” divided with US armed forces still in the South .

    The re-unification of Germany was achieved by the capitalist West Germany eating the state capitalist “socialist” East Germany peacefully.
    Just as Vietnam reunified itself after armed struggle for national liberation by the socialist Nth eating the capitalist South.
    After the Americans were defeated and kicked out it was mainly then a simple peaceful process of national re-unification. The peaceful struggle between socialists and capitalists still exist in Vietnam today. Some say capitalism is eating socialism there as in China ,even tho the socialists in Vietnam , as in China ,appear to control the state/government and the land is now privatized .
    Only a few die-hard rejects in America still talk about South Vietnam as a country.
    American intervention as in Korea cost America a lot of dead too.

    The strong desire for re-unification of the Korean nation ,whether or not the capitalist south eats the socialist north, or vice versa peacefully ,or by civil war ,is yet to be decided by the Koreans.
    But whether or not Korea emerges as socialist or capitalist unified country is best settled by the Koreans themselves not by US nuclear war threats .

    The existence of foreign military forces in the south only ENSURES that future re-unification will not peaceful and the Americans too will be forced to pay a price for their armed intervention.
    They choose to intervene and stir up war in Korea at their own peril.
    Yankee go home .
    Go in peace in your coffin ships .

  5. 6:05...

    almost everything you typed out, even though it was difficult enough making any sentence coherent, was absolute rubbish. What are you 16? Are you just now starting to grow your intellectual puppy teeth? You have much growing up to do. If you're an adult then there is no excuse for such fallacious reasoning. Just make it up with whatever sounds good.

    I love the unbiased approach your argument takes, such a saturation of facts.

    Firstly, Americans were not swept aside by the North Koreans in the war. We killed 20 millions Communist Koreans, we lost 60,000 men. How does that equate to being swept aside?

    They had Chinese forces helping them as well, and we still managed to take not just all of Korea (S and N), but we also moved into China. We would have kept going too until Eisenhower removed McCarthy. He also was the brain behind the idea to let Russia go into Germany alone and we would wait until they were depleted and unprepared, then go in after them and annihilate the Russians.

    We could have back then taken both the Russians and the Chinese. It's a shame we didn't. Instead we allowed Communists to enslave those people and not only that, but we let them grow inside our country and now they, along with many corporate capitalists, have destroyed this once great nation.

    I'm sure the North Koreans are just happy the way they are, being starved to death by their idiot leader all so he can keep trying to grow his overhyped military with resources he doesn't have.

    Iran same thing... those people are great people, it's sad they aren't supported by us. We could go in their and take their little crap head tyrant out, they'd open their doors to us for crying out loud.

    Vietnam was something that was more about bringing drugs into our country. We weren't really trying to stop the Domino Effect. Many Vietnamese, not just "North" didn't want us there. Some villages in the South would open fire on platoons going in.

    Poor Socialists in China, being smothered by the state capitalists. You do know that the Communist Regime there only changed their title to State Capitalism? Of course not, that's why you think they are seperate things. They are the same thing! They have no capitalism there, it's 100% Communist.

    Go there, get arrested for tweeting twice, spend a year in labor camp. No books to be found on philosophy, religion, or spirituality. No books on other countries either. Great freedom.

    Come over to the USA, make a plot against the constitution and you'll be protected by national law.

    I'm not a patriot, at all. But you people are really deluded. What's your refute now? Misread what I just said and call me a flag waving idiot? Someone who wants to blow up the Muslims? America is such a tolerant nation.

    All religions exist here. Women are allowed almost any kind of job. Women are protected against domestic abuse to the point of injustice to the males. Nationalities of all kinds can interact with each other. You can write books on politicians talking about killing them and you won't get in trouble, Comedy Central might even praise you if it has a Liberal slant. Books of all kinds, shows of all kinds, stuff of all kinds are found in America, and allowed. You can even release 'top secret' military documents and it's perfectly acceptable... no one will come after you.

    I don't what you people want so badly, your precious utopia fantasy is at least centuries a way unless God or whatever comes to make everything happy and equal. Your stance like that is quite immature, you need to grow up.

    It's one thing for teenagers or 20 somethings to start thinking in such ways if they are trying to stretch their minds. But for grown adults to maintain this same belief, "America is the cause of all evil.", that is just ignorance.

  6. Jeez. I didn't know "McCarthy" was even a general. Did you mean Eugene McCarthy or Joseph Mcarthy or perhaps Bill McCartney (the former CU coach). Not sure.

    So we killed 20 million Korth Koreans and only lost 60,000 American boys in a war between Koreans? Sounds like a win to me. 20 million seems a litle high, though. Highest estimates put NK military deaths at 500,000 so that means U.S. soldiers killed 19.5 million evil commie CIVILIANS by your count. That puts us right up there with Hitler and Stalin. We should be so proud of ourselves.

    I imagine you watch a lot of neocon television like Fox Nooze. Probably one of those chickenhawks that gets moist waiting for the bombs to drop on Iranian civilians.

    Bottom line is, Korea is Korea's problem, not ours. If you want to join the South Korean army, go right ahead. But America playing 'Team America World Police' is about as idiotic and fascist as your goofy ideas about the Korean war.

    the US should stay out of other countries affairs. If people are being enslaved there, than we should open our doors to those refugees and give them a new home. Killing 19.5 Million civilians is an idiotic approach.

