Thursday, January 27, 2011

Egypt Shuts Down Internet and Water


  1. I just watched a 3:01 video. I have no idea where it was taped. There was no narration. The language I heard I did not understand. I did see a man stand in front of a water cannon, doing his best to stop it and it worked for a time. I did not see the man get run over and killed, nor would I want to.

    If it happened in this country, the man standing in front of the water canon may have had to pull out his .45 and kill the driver of the water canon, in order to protect his people who are frustrated beyond the point of reason. Naturally the thugs behind the canon would have opened fire on the "patriot" and killed him big time, thus starting a huge civil war between the middle class and the government thugs who think the "elite" will have a place for them in the New World Order.

    It reminds me of the stupid-ass movie "2012". The "middle class" Chinese workers built the Arks that the "Elite" paid millions to get a seat on. When it was finally time to board the arks, the middle class Chinese who built the damn things assumed they had a seat too. They were deadly wrong. The arks they built, had no place for them in the end.

    Attention police and solders of the New World Order, you are NOTHING! There is no seat for you after they are done with you! Do you understand?

  2. Umm, 7:00 I think many cops already understand as their jobs are unstable having been laid off in huge numbers all across America. Cops are being targeted like never before. Besides the states not being able to afford them, wait until many start quitting just like in Mexico as crazy suckers run around murdering them. And no I'm not pro or anti cop, I'm completely neutral. All groups of people are unenlightened souls... this means there will be good and bad in each and no Solution.

    I mean, in what ways do you think the elite are benefiting by orchestrating a global socio-economic collapse? To all you Alex Jones followers, let me ask you this. Who will be left to work if they send so many of their own people to concentration camps?

    We need thinkers at this time, sadly the bulk won't derive from the typical conspiracy site fanbase. I read David Icke's last few news letters. Ridiculous. Every other word was Zionist. Zionist this, Zionist him, Zionist them, her, he was, ZIONIST. It was all Zionists. Even though Obama is an avowed Socialist and showed more support for Palestine he still insisted Obama was a Zionist. Soros, Clinton, Sarah Palin, all Zionists. Zionists everywhere. He's a waste, he learns nothing new.

    The globalized economy is burning like mad hell. Riots and unrest have caught on faster than I ever "dreamed" it would. This seems like we are entering a time that is just a really bad time. HARD TIMES. I'm 22, I never thought I'd live through something like this. I always judged these kinds of epochs as a thing of primitive people. Evidently they're not, one is about to happen right now and it will be bigger than all of them!

    When Obama ran for president I predicted he would get in. When he actually did get in that was shocking, I knew we would be in deep trouble. Now as he executes his nefarious transformation I am shocked. 2009 and 2010 reading up on all of this it seemed every several months things rotted further. (Despite 100 years of government expansion and 50 years of degenerating the people of the US).

    Several nations join the anarchy crowd now in just a month. Damn.

    There won't be any NWO people. This is just a fucking mess. We'll be approaching a global dark age like that of Europe after the Roman Empire disintegrated. (And NO, the Byzantine Empire that followed was not Roman like many fallaciously assume since it was formed by the Romans). Of course, the "Dark Ages" didn't have such technology, technology distributed in such an irregular fashion, and nor the intertwining of many cultures and collectives exchanging information at nigh instant speeds.

    Stuff is going to get very fucking strange. Fucking ping pong ball called Earth. Welcome to Earth... LMAO!

  3. Hopefully out of the ashes of this mess will arise a better world, without elitists and thugs in control, but rather us in control, living free healthy lives.

  4. And all the little birdies will be singing sweet, sweet songs, nestled in the balsam fir that is gently swaying to and fro in the mild breeze, filled with pristine air as the antelope graze peacefully in the meadow nearby

    Ka! BOOM !

    Who shot that birdie!

  5. 3:58
    Did you miss thousands of dead bird falling from the sky?


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