Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wanted: Rats, Snitches and Busybodies

Within a week of each other, we now have a snitch program roll-out at Walmart, YouTube installs a Terror Alert Tag, and now Apple of course joins in as the first to publish this Nazi throwback Patriot App–just as patriotic as its predecessor, the freedom-extinguishing Patriot Act.
(BTW–go to the apple app store and see the comments on this new fascist app for an encouraging info-blast!)
All on the heels of the WikiLeaks uproar. Hmm. Funny how they had these programs ready to roll out.

This Should Be Fun
Now anyone and everyone can ‘become someone’ and make a difference protecting our nation’s security.
Right. It’s going to be a firestorm of fear and confusion, all part of the plan. Just imagine how much havoc can be wreaked with false information and random accusations–for which they will be praised for being a “great American”. With as much TV as most Americans watch, they’re gonna want to be armchair Jack Bauers or CSI agents.
The channel is now wide open. Wanna get back at your boss? Your ex? Your kids’ teachers? Students that don’t like their teachers? Wanna get back at Mom and Dad? How about that long hair you keep seeing at the grocery store? Or let’s look around the Internet for views I don’t like or agree with. “It’s payback time for you weirdos! Extremists! Right wing nut job! Left wing wacko! Centrist compromiser! Deviant!” etc. etc. It’s all fair game now.


  1. Say hello to Nazi Germany 2010 the new Amerikkka, get used to it, it is going to get much, much worse.

  2. Dipshits running iphones can't walk, think and process at the same time. A wasted effort of the goon squad.

  3. If they would have added some fart sounds to the app maybe these adolescents would have used as Gestapo intended, but I agree with 6:11, the wrong target audience.

    They need to get this application to the wet kneed soccer moms so they can have another distraction while driving and texting. That way when they cut you off and you flip them off they can report your terrorist activity.


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