Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is the Collapsing Empire and Its Police State Worth Fighting For?

All along the way, there were two types of people: The first group was folks that figured, “This has GOT to be the bottom; it can only get better from here.” Their patriotism was rewarded with reduced civil liberties, higher taxes, insane despots, and a polluted currency.
The other group consisted of people who looked at the warning signs and thought, “I have to get out of here.” They followed their instincts and moved on to other places where they could build their lives, survive, and prosper.
I’m raising this point because I’d like to open a debate. Some consider the latter idea of expatriating to be akin to ‘running away.’ I recall a rather impassioned comment from a reader who suggested, “leaving, i.e. running away, is certainly not the proper response.”
I find this logic to be flawed.
While the notion of staying and ‘fighting’ is a noble idea, bear in mind that there is no real enemy or force to fight. The government is a faceless bureaucracy that’s impossible attack. People who try only discredit their argument because they become marginalized as fringe lunatics.
Remember John Stack? He’s the guy who flew his airplane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas earlier this year because he had a serious philosophical disagreement over tax issues.
While his ideas may have had intellectual merit, they were immediately dismissed due to his murderous tactics.  Violence is rarely the answer, and it often has the opposite effect as intended, frequently serving to bolster support for the government instead of raising awareness of its shortcomings.


  1. From the article: "You’re dealing with a mob mentality, plain and simple. Do you want to waste limited resources (time, money, energy) trying to convince your neighbor that s/he should no not expect free money from the government?"

    I had a neighbor that I was lucky enough to move away from last year. She is on welfare, and after expenses she definitely has way more extra spending money than we do after all is said and done.

    She phoned me yesterday (I think she wanted to borrow money from me, but once I told her we had to fix our furnace she was quick to end the phone conservation). She told me that she had phoned a bunch of church's to see if they would pay her rent, and one did (even though the government pays her rent directly to housing authority and she is NOT a church goer).

    Then she complained that the government should pay for everything for her including the tires on her car. I do not say anything derogatory to her because she would be the first person to rob my food storage in bad times because she feel entitled to everything.

    When I lived next to her, she was always bugging me for smokes, cheese, name it she wanted it. I could not hide from her either. MOVING AWAY was the best thing we ever did and I saved money/stress to boot.

  2. 9:05 who we really need to move away from is the Federal Reserve and US Congress ... oh why should we move why not just put them in jail or better yet do what they did in the old day EXILE THEM maybe exile them from planet Earth.

    Join the Bank Run on Dec. 7, 2010 and take your money out of the Bank - maybe convert it into something else before it becomes worthless as the other posted article "GOLD IS GOING TO BECOME PRICELESS! HERE'S WHY" indicates.

  3. The only hope our country as whole has is with the individual state. When we finally learn that no matter how much money and politicians we throw at the Federal Govt, we cannot change it. The dragon has grown to large and just swallows that which is thrown at it. You can however, still make changes in those states in the south and those west of the Mississippi and east of the Rockies.

    The first one with government citizens that stand up to the Federal Govt and says "NO MORE, we want to break away" will get my powder and supplies. Then and only then will my family relocate.

    It will most likely be worse than the first northern agression, but hey, we survived that. National Banks and the Fed Reserve need to be regulated into oblivion, broken up and given to the states......and I'm tired of waiting!

  4. Doubtful the majority of sheeple slaves will do anything, besides watch their sports programs and amerikan idle on their tv's.

    The PTB know this, they have stupified amerikans using the tv, fluoride, chemicals additives, GMO foods, chem trails and who knows what else?

    There are no organized efforts nationwide or statewide to overcome this tyranny. The govt jack booted thugs will come to your house and take you away!

    If I had the $$, I would have of left years ago, Uruguay was my target country.

  5. Note: Wikileaks Creator Julian Assange has been detained. Article link above

  6. Good Story.

    I have decided to fight these SOBs until the end but I don't fault anyone who gets on a plane, boat, or car to get out of this rotten sesspool of a country.

    I hate living in a country built on lies. It's extremely demeaning to my intelligence.

  7. withdraw your monies. create bank runs. that is how you fight the big government. don't pay taxes.

  8. RE: Assange - if you read it closer, it says that he is "detained in his absence" which to me sounds like "trial in absentia"... so it looks like the order has been issued, but he's still hiding out in Britain.

    just my $.02

  9. reason for all problems in medeast is kennedy assassainei. If problems need not exist problem makrs not have jobs.

    - Sam


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