Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome to the New World Order Police State: Many Will Not Make It Through This Video


  1. Troubling video, though when the 90% of the American population, the sheeple slave units, see these on their tv, they are celebrating in support of these police. Just like when America bombed Baghdad, killing thousands of innocent people, the sheeple slave units were high fiving each other, celebrating.

    And of course let's not forget the BART cop in Oakland who murdered that young man and got 2 years, which he probably will not serve. The police in Dallas killed a guy a couple of months ago, point blank range, and there was not even an investigation, which would no good anyway, the police investigating the police? Ha Ha....My elderly tv addicted father told me he felt sorry for those policeman? HUH? Yup, war is peace, freedom is slavery.....

  2. So you are saying cops can't defend themselves? I'm sorry my friend, but cops are not paid to take the first punch, take the first bullet, etc. If there is a posing threat, cops should be able to defend themselves, others, or property. Cops should be able to hit first and shoot first, as long as it is not abuse under color of athourity.

  3. How would you feel if just the mear fact of wearing your work uniform, countless U.S. citizens see you as a target that needs to be killed. I know lots of cops, most of which are God fearing, constitutional abiding, family people. These brave men and women put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Yes, there are some bad cops, but that does not spoil the whole bunch. Just as there are some bad 'sovereign citizen's out there who murder cops without warning. So because there are people whe are ACTIVELY looking to kill any cop who crosses their way, cops should have the right to preserve their life, even if it means they have to strike first.

  4. Hey CS what a load of Pelosi…work for the Co-Intel boys do you? You’ll soon find out who the “Good Cops” are in the food lines and bank riots coming this spring.

  5. CS obviously did not watch the video, OH wait, Co-Intel don't have to, they just have to disagree to get the others fighting amongst themselves.

    Ignore CS, he is a spook.

    Nothing said about cops defending themselves, in the video, the one CS did not watch, the cops are NOT defending themselves. This is called a POLICE STATE CS! So shut up and go to another blog!

    CS is a big pooh pooh head!

  6. It is difficult to put any of this in context. Sure some of the beatings seemed unnecessary and sadistic, but the question then is what came before the camera began rolling. I am 100% in favor of charging police with crimes when they commit a crime but I cannot tell from this montage what would be a crime. I have also watched outnumbered police being attacked by crowds of "protestors" and wonder why they don't just shoot them. Obviously the police had the greater amount of self control in those situations.

    I can tell you this though; if I were on a jury and someone had ambushed a cop outside their home and shot them and it came out in the trial that the cop had beat them like a dog with his nightstick for no good reason then I would vote for not guilty. It is a huge mistake for anyone to beat someone half to death even if they have a uniform and a badge. What goes around comes around.

  7. C.S, the trouble is union corporate cops protect their own and shield the evil ones from their customers. Until they remove the thugs from their ranks, they all have blood on their hands.

  8. Yesterday the Los Angeles PD shot and killed an unarmed man who we are told after the killing, was bi-polar and off his meds.

    You can't reason with a drunk, a drug addict under the influence or a mentally disturbed person.

    What prompted the big cop to strike the unarmed woman in the video? Looks like he slammed her down hard. What of the cop who took out the person riding the bike? If they can't control their emotions, they don't belong on the job. I was a cop once and I speak from personal experience.

  9. I have not ever bean in any real trouble with the law besides traffic violations. But those times I preferred being pulled over by an older cop than a younger one. The older cops seamed to show respect and they were friendly. Young cops just seamed to have attitude just looking for a reason to taze or mace you. Goes to show the training that they are being put through. I would love to hear from officers of both ages for there opinions.

  10. Most cops are not thinkers. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to giving someone that much authority over people and having no discipline in having enough self restraint to prevent social collisions.

    Intellectuals on the other hand would be able to control their tempers, agitated feelings, and impulses enough to calm people down or talk someone through an upset.

    Most cops are typical people. c_s williams is a bit out there in his belief that these are extraordinary individuals - they are not. They are very much ordinary.

    Everyday cops get slaughtered by criminals. If they don't have their guns ready, aren't with their buddies, and have a psychopath on their hands then the cop will lose. There are no magic skills or special training to prevent killers from killing. Sorry to those under the dogma of some martial arts theory.

    A woman cop for example is not the equals of their male counterparts, only Hollywood would show us differently. Perhaps in negotiating or calming a scene without using brutal methods they would be, but as far as self defense they won't handle it. Just being realistic, not sexist. (With a gun of course they can be equals in self defense.)

    With that in mind, even male cops won't be capable of defending themselves. If they don't keep in shape and become weak then they're pretty much good for nothing in a fight. When you're out on the streets like that there is reason to be paranoid about people.

    Watching Steven Seagal on Law Man for instance, there was one character in his car that announced he had a gun. They all pulled him out of his car pretty quickly in trepidation. Today's world is insane, so why would you blame them for being on edge in tough environments?

    But back to the point of them also being dumb people. If they see somebody walking around and perhaps gets annoyed at their presence who then lips off to them, they would be ignorant and thoughtless enough to club them across the face or stun them with their tasers.

    How about the college kid who six cops already tackled then felt the need to use a taser on him?

    Contrary story, there was a 15 year old who was faking an injury where a policeman pulled over to help. The kid actually beat the crap out of the officer then used the cops own gun on him. So where was his special training in which he couldn't fight off a teenager?

    Go to the gym and actually condition your body, that's it. Note: Most martial arts systems and instructors just want to rob neurotic people of their money.

    Final note, the garbage at the end with FEMA "coffins" proves the video maker's bias.

  11. some cops good some bad. the cop system shields the bad, not much reason to shield the good as they don't brutalize when enforcing the law, and we do need law. some problems are in their training and the individual themselves and the cop system itself as well as corporatism and legal system..isn't the whole system worsening as well as individuals themselves? when people don't see justice but often reward for wrong they themselves may be tempted to do wrong for gain..robosigners, drug runners, brutal police, corrupt politics and judges, contractual and constitutional law tossed away, tax evaders...a person might think indeed we're on the highway to the last days evil men will wax worse and worse

  12. This vid is a piece of crap and you know it. Most cops do a great job and would risk their lives to save even the moron who made this vid. Junk like this does not belong on this site. Grow up.

  13. It is quite amazing that people would don the uniform of a policeman or soldier and have no compunction in stomping and maiming unarmed men, women and children...It's as if they have been mind-controlled to obey their elite masters and banish all humanity and pity from their hearts...For a paycheck they act as if they are God himself and beat, stomp, tase and shoot unarmed citizens...Has American society deteriorated to the point that people are now afraid of the very people who are supposed to protect them?


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