Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When People Lose Everything, They Have Nothing Left to Lose. And They Lose It

In a sign of the times, a woman in Detroit, Michigan was car jacked and hog tied while the thief robbed her home:
A bizarre home invasion left a Detroit woman hog-tied with duct tape and robbed of electronic equipment, jewelry, money and her sense of security.
It started when Leah Smith was unloading her Thanksgiving Day groceries.  She says a man put a gun to her face and tied her up first with jumper cables and then with duct tape as he ransacked the rooms in her Woodbridge neighborhood duplex.
During the ordeal Smith say the man told her he was sorry but had fallen on hard times and Christmas was coming and he had little kids.
At one point Smith says she thought it was over, so she worked to free herself but then the man came back.
He told her he needed help loading all her belongings into her own car.  Smith says she just wanted him to go so she helped him pack her car, watched him drive away and then ran to a neighbors house to call 911.
source: WXYZ
This incident goes to show just how desperate some people will get. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
We can certainly empathize with the man who is going through tough times - millions are going through exactly the same thing. Of course, this does not justify him carjacking, hog tying and then robbing a woman.
When there are no jobs, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, many people will take actions that they would never have considered taking in better times.
For now, there remains a governmental safety web of unemployment benefits (for most), welfare, food stamps and Medicaid. But once those on the programs start being eliminated, or the inevitable austerity cutbacks commence, stories like the one above will become commonplace.
We can expect a rise in home invasions, robberies, kidnappings for ransom, and violent crime. This is an unavoidable side effect of a depressionary economic environment.
How can you prepare?
For one, we recommend to all our readers that you get armed. If you have a home defense weapon already, consider a conceal and carry permit. In addition to being ambushed entering your home, mall, grocery and retail store parking lots will become hot spots for thievery and assault.


  1. When they blocked unemployment extension they opened the door for desperation/crime

  2. Stocks surged over 2% Wednesday as signs of economic strength in the United States and China tempered worries about the European debt crisis.

    The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) soared 249 points, or 2.3%, to close at 11,256. The S&P 500 (SPX) jumped 25 points, or 2.2%, to 1,206. The Nasdaq (COMP) added 51 points, or 2%, to 2,549.

    It was the biggest one-day gain for the Dow since early September, and came after stocks ended November on a sour note, with all three major gauges marking declines for the month.

    Stocks opened sharply higher Wednesday as investors cheered a batch of upbeat economic reports, including a strong gain in private-sector payrolls and better-than-expected auto sales.

  3. So now we have the resident retard putting false MSM info on this blog. When the markets and Gold go up and the dollar goes down it means we have a very big problem like ZIMBABWE. Perhaps the resident retard should open his own blog? Call it

  4. 6 million hits on this blog would bring any and all the false info agents like scavengers at Target, obviously.

    markets up 2% the same day you lose your free lunch.

    Goes to show what wall street thinks of the unemployed and what they mean to them

  6. The corporations have betrayed their roots, their foundations are cracked, and now the weeds have taken hold.

    Many successful companies made their start here in America, the beautiful.

    Many of those companies adhered to a set of principles based on American values, and those principles made them successful.

    Honesty, Hard-work, Respect, Responsibility, Pride, Compassion, Humility.

    These things are gone now. They have been crushed... by greed. These things have been trampled underfoot by those at the top, those who have succumbed to temptations of power, at the price of self-respect, the price of pride.

    And now these companies have abandoned the very country that made them great. The Free Country.

    Those who do the right thing have no need for riches, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. The living Kingdom. For it is all around us, ready to be experienced.

  7. Insider selling is at the highest levels ever, Federal Reserve buying is at the highest levels ever. The stock market is doing nothing but masturbating out bizarre numbers for no real reason. Lets see,,, unemployment gets cut off to millions, Wall Street Cheers, and the UE number goes down because it only represents those actually collecting UE bennies. Traders are popping Federal Reserve Viagra and tossing one off on the trading floor... They want this year looking good and will molest any number to get there!!! LOL

  8. Harman International Industries Inc. rose the most in the S&P 500, climbing 6.7 percent to $46.51. The maker of audio systems for homes and vehicles was raised to “overweight” from “neutral” at JPMorgan Chase & Co., which cited luxury car demand in the U.S. and China as well as the potential for a wider profit margin.

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. increased its forecast for U.S. gross domestic product growth next year to 2.7 percent from 2 percent. The U.S. economy will expand 3.6 percent in 2012, according to a report sent to Goldman Sachs clients today.

    “You really have had very strong economic data coming from the U.S. since mid-November,” said David Kovacs, chief investment officer for quantitative strategies at Turner Investment Partners Inc. in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, which manages $18 billion. “The market is still quite reasonably priced, so the general trend should be going higher.”

  9. 6:24-6:26 not sure why you bother posting that info on this website ... I guess you have not heard about:

    1. China and Russia dropping the US Dollar
    2. Europe bailouts and EU falling apart
    3. problems Ireland, Portugal, Spain,Italy
    4. Feds buying all of their debt because other countries have quit buying
    5. Is FED propping up the stock market?

  10. 6:24 needs to get his own website, but then he would have no readers.

  11. 7:23 Let me add some additional info.

