Monday, December 6, 2010

POLICE STATE 2010: Philly Cops Stopping & Searching Random People On The Streets


  1. I want it to be unsafe, otherwise we will be nazi germany within 10 years.

  2. its tottalrian its gestapo tatics
    and the judge laughing about it hahahahhaahha
    shows you hes a tool too.
    you look suspicous . whos searching the cops
    fo breaking the law?
    martial law anyone? econmey tanking lets start gestapo tactics.
    now get back to danceing with the stars.,

  3. 11 45
    since 1972
    60 million abortions 6 times as many than jews killed in ww2.
    people willing kill thier babies.
    youve been living in gestapo land for years just havnt woken up yet.
    first the babies then you.
    oh yea your free . now empty your pockets and get naked.
    america will fail we have been set up to fail.
    plane and simple.

  4. sorry but if the police stop me on the street for no other reason than to frisk me, I'm going to jail. Anybody write an article on how to survive FEMA re-education camp, yet?

  5. This isn't surprising. Philadelphia has been run exclusively by the Democratic Party for the last 70 years. This is what you get when the voters give you unlimited power.

  6. This undignified searching is too costly and too labor intensive .

    States and municipalities are being bankrupted by this level of policing for the underclass.
    America needs “austerity” to save the system not job creation for creating more costly ‘security”police goons .

    This high level of spending is terrorizing taxpayers.
    As you can see ,yhis huge employment of police as seen above is just another example of job creating socialists putting the squeeze on businesses that could easily be privatized to contractors to make this searching and security business more cost effective .

    The quicker this process is automated by deploying scanners and low cost bomb and drug sniffing dogs instead of huge numbers of overpaid police the better for all .

    Hey ,this is not the scientific technology dark age of 1984.
    The technology now already exists to fully automate this process.

    Body Scanners of the type now deployed at airports together with a ghetto street gating system and could also be deployed at shopping mall entrances and exits gates .
    All this would be simple and low cost.
    With a gating system and by using automatic iris scans and TV surveillance cameras equipped with face recognition software, only a handful of state police would be required and only called out to back up attack dogs if an automatic alert for bombs, drugs or shoplifting was broadcast to a central surveillance center.

    Drones as in Pakistan could be used too to knock out any terrorist suspect setting of an alarm .
    In this way ,the war against drugs ,terrorists and shoplifters could be combined in one simple unit ,there would be less need for expensive highly paid police on the streets and less check out security guards needed at shopping malls too.

    And businessmen of the caliber of the great patriot Chertoff are more than willing to step up to the plate to privatize this problem for profits ,at little cost to the taxpayers as they are already doing at airports.

    Using this automated gating system on sidewalks instead of personal body searches
    would remove any feeling of personal indignity ,of being treated as criminals with body searches for ordinary non-terrorist and non drug dealing non shoplifting respectable Americans of the middle class.
    Only criminal shoplifters and terrorists would oppose such an integrated security system to save America and for enjoying a peaceful worry free Christmas.:)

    So let us end this kind of of date ,fascist like personal searching by police who naturally have a tendency to be arrogant and bossy , is it now not necessary any longer and only socialist job creationism .
    Go Chertoff !
    A true example of American innovation and free enterprise in freedom loving America.!

    Amerca needs to be saved from the great number of underpants bombers bin laden is planning to deploy widely on the streets of America in order to destroy the American freedoms he hates so much.

    We cannot simply rely on inefficient personal body searching and police entrapment methods of supplying bombs to Christmas tree bombers to flush out all potential bin laden agents. These attacks on Christmas and the American way of life are making ordinary Christmas a time of fear and worry for ordinary Americans.
    As some of these agents do not even look like Muslims or of dark middle eastern appearance racial profiling is of no help . Just look at Timothy Mc Veigh the Oklahoma bomber, not to mention the terrorists who were it seems easily able to plant explosives in the Twin Towers and building 7

    In this way all Americans could go just about their business peacefully yet still be protected in America from Americans or foreign terrorists every time they left their houses and waked freely on the streets ,without the indignity of personal body searches without a search warrant being necessary at all.

  7. one more way u can see how they'll sell the chip and digital more frisks as they'll know you already, and all transactions tracked as electronic so cut the drug transactions, crime(perhaps why states want into the weed business, people can be appeased with getting high still and state makes money) push people into a totalitarian state with intrusive searches then back off and offer hands free safety..all for safety

  8. Up to date paranoia and fear promotion information..

    "Press Office
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Dec. 6, 2010


    WASHINGTON -- Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano today announced the expansion of the Department’s national “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to hundreds of Walmart stores across the country—launching a new partnership between DHS and Walmart to help the American public play an active role in ensuring the safety and security of our nation."

    Right on !
    Stop the christmas light bombers sussing out electrical wiring and things in the christmas decorations section.

    look out for and stop the crutch bombers buying underpants that are of an obviously too big size .
    XXXX size underpants or panties is surely a secret code for explosives size!

    keep your eye out for any towelhead attempting to find and buy or reading a Koran .

    Big sis and the safety of America depends on you!

    But not good enough Janet!
    If there realy is such a scary stuff threat as your call for surveilence of fellow shoppers implies Janet ,you are neglecting your Duty to homeland security

    People should demand scanners and body searches at every Wall Mart now!

    Janet do your duty ,make THAT secret muslim agent ,(you know who I mean )defend american shoppers from terrorism.



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