Thursday, December 16, 2010

Government To Shut Down?

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — A possible government shutdown is looming at midnight Saturday as Republicans and Democrats ratchet up a standoff over federal spending.
FedEx and General Mills post disappointing quarters as higher commodity costs weigh.
Stopgap funding for the federal government expires at midnight Saturday, but an effort to slow down a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill could lead to a temporary suspension of government operations.
Sen. Jim DeMint, a South Carolina Republican, is planning to force a reading of the 1,900-page spending bill in protest of the bill’s price tag and inclusion of earmarks, or special projects.
Reading the entire bill aloud could take about 50 hours, and a final vote on the bill could come Tuesday, after the current stopgap funding has expired. That would leave the government shut down Sunday and Monday.
The Senate could instead punt a vote on an omnibus spending measure to next year.
Thursday morning, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky introduced a one-page resolution that would fund the government until Feb. 18, at current spending levels.
That would enable the incoming Republican-majority House and a Senate with a bigger Republican minority to consider a major spending bill.
“Once the new Congress is sworn in, we’ll have a chance to pass a less-expensive bill free of wasteful spending,” McConnell said on the Senate floor on Thursday. “Until then, we should take a step back and respect the clear will of the voters.”
On Wednesday, House and Senate Democrats said they had no plans to pass another temporary funding bill.

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  1. I say STOP!!! this insanity. How in the world can anyone want these thugs to continue to RAPE our children, our homes our freaking lives. STOP THE RAPE NOW!!!! I think they have enslaved us enough. Have we had enough!!!

  2. Welcome to Nazi Germany 70 years later, if something is not done by the people soon, we can all kiss our asses goodbye.

  3. We are in an unraveling and are entering a 20 year mega depression. Don't kid yourself, unless you're strong, you won't make it. It will take our kids (the hero generation) to pull us out. But for now, the generation between the boomers and the hero...are the Nomads who have to stand in the gap of this worldwide crisis.

  4. With DHS becoming the new Gestapo...our time in "very" limited. With only 2-3% of the population "quasi" awake the time for a measured response is...unfortuneately...doubtful! Americans are to far gone...our forefathers would have shot "us" first due to our apathy. I would welcome anyone out there in PC land to prove me wrong....PLEASE!

  5. There is no Hero generation, the kids of tomorrow or today are heros at video games, texting, and dancing with the stars, they are so stupid, I feel bad for this once great nation, I fear it is gone for good.

  6. Pull the plug on the sick sham. If they euthanized this patient long ago we would all hav ebeen better off. But not so fast. We shan't forget the raison d'etre in the first place, which is to make money. The government is bankrupt but that wont stop the greedy from taking what they can still get. This is evident in all the corruption, scams, and last minute grabs still going on. Until we learn better we will never learn.

  7. Department of Homoland sekurotay.

  8. Here is my prediction: Government will shut down...the press will report all sorts of sob stories.....republicans will be blamed....republicans will cave under pressure...taxes will be raised....rinse and repeat

    anyone care to disagree?

  9. The EEOC & homosexuals are doing the federal hiring and running things. Yes, the general population at large is brain dead, but this perverted government will self imploded in short order.

  10. gov used to run out of money in the 70's like we've come along ways baby LOL complete circle..hmm..inflation, check..oil, then Iran takes the helm of opec jan.1 and who knows some war profiteers may want a new source of income...we'll see i guess. anyway wonder what day of week i'll be assigned for filling up! LOLOLOL

  11. 8:14 PM, Agreed, Heros? The vast majority of the"hero" generation is as loose in the moral and brains as the participants on "Dancing with the stars".

    I really do not beleive that ANY of them can carry on a face to face conversation. Everytime I either go to the grocery store, movies, or for that matter most places these delinquints hang out, they have their noses stuck in a iphone, black berry or computer. Damn, the fed's want to restrict everything, restrict them from bringing these brain munchers to these places, not the least to Church.

    If yhere are folks out there who are hoping for the future of these peanut brains, man, you are lost.


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