    BoA will be bank that is going to be exposed on Wikileaks according to CNBC in January 2011. If you have any account with BoA, get out now and move your money to a small account. The stock of BoA will be delisted by the end of 2011. GET OUT NOW

  12. 522 is a govt shill, nothing more Liar, Go to hell Idiot

  13. Radical political struggle over income distribution and control of future government tax revenues are bound to emerge in America as Americans like the Irish are converted into full debt peons, with a government and banking system serving the interest of the rich and well off owners of America ,as well as their bankster agents and partners .
    The top 5% society elite cream.
    But as Americans are educated and conditioned to believe that classes do not exist but only just returns going to hardworking capital, it is going to be hard resolving the real world distribution of wealth problems as if they were ideological economic problems ,with fights over what is the correct interest rate and how much money should be printed for food stamps and so on ,as advised by the prophesies of the systems economic gurus of predicting future profit and gdp rates.
    When fiat dollars are only printed /created as debts “out of fresh air in a Republican not a Democratic control of a countries economy and the greater national publicly owned debt.

    The corporate “persons” in a corporate state say they have the right to LIFE (yours) LIBERTY of law by rule ,contract fraud and financial SATISFACTION as the new RIGHT of all claims to debt forfree profits ,without any HAIRCUTS or financial losses .

    This is a right to capital, even foreign owned banks and corporate persons are now guaranteed by the federal government itself to handouts , After a democraticaly voted for financial coup .
    with at least a two thirds majority of americas elected politicians of both houses and major political parties.
    The coroprate persons as certified by a recent decision of the Suprem court the right to use their money to pay for the election or lobbying (bribes)of their servants as much ,or more ,than as any ordinary mere mortal flesh and blood American.

    This after all the fullest expression of property right/american democracy as one of their dollars is only equal to one of your dollars.
    This is true capitalist democracy and sadly for the majority ,the ruling elite were often those fortunate enough by grace of the supreme being and social connections to be born in a family with more money than the average joe 6 pack and with the willingness to use and invest that money wisely to turn joe 6 pack into a perpetual debt slave by means of creative business accounting and other fraud.

    If joe 6 pack signs onto any of our legalised fraud contracts schemes
    as aproved AAA by our own SEC type "regulatory bodies for managing fraud ,whether or he understands the extent of the fraud involved and suffers as a result of being treated like an animal .
    It is only his own fault ,as God and America gave him and us all ,free will ,to dispose of their own wealth as they sees fit.

  14. Very simple...No long ramblings...Want to see the future?

    Look at present day Argentina...It's us in 5 years.

  15. Noodles!
    Well you’re a hopeful one!
    Argentina ?
    I think more on the lines of planned Chaos in the cities much like the drug wars in Mexico and drug gang wars in Rio .
    What with the permanent wars abroad ,especially the CIAs financial war “against” drugs etc still having its own money supply.
    I see the future as more the Homeland Security department justifying its existance by supporting the aim of restoring “order out of chaos” Watts / Katrina breakdown X 100
    (Read what it says, right under the central bankers pyramid on your fiat dollars ,in latin ).
    Novus ordo secularum

  16. This story is tragic, she had all her stuff robbed like that on Thanksgiving. I really find it sad. I hope she gets justice somehow or has some kind of fortune make up for what she lost.

    You know in the 1950s this stuff NEVER happened. A robber was just a robber, a theif just a theif. Today if a robber is in your home and you don't have a gun ready for him, he and his partners will kill you, they will kill your children, and laugh about it in court. In the 1950s a burglar would have ran at his own shadow.

    You can't even count all the serial killers running around. 10 years back you would know about popular killers who were being hunted. Today they come up so often you would never keep track. Crossbow killings, shooting children in the head while they sleep, a wife and two daughters raped and killed then the father was left alive mangled... cripe.

    20,000 college girls each year get raped on campus alone! 50,000 women get sold into slavery each year from the US! Human slavery is larger than ever before, not including the debt slaves the Fed has accumulated in the last few decades.

    I'm scared shitless now. I certainly hope there is a God or Spirit in this universe that will intervene and end this, clean it up, or save whatever is good. Horrible end to an amazing specimen.

  17. Hey, 2:36... Just where are those 20,000 sluts? I would like one or too, as long as they are gonna get raped anyway!
    As for the article, HOORAY!!!! Finally, the green light to start plugging people! I wish I could have sent a full metal jacket round thru that robbers' head. That would have made my day.


  19. Give me a break! Crimes like this are committed for drug money and this jsrk is a crackhead. This has nothing to do with hard times.

  20. Anyone who owns a gun or carries a gun is evil and has NO rights!!! They only want to kill children and puppies.The Democratic Party tell me this is so. When the world collapses around us the Democratic Party will protect me and my family.

  21. Government promotion of single mom baby factories and perverted homosexual social engineering in the public schools got us here, not economics.

    Go back and study crime rates during the Great Depression.

  22. people commit crimes no matter the circumstance, but lies promoted and now fully accepted that say-it's christmas must give presents just further the drive for crimes..gain gain get get do whatever it takes for self all during the year. Love and truth is little value as seen on tv and society and when you can hold an ipod, play around with it and feel it's weight in your hand and your friends are jealous so they to must get, and the parents -aren't at cave and do as demanded by their kids, backwards society. and those kids grow up having most desires always met yet not enough so bad times come and they ..have to continue feeding the beast that is the desire for...that is within them. Nobody starving here, look at a 3rd world country, so what's with the stealing and why? from wall street to main. Our media certainly doesn't help, parents teach their children or not and create monsters


  24. Ever notice the ads Mcd's puts out - "McState"?


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