Monday, December 13, 2010

Inside TSA Scanners: How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart Human DNA

While the application of scientific knowledge creates technology, sometimes the technology is later redefined by science. Such is the case with terahertz (THz) radiation, the energy waves that drive the technology of the TSA: back scatter airport scanners.

Emerging THz technological applications

THz waves are found between microwaves and infrared on the electromagnetic spectrum. This type of radiation was chosen for security devices because it can penetrate matter such as clothing, wood, paper and other porous material that's non-conducting.
This type of radiation seems less threatening because it doesn't penetrate deeply into the body and is believed to be harmless to both people and animals.

THz waves may have applications beyond security devices. Research has been done to determine the feasibility of using the radiation to detect tumors underneath the skin and for analyzing the chemical properties of various materials and compounds. The potential marketplace for THz driven technological applications may generate many billions of dollars in revenue.
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  1. These frequencies are slower than infrared and faster than microwave? Okay, now how then would being skimmed by these scanners have any effect on your DNA, which is at the molecular level?

    Infrared vibrations, with enough intensity, or rather - amplitutde, can shake up chemical compounds to the point of having their molecules break apart. And that takes a strong focus of infrared.

    Microwaves are weak, it takes a really powerful concentration just to cook the food in your, well, microwaves. So these waves are right in the middle of the microwave and infrared wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, with the scanners you're hardly getting touched by, and for only a small duration of time. How do these break apart your DNA molecules? They don't.

    As the writer even mentions, science has yet to fully comprehend this form of radiation. But somehow these lame scanners cause cancer or even destroy your body's genetic design? Sure. Only on the internet.

    But I'm not pro TSA and what's happening to the country. If people would just stop flying then we'd see results almost overnight. Like the African Americans protesting the segregated seating on buses. But people will continue flying, clueless that the economy is falling apart daily.

  2. 'Naked' scanners at US airports may be dangerous: scientists Read more Here..

  3. Here is another scientist stating the same:

  4. funny most of tsa agents don't even know the scanners use radiation. they just know that-their in charge now! anything for power and a loaf of bread

  5. "But I'm not pro TSA "says 4.13

    And the goes on to dislay his own great tecnological know how ,"proving" its all O.K.and harmless .

    "How do these break apart your DNA molecules? They don't."
    so , after staing his own "facts" and conclusions ..he then points out the buts ..

    "As the writer even mentions, science has yet to fully comprehend this form of radiation.
    so he says!
    But, some of us may comprehend Chertoff paid disinformation obscuring what are the real scientfic facts of what is really understood by science when we see it. Does chertoff pay his disinfo shills by the line or per post?

  6. Slight Correction.

    The Airport BackScatter devices uses X-Rays not Thz radation. The work by imaging the X-Rays that are reflected back, instead of the X-Rays the penetrate (medical x-rays).

    Quote from above:
    "Microwaves are weak, it takes a really powerful concentration just to cook the food .How do these break apart your DNA molecules? They don't."

    X-rays are ionizing radiation which strip off electrons. Electrons hold the bonds in DNA and other molecules in your body. By striping away electrons from atoms it weaks or breaks chemical bonds. This causes errors in DNA which lead the cancer and other radiation induced illnesses.

    Microwaves aren't safe either. The excite water molecules and other molecules that are excited by ~2.45 Ghz RF energy. Microwaves break down soft tissues and do cause cancer. In the case of food, Microwaving food degrades the nuetritional value of most foods.

  7. firstly there are no scanners that are Terahertz. Its the next generation not current. Anyway the body is a great source of terahertz radiation (about 1 watt) this internal heat is what keeps our DNA moving and gives the ability for the DNA to break and divide. The bodys own heat which generates terahertz and other frequencies by blackbody radiation is much higher power than the terahertz scanners will be that are currently only in the lab and atleast 5 years away. They are about 1nanowatt. What is crazy is someone writes a paper that says Teraherz effects DNA (of course it does its a natural radiation) and then this gets picked up by people that TSA scanners distroy your DNA. I repeat 1. No scanners are on the market in this frequency range.
    2 Terahertz is all around us emitted by every warm object
    3 the technology is being developed because it was difficult to see through the natural fog before.

    Microwaves do not cause cancer no more than a warm object gives you infrared radiation or a light ray from a lamp. If they are at high power than can burn but so can heat or light. Tissue damage not cancer but were talking powers infinately higher than any scanner.


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