Sunday, January 16, 2011

China Says the End of the Dollar is Near

BEIJING—Chinese President Hu Jintao emphasized the need for cooperation with the U.S. in areas from new energy to space ahead of his visit to Washington this week, but he called the present U.S. dollar-dominated currency system a “product of the past” and highlighted moves to turn the yuan into a global currency.
“We both stand to gain from a sound China-U.S. relationship, and lose from confrontation,” Mr. Hu said in written answers to questions from The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.
Mr. Hu acknowledged “some differences and sensitive issues between us,” but his tone was generally compromising, and he avoided specific mention of some of the controversial issues that have dogged relations with the U.S. over the past year or so—including U.S. arms sales to Taiwan that led to a freeze in military relations between the world’s sole superpower and its rising Asian rival.
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  1. China Overtakes U.S. as Biggest Economy When Measured by Purchasing Power
    By Bloomberg News - Jan 14, 2011 3:33 PM GMT+1100
    Business ExchangeBuzz up!DiggPrint Email . The size of China’s economy in 2010 was $14.8 trillion, compared with the U.S.’s $14.6 trillion, when accounting for the countries’ differing costs of living, Subramanian wrote in a note published yesterday, a week before President Hu Jintao visits Washington. So-called purchasing power parity calculates gross domestic product using exchange rates that adjusts for Photographer: Toshiyuki Aizawa/Bloomberg
    China overtook the U.S. last year as the world’s biggest economy when measured in terms of purchasing power, according to Arvind Subramanian, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington.

    The size of China’s economy in 2010 was $14.8 trillion, compared with the U.S.’s $14.6 trillion,...

    but nobody beleives this official GDP figure for the US.
    when counting US GDP they count the money printing ,debt creation as increased GDP !!

  2. The US is a de-industrialized ponzi, a debt ridden, paper dollar tiger .

    Once it was a real economic and military tiger ,it could try and militarily intimidate China threatening them with the bomb monopoly ,as it did during the Korean war.

    Those bomb monopoly days are long gone.

    China has its own very modern defense system and so, when gates recently visited China to try and lay down some orders ,they "accidentally" waved a new model stealth bomber right past his nose for testing .

    Gates shit himself officially on behalf of all the US heroes !

    As Hilary said last year "Its hard to shout at your banker"

    Because now the US militarily is weak ,it has taken 20 years since the first Gulf War to militarily subdue the third world people in little Iraq.

    And more than 10 years so far to try subdue the backward tribes of the Afghani nation .

    And bankrupted itself with deficit spending for these wars in the process.

    It is claimed that under Reagan the US bankrupted the USSR by forcing increased military spending in competing with the US for empire in Afghanistan

    This is the rock that The US itself picked up in Afghanistan only to drop it on its own feet.

    The mighty dollar that was once the strength of a manufacturing powerhouse has turned its opposite in a unprofitable services economy weighed down by its own dollar debts to the rest of the world.

    The worlds biggest dollar debtor and failed capitalist empire .

    Now no longer a real economic tiger it has been an insolvent, toothless paper dollar pig?
    Talking softly and carrying a big stick has past ite effective use by date.
    But ,can I still hear you boastfully whistling in the dark Yankee doodle dandy?

    Whats that you just said?
    "you don’t make tin whistles anymore and your waiting for your Chinese supply just as soon as you can put the cash together to buy them”

  3. Well stated 11:50, well state !!!

  4. 11:50 I don't disagree with most of your post

    However; lets get something really straight and really clear.

    When this little strutting slant eyed game hen makes comments like "the need for cooperation in the fields of energy and space" What he is really saying is " we enjoy you dumb asses handing us all this trinket business with no import duties, no tariffs; built eith slave and child labor so we can therefor bargin for the technology we really want ie: you don't really think these dumb chinese pricks actually drew up their own fucking stealth technology do you?

    Look at it ! What's it look like ?

    This isn't rocket science man - they are playing us like a Steinway

    However; as you yourself know; just from your IPad; this high technology changes VERY rapidly.

    Guess who has it

    Guess who don't

  5. Let me say right off that the United States Military is not afraid of China or anyone else.
    The chinese know that we would kick the everliving shit out of them in any military confrontation. Their so called stealth aircraft are probably of no better quality that all the other crap that they manufacture. The quality of Chinese products is total shit, and the whole world knows it. They can take their three billion
    automaton drones and go straight to hell.

  6. Chinas niche is mass producing low tolerance goods with slave labor and as such; is very good at using their 1.2 billion slaves who make 2 bucks a 14 hour work day to make hats, gloves
    boots and hammers.

    Go visit a factory in China.. you have never seen the like.. I have seen some amazing assembly lines; little chinamen and women every
    3 feet do the same exact task for 12 hours a day
    and some of these buildings are hundreds of thousands of sq.ft. with thousands of these drones.. it's amazing to see. OSHA would shut these down in a heartbeat!

    One factory made hand carved bedposts; they had 150 carvers with chisels and hammers! No electric routers - hammers and chisels ! 12 hours a day !

    Technology - that's what they really want.

