Friday, November 19, 2010

Ron Paul On The TSA: Enough Is Enough


  1. Now the TSA groping crisis has even diverted the attention of Ron Paul from the pending collapse.

  2. the tsa groping is a felony everytime it happens, this country has become as fascist as nazi germany, it may get worse than that. This country is not the country we grew up in and it wont ever be that again.

  3. TSA forces cancer survivor to show prosthetic breast. Check out the story:

  4. If any of you have seen the movie 1984 you will understand why this is all happening. Because everything which was in that movie is being done in one way or another. They are trying to dehumanize people to become slaves to the elite. And the powers that be are in on it. This is one of them moments when you catch a glimpse of the rat that's been secretly wreaking havoc of your house. Well now you see the rat. Now you need to figure what you will do about it.

    Try to see 1984 either the movie or the book.. I think you will be surprised at what you see..

  5. I just wanted to say; fuck Rush Limbaugh, fuck Ron Paul, fuck Obama, fuck Sarah Palin, fuck the TSA, fuck history, fuck my country, fuck every group and movement, fuck every school and church, and fuck anything that holds old world consciousness.

    I'm looking up and out to the new world. What's happening is magnificent if you can throw off these cumbersome people and the garbage they are trying to weigh you down with.

  6. 5:02 -- Time for meds!

  7. 5:02, can you be a little more specific what about the NWO is good? Everything it does is even worse than the old world order!!

  8. 502 is correct, all of it is lies, just disconnect from the system, start our own new system, withdraw from banks, flying and barter between ourselves, say no to everything they try to impose on us, fight back, dont go down as sheep like the jews in nazi germany did.

  9. Disconnect from the system

    ha! your really funny

    Let's see how far you get

    Tonight at midnight we're going to take your car, your gas, your electricity, your credit cards, all your groceries that you did not grow and make.

    In other words; get a canteen of water and hit the road jack ( on foot )

  10. No shit these jerkwads always telling us imbeciels to just get out of the system.

    Try it jack - try living in the same clothes for weeks at a clip ( washers and dryers ? there's the system again) Try getting up at 3 to bank the fire cause it's now 50 degrees in yout Yurt.

    Your entire day is taken up just on the necessities of life. You make your own meals, draw your own water, cut your own wood, grow your own crops, harvet them, put them away, feed the livestock, butcher, repair and mend constantly and then there's the ineviatable stuff - your own septic to deal with - health issues of all kinds from chicken px to tooth aches.

    Even the Amish nearby have learned to game the system - they ain't stupid; when one of them has a serious medical condition they don't piss around with "Amish remedies" they go see a freakin' doctor who knows what the hell is going on. When they learn of a good auction 50 miles away they bum a ride in a damn car ( which is a problem if you bathe regualr like - cause they don;t ) and the reason they don;t is that it's a ton of fucking work pumping a cast iron pump into a 5 gallon bucket, transfering it to a wood stove; getting it hot - transfering it to cast iron tub and then bathing.

    Yeah - you keep talking the talk

    I've walked the walk
    It ain't no fun no how no way

    congress approved so...gotta love your congressmen when what they do comes back to haunt..anyway make sure we buy some gizmo..or trinket to draw our attention away from everything this spendingday holiday

    living off the system is alot of work but has it's benefits, maybe it's in the location somewhat also, not like you don't wash up and clothes in the mountains, and talk about being in better shape, realizing the help of others, seeing again some the simple things can be entertaining aswell..other things, it's different, hard, rewarding...maybe it's a mindset. suffering at 50 degree's? lol, u weren't prepared with the right clothing and knowhow etc did those prospecters and trappers make it in the outdoors in the 1800's with all the heavy gear and those herders in finland, and inuits and indians w/out cast iron tubs and...never mind, stay in the city w/cast iron tubs

  12. Why not do us all a favor and go fuck yourself. Deranged moron.


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