Saturday, January 15, 2011

Economic Outlook in "Stick Figures" that Anyone Can Understand

Jason Leach, Director of Research and Portfolio Manager for Cravens Brothers sent me an interesting link to a book of pages he wrote, done with stick figures, to help explain "The Age of De-Leveraging", the "Botox Economy" and the "Accordion-Shaped Recovery", terms he coined about a year ago.

Page Two - Home Prices Collapse in "The Great Recession"

Page Six - European Sovereign Debt Whack-a-Mole "PIIGS"

Page Eight - Questions the Thesis "China Leads the Recovery"

Those are pages Two, Six, and Eight out of 12. Inquiring minds will want to read the entire "book". It may take a while (20 seconds or so) to load.
More Here..

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