Saturday, January 15, 2011


When bipartisanship breaks out in Washington DC, check to make sure your wallet is still in your pocket. Every time you fill up your car this winter you are participating in the biggest taxpayer swindle in history. Forcing consumers to use domestically produced ethanol is one of the single biggest boondoggles ever committed by the corrupt brainless twits in Washington DC. Ethanol prices have soared 30% in the last year as the supplies of corn have plunged. Only a policy created in Washington DC could drive up the prices of gasoline and food, with the added benefits of costing the American taxpayer billions in tax subsidies and killing people in 3rd world countries.


  1. That's easy...

    It takes only one! A really greedy one!

  2. it's like any government program, once started in motion it's very hard to be reversed. to many high up are profiting, doing and depending on ethanol program so it's become set in stone even if it's not effective or helpful.

    ..i like nafta


  3. Answer: all of them. They are all in on the orgy-fest.

  4. do believe the term “brainless twits" could be construed as a major offense towards Congress! Brainless Talking Hemorrhoidic thats more like it!

    Remember Bunker Hill and the Alamo!

  5. Remember Bunker Hill and the Alamo!
    both battles lost by americans !

  6. Economy is getting better guys. The unemployment has started the year with a great decrease as many businesses are now hiring.

    The bailouts have worked well as nobody is afraid anymore of a dead dollar. It is all fine.

    I see people stuffing stores everyday, neighborhoods with big barbeques and hot dogs being made. Everyone is going back to school and working with lots of incomes. People are purchasing houses and cars in large numbers.

    Everywhere I go lately people look happy and in shape. America is getting fit again thanks to the Biggest Loser on NBC.

  7. Ford Motor company announces it will hire 7,000 people over the next 2 years. Comcast will hire
    an additional 4,500.
    They can hardly do that in the midst of your collapse.
    Course you'll probably suggest it's actually the fed buying all these cars and communications

  8. 11,500 jobs created by cheap credit. WOW, what a turnaround 5:33. Read a chart and do some simple math.

  9. And gasoline has gone up how much?

  10. the delusion gains ground
    the market collapsed
    1934 the bottom was in
    we are still in it
    the turn around will come but the idiots posting here will find out soon enough the dont know what thier talking about when gold hits 5000
    they will say why how i thought we where out of it.
    failure to see that this willl be complete capitulation we make erasers and lighters

    only foools cant see the reality
    thanks still geting gold and silver cheap
    got gold beeches?

  11. Gold at 5,000 people still find a way to buy it

    Silver at 300 people still find a way to buy it

    Gas at 5 bucks a gallon and people still filling up their 20 mile to a gallon SUV
    to go to Burger King

    Ain't it amazing how somehow - people always find a way to get what they want? Especially in a country that is still realatively free ( comparatively speaking of course)

  12. Not true 9:34 - people go under all the time - THEY RUN OUT OF MONEY/CREDIT. Then they might die by their own hand, or enjoy a blue suicide, or maybe they might take a few out with them and before they kill themselves...

    Or how about on the more benign path, they go homeless - perhaps to starve and/or die from exposure to the elements.

    So go check under a bridge, overpass, or better yet... behind the dumpster out back at your local "Winkie's".

    Don't get a heart attack when you see the big dirty smelly troll!

  13. 1:21 Who are you trying to convince?

    When was the last time you saw a gas station go under?

    They sold 11.5 million new cars in this country in 2010 are you really going to now tell everyone here that all these people that purhased these new vehicles ( avg selling price of $23,500.00 - are now deadbeat, broke and living under a bridge? 11 MILLION of them ?

    You might think you smell a troll but I know I smell a wannabe follower who doesn;t bother to think.

    If your homeless and you starve in The USA in 2011; you don't even deserve to be here in the first place.

    And then there's your whole killing yourself and or your fellow man rant ? Sounds to me like your a little on the edge to begin with - perhaps a few less of the purple ones and a breath of fresh air would do you well???????

  14. I wish we could get rid of both 1:21 and 5:17.

    A couple of uneducated morons shitting up their brains as it drips from their mouths with every lame statement they conjure up. It takes them a lot of energy to even think about making one of their ignorant comments.

    Go do something with your time you dribbling slobs. Let those with intelligence try and analyze how we can find a solution to get out of this depression or perhaps plan out a new foundation once this dead system is finally dismantled.

    Really... GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR WAY!!!

  15. 8:29

    Thanking you for your insightful and witty comments.

    The sheer volume of your higher meaning words like - morons, ignorant, slobs, dribbling, dead, fuck ......

    You sir are definitly a higher thinker yourself that is plain for all to read.

    Also; many thanks for your plan and solutions that you mentioned

    Not !


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