Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Food Matters Official Trailer


  1. Food Matters should be ashamed of themselves for the blatant untruthful propaganda. The quote in the clip was “cancer rates going up, heart disease going up and strokes going up”. This is not true. The rates of these diseases has gone down or stayed the same. This is the same lie these activists always trot out. Every year the life expectancy goes up. We are getting healthier not sicker.
    To make the claim that everyone can eat certain foods and be free of illness or reverse illness is a shameful scam. Hopefully the law will catch up with these scam artists and stop them.

  2. Can you show me where in America we are getting better!?

  3. Healthier! Every year our life expectancy increases that doesn't happen unless the population is getting healthier. Some diseases are having better outcomes. Some cancers have better survival rates then in past years. Heart disease is responding to new treatments, ditto for stroke.


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