Saturday, January 29, 2011

Complete Chaos In Egypt

Egyptians armed with sticks and razors have formed vigilante groups to defend their homes from looters after police disappeared from the streets following days of violent protests.
Banks, junctions and important buildings previously guarded by the police and state security were left abandoned on Saturday and civilians have quickly stepped in to fill the void.
"There is no police to be found anywhere," said Ghadeer, 23, from an upscale neighbourhood. "Doormen and young boys from their neighbourhoods are standing outside holding sticks, razors and other weapons to prevent people from coming in."
She added: "The community is working together to stop this and protect ourselves."
Police withdrew from the streets when the army was sent in to take over security in Cairo. Witnesses have since seen mobs storming supermarkets, commercial centres, banks, private property and government buildings in Cairo and elsewhere.
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Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia

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  1. always some who can't think beyond the immediate presumed need so go about looting and burning their neighbors property. what's a teevee in a shop window got to do with gaining better government

  2. what i think about this. Let me say its good to see lots of riots against evil goverments. suggest americans did the same. the outcome would be astrolgical. But to much americans think we are invisible, nothing can harm us. Newsflash, anything can happen people. Folks when the dollars are no longer going around to people we will cause bad revoltion of poor people. Arm homeless bums so they can fight. Get with family and dig trenches in neigborhood. I started work on a big hole a little while back. Egypt pyramids will fall down, statue of liberty will fall down.

    - Sam

  3. In the Arab lands the old political set ups are in flux.
    The linchpin of the dollar hegemony oil pricing system is the Saudi royal family.Another ruling elite that has past its use by date. Keep your eyes on that ,as the movement for democracy grows and the entire region may slip out of US control ,despite all its wars and CIA activities.

    In Lebanon for example there is great progress as the influence of Hezbollah is consolidated with widespread popular support .
    In the West in the MSM and in the big power dominated Security Council Hezbollah is painted as a “terrorist” organization ,while it sees its own role and practice as primarily a Jihadi ,defense of the county ,national peoples resistance movement.

    Remember the last round of bombings and massive destruction of Lebanese cities and the Hezbollah nationalists defeating the Israeli army tanks ?

    While concerned about social welfare issues and peoples ability to make a living Hezbollahs top leader Sayyed Nasrallah though a Shia Muslim cleric ,is no bunny when it comes to military and political affairs and can never be underestimated as a mere Muslim ‘cleric” .
    He plays a mean strategic and tactical game like a good chess master. He has a habit of making a good analysis of what is in the interests of all the Lebanese people ,uniting the people and winning .

    Hezbollah are of course Muslims not communists or even socialists . Although the Shia are known to have a greater concern for the poor and social justice than the Sunnis ,from whose ranks ,as in Saudi ,the US usually draws most of its puppet presidents and supporters as it does in Lebanon.

    The rich elite in Lebanon have traditionally had a big role in Lebanese politics by taking advantage of religious and tribal based differences to advance their own personal groups interests, often via corruption .

    Hezbollah in a masterstroke of Lebanese politics has now supported a rich Lebanese Sunni for a future national unity Prime minister and the US is at a loss on how to fight that!

    …in the midst of fast moving events, Hezbollah decided to opt for nominating Nigib Mikati an American educated, Sunni billionaire who made lots of money in telecommunications.

    Hezbollah has thrown in a Sunni rich cat amongst the pigeons.

    For a background on Lebanon see the Pakistani website.

  4. The writing is on the wall for Saudi ?

    Saudi Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has warned the country's royal family to step down and flee before a military coup or a popular uprising overthrows the kingdom.

    A Top Saudi prince , the decades long head of its intelligence and spy services and financer of Bin Ladins Afghanistan Mujahadin ,who resigned 10 days before 9.11
    Surely a well connected “man in the know” now urges the Saudi Royal family to pack up their loot and flee from Saudi Arabia.


    The former ambassador to the UK and America In a letter published by Wagze news agency on Tuesday, the Cairo-based prince warned Saudi Arabia's ruling family of a fate similar to that of Iraq's executed dictator Saddam Hussein and the ousted Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, calling on them to escape before people "cut off our heads in streets."

    "If we are wise, we must leave this country(Saudi ed) to its people, whose dislike for us is increasing," said Prince Turki, advising Saudi officials to escape with their families.

    "Do it today before tomorrow as long as the money we have is enough for us to live anywhere in the world; from Switzerland to Canada and Australia…
    we should not return as long as we are able to get out safely, we must take our families quickly and pull out," he urged.

    "Do not fool yourself by relying on the United States or Britain or Israel, because they will not survive the loss; the only door open is now the exit door of no return.
    Let us go before it closes."

    Good riddance?

    It is believed that other sectors of the international elite ,bankstas in certain other countries some of whom are dual nationals, are planning to flee countries with their loot or gold if things break down in a financial implosion ,to be ready to leave for countries that have laws in place, so that they cannot be extradited from themin order to face any criminal charges and justice.


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