Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Great Hyperinflation Depression


  1. stock up on wood, wole, foods, special items, rope, and cash. things happen fast in time frame here. Last time i checked jobs were large in stock, people were happy, buildings were being built. Now I see lots of anger, no jobs, closed buildings, low cash levels. Get prepared with people near you. This is like Impact movie of Meteor but centered on money.

    - Sam

  2. Sam, is that really you? Good post!

  3. that lady had a perfect liberal smirk! like to see her in a few months holding her hands out begging for a grain of rice...

  4. Yeah, her face made me want to puke. Not sure if she is liberal. Just not clued in. The people on these shows have been conditioned over time and are products of this past. They believe:

    1. The economy acts in cycles because it always has
    2. The economy will bounce back because it always does
    3. America will be the world's superpower because that is all modern history has ever known.
    4. Hyperinflation only happens other places.
    5. All fiat eventually returns to its intrinsic value EXCEPT the fiat in my pocket.

    And, this knowledge is tempered with inherent traits dating back to elementary school:

    1. If someone different, they should be mocked.
    2. If someone believes something different than the majority, they must be wrong.
    3. If something makes me uncomfortable, I'll find as many ways to discredit it as possible.
    4. If someone is fat, they should be laughed at.

  5. I believe him too - this is the real key to watch; the dollar.

    If it starts a major move south; buy what you can, pay off any outstanding debt you can; and get the hell out of the way because she's coming unglued the rest of the way.

    This will happen at amazing speed so when it starts don't delay.

  6. MONTVALE, N.J. (AP) -- The Great Atlantic & Tea Company, best known to grocery shoppers as A&P, says it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

    The company, founded in 1859, says it will have access to $800 million in debtor-in-possession financing and that all of its 395 stores are fully stocked and open for business.

  7. I hear people say pay off debt . WHY ? If you have debt eg car debt at a fixed rate of interest or your mortgage or even credit cards with a set rate you would be far better off spending that extra money on food, gold and silver especially silver and then paying those debts with the inflated paper you get when you sell some of your silver witch by this time has gone up a few hundred percent . That is if you truly believe what you say is coming . I do and have made 1 hundred percent on my silver and this thing is only just getting started. Good luck and believe your instincts not what supposedly intellectually smart puppets on tv are saying remember they never saw this coming to begin with .
    My own wife thought i was a paranoid idiot buying gold and silver until i doubled our life savings in a year.

  8. While I have supportive feelings to comments here, do recognize that many think destruction of credit will more than offset any money printing by the fed.

    As an example, just today MISH made a post refuting this Williams hyperinflation call. Mish isn't alone either, other credible sources (e.g Automatic Earth) support the deflation scenario over the hyperinflation one.

    How will it play out? Heck if I know, except that likely the present will in time, seem like the 'good ol days'

  9. Some things will deflate while others will inflate. Food prices and gas will go to impossible prices. The dollar will decrease further in value. When food is so high, for instance, bread being 20 dollars, stores will empty out.

    When nobody can afford the basic necessities of life, like bread, nobody will work. This here is anarchy alone. There is no police state coming. It's impossible, too many armed citizens, too many soldiers won't turn against their countrymen and families, and they won't have any payment! Now if some conspiracy people can't think past the reality that if something like that happened then the military would become divided, then they aren't thinkers to begin with and should just stop reading whatever they read on the internet, or most likely watch on youtube (considering that for them reading takes too much brain power).

    Housing prices will deflate however. Services will also cost less as well. As I expounded above, what relevance will the latter have? Services will cost less because people will have to help collect wood for the neighborhood fire. A couple people will hunt some birds, rabbits, or fish for the others just to contribute to their survival. Old women might knit clothing, old men garden, younger women can watch children, young men will have to haul crap around all day long, intellectuals can organize and manage plans, whatever the situation might be. Of course some neighborhoods (tribes) might have it better than others (i.e less drugs, violent people, gangs, overcrowding, etc.)

    Anybody living still in New York City, Phoenix, Chicago, LA, Vegas... if it isn't a money issue as to why you're still there then you're oblivious, or insane. Those places will be warzones. I can only imagine what Phoenix will look like... haha. I used to live there, such a nasty place that became. In the 80s and early 90s it was such a sweet place for families to head off to. In just 15 years, amazing, what illegals did to it and the schools. I don't mean Mexican citizens, but the illegals.

    I was watching the new Indiana Jones movie tonight, Kate Blanchette's character, if that's the actress... pretty hot in it. For her age too, 60, it's strange how she is far more attractive than most young actresses. Watch any movie or show from the 50s, 60s, or 70s you'll notice how even the standby women were more beautiful than the lead actresses of today. Women have really gone sour. Back to the Indiana Jones observation. Blanchettes character, a KGB agent, she said to Jones while he was strapped to the chair in regards to what she wanted to do with the Crystal Skulls, (paraphrased to the best of my memory) "We will take control of your minds, we will take control of your soldiers through their minds, slowly you will all become like us, and the worst part is that you won't even know it is happening."

