Thursday, January 20, 2011

12 Economic Collapse Scenarios That We Could Potentially See In 2011

So we had all better be getting prepared for hard times.  The following are 12 economic collapse scenarios that we could potentially see in 2011....
#1 U.S. debt could become a massive crisis at any moment.  China is saying all of the right things at the moment, but many analysts are openly worried about what could happen if China suddenly decides to start dumping all of the U.S. debt that they have accumulated.  Right now about the only thing keeping U.S. government finances going is the ability to borrow gigantic amounts of money at extremely low interest rates.  If anything upsets that paradigm, it could potentially have enormous consequences for the entire world financial system.
#2 Speaking of threats to the global financial system, it turns out that "quantitative easing 2" has had the exact opposite effect that Ben Bernanke planned for it to have.  Bernanke insisted that the main goal of QE2 was to lower interest rates, but instead all it has done is cause interest rates to go up substantially.  If Bernanke this incompetent or is he trying to mess everything up on purpose?
#3 The debt bubble that the entire global economy is based on could burst at any time and throw the whole planet into chaos.  According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, the total amount of credit in the world increased from $57 trillion in 2000 to $109 trillion in 2009.  The WEF says that now the world is going to need another $100 trillion in credit to support projected "economic growth" over the next decade.  So is this how the new "global economy" works?  We just keep doubling the total amount of debt every decade?
#4 As the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve continue to pump massive amounts of new dollars into the system, the floor could fall out from underneath the U.S. dollar at any time.  The truth is that we are already starting to see inflation really accelerate and everyone pretty much acknowledges that official U.S. governments figures for inflation are an absolute joke.  According to one new study, the cost of college tuition has risen 286% over the last 20 years, and the cost of "hospital, nursing-home and adult-day-care services" rose 269% during those same two decades.  All of this happened during a period of supposedly "low" inflation.  So what are price increases going to look like when we actually have "high" inflation?
#5 One of the primary drivers of global inflation during 2011 could be the price of oil.  A large number of economists are now projecting that the price of oil could surge well past $100 dollars a barrel in 2011.  If that happens, it is going to put significant pressure on the price of almost everything else in the entire global economy.  In fact, as I have explained previously, the higher the price of oil goes, the faster the U.S. economy will decline.
#6 Food inflation is already so bad in some areas of the globe that it is setting off massive food riots in nations such as Tunisia and Algeria.  In fact, there have been reports of people setting themselves on fire all over the Middle East as a way to draw attention to how desperate they are.  So what is going to happen if global food prices go up another 10 or 20 percent and food riots spread literally all over the globe during 2011?
#7 There are persistent rumors that simply will not go away of massive physical gold and silver shortages.  Demand for precious metals has never been higher.  So what is going to happen when many investors begin to absolutely insist on physical delivery of their precious metals?  What is going to happen when the fact that far, far, far more "paper gold" and "paper silver" has been sold than has ever actually physically existed in the history of the planet starts to come out?  What would that do to the price of gold and silver?


  1. This is all speculation right now. How about what WILL happen in 2011?

  2. What will happen in 2011?

    - More jobs lost
    - More foreclosures
    - More homelessness
    - $100+ per barrel of oil, leading to higher gas prices
    - Food shortages
    - Higher food prices
    - More crazy weather, wiping out crops and livestock
    - Obozo will still be occupying the White House
    - Banksters will continue to rape us financially
    - Higher taxes
    - State and city governments will default
    - The printing presses will print more money
    24/7, causing hyperinflation
    - Obozo will still be occupying the White House
    - People will trade their cars for motor scooters and bicycles.
    - Obozo will still be occupying the White House
    - People in general will become more and more depressed and then turn violent.
    - Obozo will still be occupying the White House

  3. 8:44 I guess the thing that bugs me the most is Bush was an evil idiot and everyone by his second term knew it...Even his supporters started admitting it.

    With Obama he actually has "Followers" no matter how screwed up his actions are they base their opinions on what HE SAID Vs. WHAT HE ACTUALLY DID.

