Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gold standard now Supported by Alan Greenspan the Person Who Helped Destroy USD

Kremlinology? Call It Fed-Res-ology: Reading the Tea Leaves of the Federal Reserve Board 

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  1. I keep thinking these elites may be setting a trap for gold bugs. Getting everyone to buy gold and silver while they set up a debit/credit digi-money money system thereby making gold and silver worthless as a currency.

    Boom! Instant poverty for all. The elites win again. Even governments are falling for this trap by hedging their ONLY bet on gold/silver.

    Don't get me wrong, You should own some precious metals, but don't put ALL your eggs in one basket. Buy storable food instead because that is your BEST investment during these times. You can barter with whiskey and cigaretts anywhere and when a storm comes through, you could get rich from selling your stored flour. Because is very hard to find is bread and bottled water after a storm that knocks out power.

    Be smart, be creative, go around the elites and the idiots.

  2. yes it is necessary to be a little suspicious when Greenspan supports Gold currency reform!

    Allan Greenspan !
    was knighted by the Queen of England for his devoted lifelong services to the central bankers anglo/imperialist fiat money system,as chairman of the privately owned US federal bank that has both American and foreign including English bank shareholders.

    Hence the Knighthood from the international elite.
    Bush even awarded him a “medal of Freedom" for doing such a good job in creating “national debts” for American debt peons to pay off over future generations!
    Some Freedom!
    Greenspan started his career, before his appointment by banksterism, as a “Gold money” enthusiast and supporter of fictional economics writer Ann Rand, so beloved by reactionary Austrian Theorists and gold bugs.

    “During the 1950s, Greenspan was one of the members of Ayn Rand's inner circle, the Ayn Rand Collective, who read Atlas Shrugged while it was being written. Rand nicknamed Greenspan "the undertaker" because of his penchant for dark clothing and reserved demeanor. Although Greenspan was once recognized as a proponent of laissez-faire capitalism, some Objectivists find his support for a gold standard somewhat incongruous or dubious”
    But a career opportunist ,once employed as a traditional ‘Jewish” banker by the elite class , any ‘sound money” or patriotic principles of the Ron Paul type, he may once have had, were quickly thrown overboard and he became the chief theoretician for the international illuminati central bank fiat money printing and the US dollar hegemony banking system of Anglo American imperialism.

    Becoming well known and having a glorious career as the “Wizard of bubbles”

    Some say as I do the Fed is a bank dominated by Illuminati Rothschild and other usury worshipers through international subsidiaries , that often present a prominent “Jewish” public face for the banking system

    For example Wikipedia says:
    “Greenspan is Jewish,[1] born in 1926 in the Washington Heights area of New York City. His father Herbert Greenspan was of Romanian-Jewish descent and his mother Rose Goldsmith of Hungarian-Jewish descent.[2]

    This public prominent ‘Jewish” money managers face has proved historically useful to the illuminati elite , not all of whom are of course “Jewish” in times of economic crisis. As a protective scapegoat diversion from the whole elite run monetary system . .
    For when peoples hatred for the debt enslavement usury system becomes intolerable ,as this hatred can then conveniently be diverted into ‘anti Semitism”, as we saw in Nazi Germany , when national struggle against the illuminati bankers system was twisted into a “racial” struggle.

    Greenspan was then it seems simply a career opportunist, but also convenient “Jewish” diversionary face for the Rothschild branch of the illuminati elites banking system at the Fed.

    Central banks of this type like the Bank of England or the US Federal Reserve bank
    specialize in and aim to capture the tax revenues of countries by gaining a monopoly over money printing created as “national debts for governments and by encouraging fractional reserve banking frauds and ponzis

    Now the former hero is personally little conscious stricken as the Great Ponzi economic system and Fiat dollar hegemony system he helped build implodes, he admits to have made “mistakes” and now even encourages a belief in the value of gold as a currency again !

    Hoping that a new gold currency can rescue the Ponzi Fiat dollar and pay off the ‘national debt ” by socializing the losses of the banksters and paying out the Federal bank, including its foreign shareholders and supporters , in real gold value!

    That’s the opportunism typical of Greenspans whole career and real chutzpah SIR Allan!

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