Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doom And Gloom

Is it any wonder that a recent survey found that 47 percent of Americans now believe that China is the world's leading economic power while only 31 percent still believe that the United States is the world's leading economic power?
As America continues to lose good jobs, millions of Americans find themselves simply unable to pay the bills. In fact, at this point one out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one government-run anti-poverty program.
As things have fallen apart in the United States, many private citizens have tried to step forward and do what they can to help people, but now in many areas of the country the government is actually stepping in and shutting down these private avenues of assistance.
For example, in the city of Houston, Texas a couple named Bobby and Amanda Herring has been feeding homeless people for over a year. They never left behind any trash and no trouble was ever caused.
But now the city of Houston is shutting them down.
Because they don't have a permit.
So will they be able to get a permit? Well, it turns out that city officials are saying that this "Feed a Friend" effortmost likely will be denied one.
Apparently the city "officials" believe that the homeless "are the most vulnerable to foodborne illness" and that therefore the warm meals that the Herrings were providing for them were potentially dangerous.
Can you believe this?
This is what happens when political correctness and bureaucracy get wildly out of control.
Now it is illegal to go out and feed homeless people?
What is American turning into?
As the economy continues to fall part, the iron grip of the government is likely only going to get tighter as it desperately tries to keep order.
But do we really need to be giving tickets to 6-year-olds?
Yes, you read that correctly.
According to one recent report, police in Texas have given "1,000 tickets to elementary school children in 10 school districts" over the past six years.
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  1. Yes, I can believe this ! I can also assure you what type of persons you'll find these "city officals" to be.

    These people that do this type of cruel and ignorant thing to other people who are down on their luck and extremely grateful for the Herrings of the world; are all cut from the same bolt of cloth; very liberal, very progressive and very "educated".

    You do not find hard working, conservative, family and community first minded people in these positions.

    You will however find them in small town, rural USA which is where I moved 3 years ago after a city council voted 13 to 2 to make us gut our homeless shelter capable of housing, batheing and feeding 250 people - and install a complete sprinkler system !

    Never in my life will I ever forget trying to reason with these 11 people and trying to make them understand that in our 8 years of operation - we never had so much as a grease fire in the kitchen.

    You might as well have been talking to a brick wall.

  2. yeah the whole thing tied together into a big mess. can't feed a homeless person unless nearly individually(so do that)kids can't have monkey bars lest one fall and get hurt..(lawyers just waiting in the wings scares the schools from recess play)..this can't go on forever

  3. well maybe they'll raise the debt ceiling but not extend QE past june, give and take. without QE..well..




  6. what americans believe or dont believe has nothing to do with whether america or china is actually the stronger of the economies....

    What a senseless article to try to make your point based on statistics of people beliefs..

    Its not like any actuall economic data was produced to make their point.

    If your half smart and u r responsible, and u can manage your money and produce your ideas into actuallity its quite easy to be comfortable in this world. the economy is seperate from each of your every choice of how u choose to spend and make your money.

  7. 6:23, can you finish high school before posting your baseless opinions here? I'll leave you with a few pointers below so you can hopefully get a passing grade in English.

    "what americans believe or dont believe"

    Capitalize what and put an apostrophe after the n in dont.

    "What a senseless article to try to make your point based on statistics of people beliefs.."

    people beliefs? It's actuallllly people's beliefs.

    "Its not like any actuall economic data was produced to make their point."

    Its is short for it is. There needs to be an apostrophe after the t. Also, actuall only uses one l.

    "If your half smart and u r responsible, and u can manage your money and produce your ideas into actuallity its quite easy to be comfortable in this world. the economy is seperate from each of your every choice of how u choose to spend and make your money."

    I'll rewrite this paragraph for you, try and spot the corrections.

    If you're half smart, half responsible, can manage your money, and can produce your ideas into actuality it's quite easy to be comfortable in this world. The economy is separate from each of your every choices of how you choose to spend and make your money.

    Yeah kiddo... I think there are many rude awakenings in store for you. Enjoy your cozy life playing X-Box all day with a mom that cooks for you and a dad that gives you money while you can. You'll only have it for a few more years until you get to experience the real world (if that). Then you'll see first hand how very little a warm blooded human like yourself can control in this chaotic world that's manipulated by cold blooded thieves.

    When you hear those bitter old people complain about how rough it is out there... they aren't full of it. Little accidents or stupid choices really do fuck things up for huge groups of people. You think this economic meltdown only touches stupid people?

    Truth is that among the manifolds of the economy down the years it only took a few greedy bastards here and there to conjure up plans to steal as much wealth from people and get away with it. "Ponzi Scheme". Old people now cannot retire. Some who were retired now have to return to work. So it doesn't seem like they were given immunity from the collective does it? And they are just one little group effected.

    That little girl killed in that Tuscon shooting for example. That girl was so adorable and happy looking. Wasted because of some beligerent asshole who wanted to take his human rage out on people. A bunch of families are now heart broken. RUINED. They couldn't prevent that at all. Guns do save more lives than they kill without reason. But even if there were no guns - people still get slaughtered.

    What could they control? You can't rewind time either. The only thing you can control in this world is yourself (depending on your intellect, discipline, health, and luck). Your youthful outlook that everything is always good only comes from your spoiled conditioning.

  8. I've fed the poor before...Some deserve the help many don't...Drug addicts/drunks/hustlers looking for FREE stuff.

    Families with cars, celphhones, cable, jewelry bad manners demanding "THEIR free shit."

    Ever wonder why it's always some mddle class person or older person running the show?...I feel for the good people but when you feed a few many bad ones come...Getting the motel vouchers, drinking and smoking, begging outside the mall, shopping center or highway off ramp day after day after day.

    Sadly the culling has begun and with that comes the NIMBY attitude and regulations.

  9. The real fact is that city governments would rather not have homeless in their cities. The industrial part of my city has plenty of large buildings / complexes that once upon a time my have accommodated 4-5 thousand employees. The buildings have been vacant for years. The building must have cafeterias, to feed the thousands of employees that once worked there. Any one of the buildings could be used to house, feed and rehabilitate the homeless. These days many homeless are families that do not have a problem with drugs or drinking, the failing economy brought these people to their knees.

    Sometimes I see the same people, working the same off ramp, for days on end. I would guess they pull in more money each day than I get paid working! If they were using that cash to stay in a motel, they would have access to a shower and laundry, they would not look dirty and homeless! There is one park in my city that the homeless occupies. Across the street is a liquor store and you'll see the homeless walk out all day long, with their 40oz bottles of Colt 45. There is no hope for these people, simple as that.

    I really do hope Congress says no to raising the debt cealing. For once, they will have done the right thing. They should next repeal the life long 100% pention they get after serving one term. No more free rides!


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