    Sadly enough I had hopes for him even though I'm A Ron Paul voter...I didn't like Obama but I wished he would do 1/2 of what he promised.

    He's just another tool for the bankers...He'll be gone soon enough but the economic/military damage done in the last 3 administrations is beyond belief.

    Clinton started the damage...Bush pushed it to the hilt...Obama continues Bush's policies and mispends what we don't have.

    1929 here we come.

  4. 11:37. Agreed.

    I was no supporter of Bush. When it came to the election, when we were given a choice between a dinosaur that would likely die in office and his very attractive, but clueless (at the time) VP will take over, or a "community organizer" who claims to be a black man, even though his mama was lilly white.

    I voted for an Independent for the California Governor, because Meg Whitman proved herself to be a "flip flopper". One day she wants the illegals kicked out of California and the next day, she wants to send the illegals to California's best Universities. That left us with Jerry Brown, who destroyed California the first time he was Governor (back in the 70's), by getting in bed with the Unions, that are pissed off that now, 30+ years later are demanding their pensions when the state is clearly broke!

    Obama said he would end the wars and now we all know we will never pull out of Afghanistan till all the oil is gone and all the lithium is depleted, leaving behind a huge hole in the country. Naturally our troops are guarding the opium fields, so the CIA can continue to fund their Black Ops.

    On another note, I was in WalMart and found a duel fuel, made in USA, Coleman camp stove. I've got all kinds of stored foods and no way to cook it after the city gas lines go dry, so looks like I'll be buying one asap.

  5. 11:59 while your heart is in the right place, your folly is voting at all.

    ALL important elected officials are SELECTED, not elected based on the favors they will do for the corporations/elite that run the country.

    Your 'vote' is useless and meaningless. No US President has made any important decision in 50 years. They are cardboard standees. The whole Bush, Obama, Palin talk is nauseating.

    None of them mean jack shit. I could put my cat up there and fuzzy would have as much authority as these people.

    Politicians and politics itself have one sole purpose. To give the sheeple the false impression that they have a choice. That they are free. They are not, nor are we. We have owners.

    To talk about Obama this or that is a complete waste of time and confirms that the person

  6. ... is lost in the quagmire which is the matrix that surrounds him.

    Go see a preview of Zeigeist - Moving Forward tonight and/or watch it online in a week and wake up.

  7. So we are sheeple and we have no choice. We are also armed up big time. Japan woke the sleeping giant when they attacked Pearl Harbor and I'm sure they regretted it after we nuked them in return.

    Joe and Jane Nobody just want to live their lives and raise their kids. We are all Joe and Jane and we will all reach that breaking point, one way or another and when we collectively do, this nation will burn.

    Only then, can we start over.

  8. add in some new or exotic diseases in crops and land and water wildlife/food stocks and it's a mess

  9. The Obama ,obozo is only another puppetof the "two" party bailout for the elite system

    "3:14 You can tell Obama has no business sense or background. "

    Yeh ,wish we had the Bush back!

    Now there is a man with smat brains who could have sorted this mess out.Just as quick as saying "mission accomplished "and more ,permanent ,tax cuts for the rich .

    Bush ,that great american,of great business experience , only arranged a socialize the losses TARP bailout for "business" and didnt bother with any of this keeping up appearences expensive unecessary "socialist" crap .

    Nether Bush nor the elite appointed Obozo can sort out the problems of a collapsed economy but, the Obozo can be blamed now .

    So lets talk two party puppet politics .
    So ,next election we can get back to the Bush mob just as soon this "lefty" socialist bum is tossed out .
    American heaven will be restored !
    At least the socialist Bush "rightist" only bailed out banksters after the great ponzi economy began to fall apart on the Bush watch.

    Now thats a business minded hero who knew how to bankrupt america with wars for business profits and business bailouts too.

    What a man! What a party!

    I nominate Jindal for next puppet Messiah President of the "right" .
    So they will not be able to claim it is only "racists" that oppose the Obozo


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