  7. Ya know what else!? 5:32!?

    FUCK Karate Kid! I saw that movie about two months ago. It was very good. Sadly, they insisted on pushing their senseless little propaganda in it.

    It should how fun and happy China was. You wouldn't believe how they portrayed these dirt poor people. I felt like moving to China right after that and getting a job as a handy man.

    During the Olympics they actually forced farm men to work the stadiums. If they refused they would be shot and killed right on the spot. It's almost like the Chinese Wall. It took thousands of slaves years and years to finally complete it.

    What fucking good did it do!? The Mongols blew it apart with their advanced siege crafting and then laid waste to these jackasses without a struggle. Right after that they went and did away with the Persian trash before heading to Europe.

  8. "Let me say right off that the United States Military is not afraid of China or anyone else.
    The chinese know that we would kick the everliving shit out of them in any military confrontation."

    Of course they know that too ,"Macho man ,Mine is bigger than yours" now crying out for a pissing in the atomic wind contest.

    But any "victory" would come with a cost .

    China is not hiroshima ,not Iraq , or afghanistan .

    The US since WW2 has only attacked many weak third world countries where it is assured of technological supremacy.As in Viet-nam .

    In the Iraqi case only after their weapons inspectors spies had proved that Saddam did not have any weapons of mass destuction at all.
    Figting an already weakened by years of economic sanctions ,disarmed country with one hand tied behind its back .

    And it still gets its butt slowly kicked anyway .

    US aircraft carriers agressively prowling the pacific off china and korea ,far from defending their homeland ,look like big sitting duck coffin ships like easy targets to me if China was attacked.
    Then there are the exposed 10s of thousand militarymen on bases in occupied korea and japan guam etc.

    If 19 arabs with box knives could bring down the Twin towers and the highly defended pentagon too, or so it is said,even one dud, backward, stealth bomber, nuclear armed could surely completly destroy NY city .

    Neither Bejing or NY would be nice places to watch the war on your TV as you did during the Iraq war.

    So ,it may not be both counries Mutual assured complete destuction as in the cold war days, but your macho posturing war mongering at the possible cost of the loss of new york city doesnt look too sensible to me or to the chinese either .
    Where do you live with all your arrogant "we still rule the world boastful military talk ?

    Unafraid ,home alone ,waving your proud military doodle with flag attached .
    Perhaps in macho, redneck ,Arizona a long ,long way from NY?

  9. America reached its technological heights with the Zippo lighter and mickey mouse and B52 bombers.
    It got along OK in its golden age as a manufacturing power in the fifties only because its world wide competition was destroyed during WW2 .

    The US invented and patented the transistor but the dumbos in america thought improved technology was putting bigger fins on cars.

    They did not know what to do with it -clever hard working jappanese- were required for that putting the the transistors into cheap modern consumer goods ,radios and TVs ,and building cars with better assembly lines than those created a hundred years ago by Ford.

    American industry collapsed in an uncompetitive heap.downhill all the way.

    Now its laptops get made for them in backward China.

  10. I suppose in a global world all this talk is useless..this sovereignty us against them sort of thing. multinational companies and all the worlds large banks and individual money interests will trade technology and use the poor to enrich themselves to no end. jpm and goldman GE and CAT GM have their outlets in china as do many others, there will be no war with china until the very last day, but eventually one currency the world over and so forth. something called a world order, but nothing new as history tells, and never much freedoms won't be pretty or fair, little justice and freedoms as we've seen are leaving out the door. it's all been foretold in the bible from along time ago and tried in the past, always a bad thing it was and will be worse this time. signs of the times and Christ Jesus' return

  11. @ 10:07

    sorry bro but your end times nonsense is never going to happen. We have been through two world wars, the holocaust, the stalin purges, the AIDS virus, the chinese purge under mao, and soon the collapse of the financial system. The king was wrong about his coming if you take the bible literally-here jesus tell the high priest he will see the second coming right after his death
    Matthew 26:64 …I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye
    see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power,
    and coming in the clouds of heaven..

    then in matthew 16:28 he repeats this to another audience:
    Verily I say unto you, There be some
    standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they
    see the Son of man coming in his kingdom
    sorry but your santa claus-like character you believe in is never going to return, and you know what else? the book of revelation was so edited by catholic scribes, that they added the verse on "whosoever adds or takes away from this book shall be damned"-this was not in the earliest or best manuscripts, it wasnt in manuscripts until the fifth century because catholic scribes altered not only revelation, but the entire books of the new testament that were selected by a vote approximately 350 yrs later as to what we call now the new testament.
    Lastly, there were other apocalyptic books written that were not canonized into the new testament, sorry 10:07, but its never going to happen.

  12. Dont count out the american spirit out with Zippo lighters!

    American film technology and hollywood entertainment is the best on this earth and even on the moon too.
    It has come a long way since Micky Mouse days as we saw on 9.11.

    American technology made the best satelite "real time" transmitted films ever made ,of great America putting its own footprint on the moon.

    Just like that american "can do" spirit later dramatised in the Apollo 11 movie .
    Not even the Soviet lying propaganda merchants could match that Hollywood feat.


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