Friday, January 28, 2011

Egyptian Protests Intensify, as Clashes Spread Across The Middle East

Security forces shot dead a Bedouin protester in Egypt's Sinai region on Thursday, bringing the death in the three days of protests to five. Police in Suez fired rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators calling for an end to the 30-year-old rule of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president. Protesters chucked rocks and petrol bombs at police lines. In Ismailia, hundreds of protesters clashed with police, who dispersed the crowds with tear gas.
Like in many other countries in the region, protesters in Egypt complain about surging prices, unemployment and the authorities' reliance on heavy-handed security to keep dissenting voices quiet. The protests are inspired by Tunisia, where a democratic movement recently overthrew the government.
Egyptian Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei announced on Thursday he was returning to Egypt to join the protests. "Tomorrow is going to be, I think, a major demonstration all over Egypt and I will be there with them," he said. Mr Baradei, who won the Nobel peace prize for his work as head of the UN's nuclear agency, called on Mr Mubarak to leave office, saying "he has served the country for 30 years and it is about time for him to retire."
His arrival could spur protesters who have no figurehead, although many activists resent his absences in recent months.
"Our government is a dictatorship. A total dictatorship," said Mohamed Fahim, a 29-year-old glass factory worker, as he stood near the charred skeleton of a car.

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  1. what are these dimwit $2 a day people doing protesting about ?
    Don’t they know that Mubarek keeps Egypt, a paid ally of America and Gaza ghetto Apartheid enforcer for Israel , part of the free trade world ,therefore making great progress in economic development as you can see by their average third world income even after billions of US aid has passed through the hands of Mubarek.

    Elbaradei like Obama is a recipient of the Nobel peace prize so he we can see he too is highly recommended by the west.

    America likes to have a controlled, preferred ,“opposition” replacement ready in the wings for its color revolutions.

    I wonder where Elbaradei will sit in that set up?

  2. Lacking a guillotine I hear that the proterstors are calling out to

    “Mummify the elite”

    That’s an old Egyptian tradition!

    Another old biblical tradition is to expel Moses in order to put Egyptions back in control of their own economy.

  3. European countries had their protests and riots last year. This year will be North African nations turn: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, West Bank & Gaza, and Yemen.
    USA is next.

  4. Banksters and their puppet politicans need not fear bombs, rifles, pistols, etc at the hands of "terrorists". Judging from the momentum building up in the world, and now that the people understand the depth to which they have been robbed and raped by the oligarchs, there is a weapon for which no armor, no police force nor contrivance of man can protect them against. That weapon is: ROPE!


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