  7. Why would anybody want to attempt to “refute’ your ideological “arguments” with more facts ,you are a perfect example of a brainwashed American just as you are.
    An education in Americanism and military keynesianism
    You refute yourself in your attempt to justify the benevolence and beneficial effects of American wars and occupation of other countries ,as a defense of perfect American freedom etc.etc .

    All I spoke of in my post was the need for national independence of countries, not of support for socialism or capitalism, but the need for the Koreans to have the freedom to sort out their internal problem themselves .

    You equate that independence in your own mind as anti-amerikan empire and therefore as must be written by a Communist.
    This is your propaganda Queue to ‘defend the boys”of America in Korea today .
    America is the greatest freest country in the world .
    Chinese, Russians ,Iranians ,Cubans ,whatever all anti amerikan, all evil bad!
    You tell us yourself that the American intervention resulted in wiping out 20 millions of Koreans while “liberating “ them and fantasize and whine that America once lost the chance to strike out and defeat the Russians and Chinese to build an even bigger anti-communist Empire.
    As for the American "war of liberation" of Vietnam you yourself admit it wasn’t a war of liberation and not supported by the locals at all.

    “Vietnam was something that was more about bringing drugs into our country. We weren't really trying to stop the Domino Effect. Many Vietnamese, not just "North" didn't want us there. Some villages in the South would open fire on platoons going in.

    A few million Vietnamese war dead later the Americans seem to be “liberating” Afghanistan in the same kind of CIA drug war you speak of
    The communists not the capitalist and central banksters corruption are now responsible for destroying american capitalists ...yeh yeh yeh.

    And you dream just as in the Bush Iraq war propaganda that Iranians will welcome Americans and spread flowers at the feet of American master race liberators if they invade their country too.

    This is your older than 16 “adult logic”, such nonsense logic of fantasies ,cannot be “refuted” just laughed at as an example of typical Americanism.

    But ,you cannot understand why the people of the Third World including Koreans increasingly cry out ;

    Go home Yankee warmonger ideological crazies.

  8. I'm an American who lived in Seoul, S. Korea for 2 years. It's amazing what you learn when you actually LIVE in a country. It's not what books or university professors taught. Ask a Korean what they think and almost all will say this:
    Most are grateful that American troops are there. They are very aware of the threat from the North. Every year, the North sends spies into the southern cities & villages. Riding the subways, pictures (chameleons) remind the populace to look out for them. Million dollar rewards are given to anyone who catches one. A casual drive to the DMZ you can't help but notice the concrete slabs held over railways & roads to be dropped if the North decides to cross. Every South Korean man has been in their (ROK) armed forces. (those who got out of it are scorned) This is a nation that takes it's security seriously, and the fact the USA & all her weapons are there is looked upon as a good thing. South Korea enjoys a safe, open society because they are a strong disciplined people who value life, honor & integrity. (downtown Seoul at midnight markets were never threatening) Part of the reason they enjoy this success is the 50 year protection of the American troops, not to mention the business 200K American dependants bring.

    By contrast, the North is starving it's people, isolating them and ruling with an iron fist.

    So which side of Korea is doing better? The answer comes down to the side that embraced the USA. America is not the bad guy. Ask a Korean, and they will put Japan,N.Korea & China into the top 3 spots as threats. Only those Koreans (under 35) who were educated in America will mention the USA. They shame their elders and lose respect among the Korean people who have lived through hell at the hands of their foreign neighbors.

    One final note, 9:54 didn't get the General right (MacArthur) but those of us over 45 know who he meant.

  9. Gee, 7:03 makes me want to move to S Korea, since they are so safe and love Americans so much. Actually, me thinks 7:03 is a propaganda specialist.

    The original article can not be proven, I am not buying it, sounds like a US politician making a case for money for more military spending.

    So SHUT UP and go back to watching your sports show on your tv, SLAVE!

  10. 7.03
    Runs the 'anti communist' justification for a non independent Sth Korea and for continuing US military occupation and integrated US command over South Koreas supposedly 'Independent" military forces.
    Nobody disputes after years of cheap labor deep poverty under the US occupation the very recent increase in the developement of Korean living standards .
    Sth Korea has a world class car industry and other industries now ,after US and jappanese capital found it more profitable to move a portion of its jobs in the eighties to Sth korea before moving on to a cheaper labor market in China.
    Capitalism had its succsesses with a few asian "tiger" economies .
    And the koreans are a clever hard working highly educated people.
    Some of this developement in Sth korea was the expense of US industies and jobs .

    The world only needs a few mass car production car countries to supply the world.
    Only a few asian tigers are possible .
    7.03 has actualy seen one of those Asian Tiger succsess stories ,the exception, a Third World country that was even able to economicaly develop and get a high living standard even while under the thumb of US empire!
    If the south has such support for remaining seperate from the North as you claim, with all males fully military trained modern defence weapons etc etc this only proves that there is no need for a continuing US military occupation.

    2 years in Korea eh ?

    sounds like 7.03 perhaps made his living as part of the US military or related services.
    everybody he met told him what he expected to be told and verbaly kissed american ass.
    He beleives every word of it.

    With the continual fall in value of the US dollar its getting hard for the US military and dependents to live well in countries like korea and Japan on their low wages .

    No more cheap beer ,nooky, or maids like the old days in Korea and Japan!

    Mostly just living on base and buying food at the subsidised fx store and only the occasinal visit to an expensive korean market possible .

    So on a personal level we can expect in future less propaganda from US the US military themselves on the virtue of living on US bases in korea .


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