Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rumblings of Inflation Grow Louder

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Be it a bushel of wheat from Kansas, a ton of rice from
India or a barrel of crude from Saudi Arabia, prices for all manner of commodities are on the rise across the globe, a trend that is starting to pinch American consumers.

On Tuesday prices of many raw materials continued to surge, with gold, cotton and sugar reaching record highs. A closely watched index of 19 major commodities closed at a two-year high, despite a late-day sell-off in gold and oil.

The effects are rippling from financial trading floors to local stores, forcing consumers to shell out more for everyday basics — a cup of coffee, a box of cereal, a gallon of gasoline.
Those increases are being driven in part by short supplies of some crops and raw materials caused by poor weather in major producing regions and robust demand from emerging markets such as China and India.

Investors and speculators also are pushing up prices as they jump into rising commodity markets. They are being drawn to these so-called hard assets to hedge against inflation and the risk of further devaluation of the dollar and other paper currencies.


  1. If inflation gets anywhere close to that out of control; only precious metals or being a farmer will help you.

    The rest of us are screwed - I mean waht are we supposed to do ? try to store 5 years of groceries, water, gas etc. ?

  2. Precious metals are as worthless as anything when the dollar dies (and it is going to). Community is the source of survival. Water is everywhere. Leaves give water through transpiration, wrap a bag around any part of a branch and in the morning you'll have a nice gulp of water there. 30 people doing this with many bags will give enough to sruvive off of. Trees are pretty common, like stars you'll always find yourself unable to count them all.

    A half an inch of rain in a 24 square ft range gives seven gallons of water. Boil the water for about 30 minutes and you'll have good drinking water. If not for drinking then bathing. But this proves you may want to store up on soap, not water. Food might be a bit more complicated.

    Focusing on gas is a waste of focus. Not enough of it, where you'll need to get will be obsolete at that point. Too many crazies will probably be rash enough to kill over it anyways. Family in different states are screwed. Get everyone together with you now. If they don't listen then that's their own ignorance for staying in a crowded city or a violent neighborhood. "Oh we got a long time before anything happens." Yeah... not quite.

    And for my opinion on the story of that radio dj girl getting abused like that. I find men today to be pathetic. Take it, I'm about her age, for me I can't understand how little manhood there is in this era. She sounded like she had a brain, was polite, obviously not threatening... how could a group of people, mostly men, flip out like a bunch of neurotic idiots?

    Handcuffing some small lass like that who wasn't even doing anything? I'll be sure the next time I see a girl scout come to my front door to tackle her and beat the crap out of her... she could be dangerous.

    However, many people are going around calling this a government nazi problem. The thing is that these were everyday people who did this to her. They weren't government, it is just human stupidity. Unqualified people having weapons and the authority to use them is the kind of shit that causes this. Luckily she wasn't hurt by these Homer Simpsons, but just goes to show.

    Men who can remain calm, talk with manners, and treat women with respect can make miracles in preventing these kinds of childish scenes. So... the men (and women) who could not remain calm, flipped out, and disrespected this poor girl must have had other kinds of thoughts going on in their minds. Right?

    Words themselves are the intention of thoughts, and thoughts are the intentions of actions. If someone uses words like bitch, whore, fuck, pussy, cunt... they will treat women accordingly.

  3. without commenting on the particular case described above.

    4.20 forgets that language and culture are shared by both human sexes as a reflection of the world and the culture that both sexes live in.
    But,both males and females necessarily speak a common language in order to socialy interact with each other.

    Women are it seems to 4.20 are always the innocent victims of "mens" type of thinking ,as clearly in america their are no real "bitches" or "whores" selling themselves or their bodies on the St or in marriage as a lifesyle choice.
    And none of this sexual liberation meme has anything to do with womens attraction to wealth or gaining property assets for personal or class advancement ,even if some men might think unreasonably that they might be being got at.

    These words like "Whore" that may be used by men to think about women are not then 'female" words or culture and can never enter into womens thoughts ,as they are too busy putting on their makeup intending some innocent social non sexual interactions of their own.
    Perhaps taking their children to a ho culture pop concert conditioning event like a liberated women Maddona 'whore show" act ,or a lady Gaga action show exspessing pure womens American Ho culture sex roles ,without the need for thinking any filthy 'male thoughts".
    Even tho both sexes play a role in supporting this interactive american leisure time ho culture.
    Some liberated women even seek to impose this american cultural freedom for ho culture in order to liberate women from men in Afghanistan for imperialism.

  4. 8:01 you are an idiot. Women are human beings just like men. Women have equal rights. Stop calling them "liberated" you fool.

  5. Women will never be "liberated" from patriachal oppression and share equal rights unless men are also liberated from the oppression of the new gender aristocracy supported ho money driven "womens" sexual culture too.

  6. Does america have a "Ho culture" ?
    You decide.
    Just look around youself ,see how women are dressed 'to kill",pick up a cultural magazine in the supermarket and the glorification of young marketable womens bodies and all the gossip ,listen to rappers the male culture of singing about bitches.
    Watch a madonna show showing women, the power of the ho culture that has now 'liberated" women ,through sexual power role playing.Whips in the hands of dominant virginal women and subvervive worshipful males are a common theme of 'love" as ideal .
    Women are encouraged to use their sexual appeal to men as the road forward for a successful life for women ,as a happy . womens sexual freedom satisfaction ,lifestyle .
    Is that a America today living in a 'Ho culture" ?

    Patriachal oppression exists in backward fuedal cultures and in under developed capitalist countries often where the male was the sole income earner and women were dependent economicaly on the male .
    As american family life once was.
    The acceptance of patriachal dominance and oppression including for sexual exclusion from other males in marriage ,was the price that women were forced to pay for family life.
    As in poor Afghanistan today .
    The majority in the universities in America and even Iran are now women , that education and some wages equality, means that women are now more free and more independent from economic dependence on males.
    For rich america today, sex is no longer a "family affair" but a leisure time lifestyle activity.Many men are not very happy with the dominant boot being now on the other sexes foot.

    Women have then, mostly become liberated from patriachal economic dependence in the rich first world ,so that 40% of children are now born out of wedlock in America ,if these children are not supported by the father ,the state picks up the tab to economicaly support the single mother and children.
    This support for single mothers from the state is not possible in a poor country like afghanistan and so the women ,needing family life security and child support are more likely to support a restrictive patriachal taliban ,than the notions of sexual liberation and the ho culture of first world liberated american women.That see liberation as a mind thing ,ideas of liberation and fairness as a "human right" of women not any longer as world fredom from economic necessity .
    The women of Afghanistan ,not the male fighters are the main ideological opponents of the american lifestyle cultural empire imposition.

  7. 4;20 your to gafdarn funny ! wrap a bag around some leaves ? your shittin; me right?! It's fucking November man where the frig am I supposed to find a leaf? In arifrigginzona?

    Where you'll need to get is obsolete? Man everything I mean everything runs on petrol dude
    if you don't have gas you are not only going anywhere your not doing nothing no generators no water systems no nothing it all runs on GAS


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