Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CASH Bribes Being Accepted For Metal Contracts

Buyers, who have legally contracted to take physical delivery of metals, are said to be accepting large, paper bribes to accept a cash settlement instead.

The reasons are obvious why there has been a great deal of discussion about actual, formal “defaults” in the precious metals markets. Among those “obvious reasons” is that informal defaults are apparently already taking place in both gold and silver markets.

Beginning in the London gold market over a year ago, and now rumored to be occurring in New York’s “Comex” silver futures market, buyers who have legally contracted to take “physical delivery” of the metals they have purchased are said to be accepting large, paper bribes to accept a “cash settlement” instead.

There are many reasons for investors to take such “rumors” seriously. Empirically, we see the premiums being charged for physical bullion (even from large, established dealers) rising to levels never before seen (around the world). This strongly suggests a very tight market for bullion. This is confirmed through the anecdotal reports of both industrial users and large institutional investors (such as Sprott Asset Management) that they are having a great deal of difficulty locating any large quantities of bullion available for sale.
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  1. While we are still waiting for Wikileaks to drip feed release the documents it has held since last January on the Bank of America criminals , more is being promised on the globalist international elite and their tax havens run by their bankster managers.
    The elite is well served from swiss banks to the Caymen Islands even the Vatican bank for “the works of God “(the illuminati God of usury?)

    But of course ,we do not expect to hear from Wickileaks on the role of the privately owned US Federal Reserve Bank in using these secretive offshore banking facilities for arranging backdoor purchasing of US and other countries Treasury bonds and currency swaps of fiat paper.
    Still we will see which sector of the elites will be named here ?

    “LONDON — A former Swiss private banker handed over data on hundreds of offshore bank account holders to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Monday, saying he wanted to draw attention to financial abuses.
    Rudolf Elmer, 55, headed the office of Julius Baer in the Cayman Islands until he was fired by the bank in 2002. He is scheduled to go on trial in Switzerland on Wednesday for breaching bank secrecy.
    Swiss national Elmer handed Assange the data at a news conference at a media club in London. The two yellow and blue discs contain information on around 2,000 banking clients, both individuals and companies, he said, declining to reveal further details on the data.
    "Working in the Cayman Islands I realized that something was wrong ... I want to let our society know what I do know because it's damaging our society in a way that money is moved away by financial institutions, multinational conglomerates and high-net-worth individuals, money is hidden in offshore ventures," Elmer told a room packed with reporters.

  2. My first buy of bullion was in 2009. The company asked for 45 business days to process the order. On the 49th day, I suggested I might have to use my skills as a video producer and make a YouTube video of my bad experience. I was sure I was scammed out of $26,000.00.

    The next day my bullion arrived by FedEx overnight service.

    I later bought Silver Eagles from International Currency in Texas. They delivered as promised. I never had any reason to think they would screw me.

    These days, I can't or won't consider purchasing any silver or gold, unless I see it, feel it, smell it... A vulnerable woman recently lost $1,200.00 after purchasing a "gold bar" that turned out to be solid brass.

  3. You were better off growing corn or making solar panels for your money pal.

    Do you know what? To all you hi-ho-silvers out there reading this. We are not falling for it this time buddies. Green communities will be the monetary unit, not metal.

    Gaia knows who wants peace and who wants war. Anyone impeding her breathing abilities is striking your mother.

    This impediment ranges in and from the following categories; light pollution, spitting, farting, too much pets, more than two children, petroleum oil, SUVs, eating meat, littering, killing insects, and using gas powered instruments/tools.

    How much longer will she tolerate this? I can feel it won't be long. Earth is tipping thanks to man's greed.

    Your metals don't get you rich mate, try going Green.

  4. 8:03 you're probably the DUMBEST poster on this blog. I'll trade my SILVER in the future for your entire green community. Because of its future rarity people will line up for it. You'll be staving in a ditch

  5. 8"03 by the way, your solar panels are made with SILVER..

  6. how come this Gaia god/spirit plans and tax schemes all resemble the "natural" demands of the malthusian ruling elite for the survival of capitalism?
    First the "reasoned" pleas for hairshirts ,then let us recruit some brownshirt greenie birth contol and tax enforcers?

  7. 8:03, it's 4:37 here

    As well as my silver and gold, I have 25 solar panels on my roof and a 500 watt wind turbine. When the country collapses, it won't be Gaia who caused it. I'll be only person in my neighborhood with power.

    I am not a Global Warming nut, I just like reliable, free electricity.

    Those who will be responsible for the collapse of the country all live on Wall Street along with that undocumented worker, currently occupying the White House.


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