    I think that really did happen! It is quite tragic what happened to the United States of America. Fucking Hell... what the fuck!? What did happen? And I don't want to hear any liberal idiot say it was capitalism, nor do I want to hear any dimwit conservative say it was socialism. And finally I don't hear any conspiracy moron blaming it on the CIA. If people have to conclude with those kinds of answers then they're clowns.

  10. 8:49 again...

    I don't why I thought she was 60, I thought I heard that somewhere. My bad she's only 41. lol

  11. MISH's problem is that he steadfastly refuses to see the forest for the trees. Bob Chapman has a bigger picture in mind than his lil' buddy Mish, and does see hyperinflation coming. In fact, Chapman has been consistently correct since I began reading him around 2006. The dollar will dramatically lose value when all those foreign dollars suddenly try to repatriate for something of value from land-O-poverty USA. All over the world people will be using American Dollars for toilet paper when they realize they can't buy anything of value from US (no pun intended).

    This note is legal tinder for all fires, public and private.

  12. Can someone here explain why not to pay off bills? What happens to all of the debt (government and citizens alike). Please explain.

  13. How will it play out? Heck if I know, except that likely the present will in time, seem like the 'good ol days'

    Agreed. Still able to buy plenty of gold, silver, guns, ammo, food, ... It's all good.

  14. Stock up foods and other supplies because wheat and corn prices are about to double, triple or even quadruple. Energy and agriculture related produces will be expensive. When you print too much money out of thin air you will cause commodity prices to go up. So invest in energy and agriculture--oil, uranium, natural gas, renewable energy, sugar, wheat, corn, cotton and anything that people actually need.
    Check out this site for graph on coming surge in wheat and corn prices.

  15. Believe me its true my dalmation is even hyper enough. let's look hard to the east and learn the lesson. Nowhere is safe so may god go in peace.

    it goes like this --> guns/toolkit/food/water

    ->silver/gold/diamonds/human shields

  16. 10:25 said: "Can someone here explain why not to pay off bills? What happens to all of the debt (government and citizens alike). Please explain."

    I'll try. You see, right now $10,000 still buys approx. $10,000 dollars worth of "stuff" if you look at the same "stuff" in 2008 prices.
    Now you have three distinct choices: 1. You could use your $10,000 to pay off your $10,000 loan from the banksters. 2. You could use your $10,000 to buy stuff. 3. You could keep it in the bank.

    CHOICE A: You pay off the loan now and not buy any stuff. While this will make you debt-free, you will not have any "stuff" when the SHTF. Once the SHTF, you won't be able to find stuff on the shelves, and if you do, its price will have gone up astronomically and you will only be able to buy a small fraction of the stuff that you could have bought before the SHTF.

    CHOICE B: You could buy "Stuff" with your $10,000 and wait to pay off your debts after the SHTF (assuming there is still someone trying to collect). Here are 2 scenarios: 1) Unless everyone completely stops working and stays home forever, people will still pay you to work and people will demand more dollars for the same work since its lost 90% of its value. Therefor, if you earn $10 an hour now, you will earn $100 an hour after the SHTF (assuming you still are employed). Meanwhile, your $10,000 debt has NOT been adjusted for inflation (unless your contract says it can be). THEREFOR, BY WAITING, IT WILL THEORETICALLY BE MUCH EASIER TO PAY OFF YOUR DEBT.

    2) If you spend some of your $10,000 on precious metals now, then you can cash them in later after hyperinflation use them to pay off the debt. For example: If you buy $8000 worth of stuff, and $2000 worth of precious metals, when the SHTF the precious metals will be worth (in this example) 10 times as much as they are now. Convert them to dollars and pay off your debt.

    CHOICE C. Keep your $10,000 in the bank. Bad idea. After the SHTF, you MAY still have $10,000 in the bank, but it will not be worth $10,000 anymore due to hyperinflation.

    Hope this helps.

    If you want to see how bad it can get, rent a documentary called Iron City Blues.

  17. Here's another way to look at debt: If you owe somebody money, eventually the law comes after you. You are forced to pay what you owe according to their terms, not yours. Or they could take all your stuff, house, land, etc., in order to pay off the debt. Or you could also end up in jail (depending on what the debt is).

    If you pay off the debt, you are paying off in inflated dollars. As the value of the dollar goes down, you are actually paying off at a lower rate. Let's say you bought something for $100 earlier in the year. When you spent that money, the dollar was worth 75 cents. You still owe $80 on it. So you send the credit card company $25 a month. But the value of the dollar keeps going down. So you're sending them a dollar that is only worth 70 cents or 65 cents. You end up with the better deal, and you keep the law off your back.

    I'd recommend both paying down debt and stocking up. You don't have to spend all your money on just one thing.


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