Thursday, January 20, 2011

The News You Need To Know

World Needs $100 trillion More Credit

Top Investors Betting on China’s Downfall

Home Loans Could Become as Expensive as Credit Cards 

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void 

Over a Million Immigrants Land U.S. Jobs in 2008-10




  1. One hundred trillion required to pay off the debt cisis!

    The international elite are planning to send their bill on how much they wish to extract for free from the worlds peoples in the economic crises they created.

    The annual strategy gabfest of the elite’s managers will soon be held in Davos.

    Central bankers are expected to follow orders by creating credit bills for taxpayers though money printing .

    Countries treasuries will be ordered to help by handing over future tax revenues to bondholders and with more bailouts to socialize losses of the elites.

    The economic debt crisis is to be solved for the rich by more debt creation and with “austerity” in the First World countries but expensive but short food rations for the Third World peoples
    World needs $100 trillion more credit, says World Economic Forum
    The world's expected economic growth will have to be supported by an extra $100 trillion (£63 trillion) in credit over the next decade, according to the World Economic Forum.
    a comment there says:
    Did anyone do the maths?
    100 Trillion is 100 milion million...
    divided equally worldwide between 7,000 million people
    is roughly $15,000 per person credit. Wow!
    Obviously this new credit (money from thin air) will not be equally divided. The poorest worldwide will receive NOTHING.
    But that's OK, because they have nothing now."

    Those who DO receive this new credit will become more complete hereditary Debt Slaves to those who issue the credit with money/debts fiat money simply printed out of fresh air.
    Unless they find a way to change the system.

    Americans only demand more efficient wars against the third world brown peeples in the hope of re-building the great ponzi economy and the dollar hegemony system

    But it looks like only the third world people "who already have nothing' have the most motivation and the need to revolt and to bring change .

  2. people sometimes ask, are we even under the constitution anymore? guess they have their answer

  3. immigrants lol. what a joke. millions and millions of shameless opportunists and parasites.


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