Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mike Ruppert - The Beginning Of Systemic Failure

Egypt Protests: America's Secret Backing for Rebel Leaders Behind Uprising

The leader of Jordan's powerful Muslim Brotherhood warned Saturday that unrest in Egypt will spread across the Mideast and Arabs will topple leaders allied with the United States. 


  1. These folks have jobs. Wonder if any of them were ever up against it, say, like the farmer in India or the mechanic in Afghanistan or the family who was wiped out when American troops broke down their door and began firing - indiscriminately. We still possess the blessing to be able to sit around and comment on the horrors of an ugly reality for many other human beings. Our ability to understand extremely harsh realities is so severely limited that it has turned into one of our greatest and glaring weaknesses. These commenters are very ignorant (in spite of how articulate they are) and really know nothing of how the world REALLY works.

  2. Yeah, no shit ! we are busy protesting this weekend thruout the U.S and canada ! What the frig are these assholes gonna do when this shit hits home? make a fucking banner and protest ?
    They have no clue whatsoever

  3. While agree that they have not lived a life as many others who are suffering so much in the world, they still are helpul in informing what is going on, cause and effect of things and how to prepare ourselves.

  4. 6:45, Is English not you primary language, or are you drinking too much?

    What is happening in Egypt will come to the USA in a matter of days or weeks. When the USA collapses, the world collapses.

    I saw a photo of three honest looking guys, trying to protect their neighborhood... they were armed with sticks or perhaps broom handles or curtain rods. In the USA we are armed up more than most countries military! We will bring freedom to Egypt, one way or another.

  5. like he said, it'll happen, always does eventually. hard for the rich(americans in comparison to most in the world are rich)to switch gears but many will adapt, although long for the day's of ease. signs of the times


    What for the blood red sky as foretold by Stalking Wolf, the great mentor of Tom Brown Jr.

  7. The last time we had a blood red sky to a huge degree was when Krakatoa erupted.

    Edvard Munch's painting The Scream depicts the sky's appearance.


    Extinction Level Event caused by Massive Volcanic Eruption

  9. No need to judge whether we are experienced with such hardships as it will eventually be coming. Days, weeks, months? Maybe it will be another year, we can not say for sure. I know there are many who are living it rough here. They are the ones who dont have jobs, are on food stamps, live in ghettos, or are homeless. There are more than you think. Go in peace.

  10. In 2009, 43.6 million people were poor, up from 39.8 million in 2008 and 37.3 million in 2007. That is 1 in 7. What did 2010 look like? 1in 6. What will 2011 look like? What about next year assuming nothing worse happens? Of course poverty may be relative. in 2008 15% of the US population was determined to be low or very low in food security. This could be nearing 1 in 5 at this point, but what happens when food prices continue to rise? Things just continue to look worse.

  11. Everything is connected to gas prices. My brother is a trucker. I was shocked to hear that he once was paying $700.00 to fill his tanks, back when we are all paying nearly $4.00 a gallon. What do you think will happen to retail prices when my brother is paying $1,000 to fill his tanks?

  12. There are even more who are not on any government programs and have jobs that do worse than those in ghettos who may be on food stamps or such.

    Leading up to this and even in the 90s, do you people remember all the teen girls driving around brand new cars which were relatively expensive? Teenagers and kids in their 20s can't afford such things. And there aren't that many rich people to buy it for them (parents). What does this say?

    The parents were begged so badly by their brats that they put themselves in debt to get cars for them that they would never be able to make payments on. Half the population, if not more, have things they are not able to really have.

    A construction worker making 19K in today's standard of reality has an easy chance of doing better than someone making 100 grand a year.

    If he doesn't spend his money on shit, have any previous debt, buys only what he needs, and doesn't waste money on stupid, spoiled children then he'll do much better than a fool who needs a new car every other month, buys all of his kids cell phones, is never happy with the current big screen, and lets his wife go to the mall regularly.

    Of course, food prices are steadily rising, the dollar is being raped, gas is evidently going to go to 10$ a gallon - if not more, buildings and businesses will continue failing and jobs will keep diminishing as consumer spending will weaken further until the big event. Americans now are merging into a new style of living which forces them to buy only necessities.

    College graduates will be jobless forever (and in debt), the rich will temporarily appear to harness more wealth, and the states will remove all the city workers forcing schools, hospitals, and police stations to shut down. Of course, the media will just increase their focus on Lindsay Lohan's drug problem.

    Along with all that, the whole economy which the debt peons have used up to now, (which is operated generally by Baby Boomers and Hispanics, and constitutes the importing of third world crap, distributing all of it to retail stores, then selling it to hypnotized Americans that compulsively shop for more stuff since they've been designed that way by the 20,000 commercials they watch every year on TV), will further plunge into the abyss since those Americans will no longer be able to afford even the simplest of luxeries like candy bars.

    Such stringently tight budgets will cause people whose occupation is an "extra" to go out of service. Nannies, massage therapists, landscapers, writers/artists, computer technicians, car dealers, disk jockeys, tutors, hair stylists, and whatever other unessential jobs that Americans have enjoyed paying people for the last 50 or so years are going to be history.

    That means the only ones who will have any source of wealth... Wallstreet and Washington. The bankers though will relocate elsewhere since their work here is done. And of course to avoid the storm that's about to hit.

  13. The truth is, the really inessential workers are the bankers, insurance agents, stock market speculators, and rich greedy politicians, people making a buck doing not much at all. Take away these individuals and the CEO's and inessential boss-men and you have an economy that would be much better off. Unfortunately with food and gas prices and weather and the environment and everything else, change ni the american lifestyle is still imminent.


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