Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Systemic Global Crisis - 2011

The first path that the crisis can take to cause world chaos is simply a violent and unpredictable shock. The dilapidated state of the international system is now so advanced that its cohesion is at the mercy of any large-scale disaster (4). Just look at the inability of the international community to effectively help Haiti over the past year (5), the United States to rebuild New Orleans for six years, the United Nations to resolve the problems in Darfur, Côte d'Ivoire for a decade, the United States to progress peace in the Middle East, NATO to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Security Council to control the Korean and Iranian issues, the West to stabilize Lebanon, the G20 to end the global crisis be it financial, food, economic, social, monetary, ... to see that over the whole range of climatic and humanitarian disasters, like economic and social crises, the international system is now powerless. 

In fact, since the mid-2000s at least, all the major global players, at their head of course the United States and its cortege of Western countries, do no more than give out information, or gesticulate. In reality, all bets are off: The crisis ball rolls and everyone holds their breath so it doesn’t fall on their square. But gradually the increasing risks and issues of the crisis have changed the casino’s roulette wheel into Russian roulette. For LEAP/E2020, the whole world has begun to play Russian roulette (6), or rather its 2011 version, “American Roulette” with five bullets in the barrel.

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  1. It was not the United States job to rebuild New Orleans. The federall government did give them a lot of money (which I Beleive is a mistake) but they are not responsible to rebuild anything. That is up to each landowner. It is not a good example of an otherwise decent theory.

  2. LEAP generaly lays out the state of the economic debt crisis/dollar hegemony crisis and future desperate 'austerity" responses by the PTB of the First World very well .
    It is always worth reading.

  3. we need people of the world to stand now. we need folks everywhere to use freedoms granted by america. When the people pf the united states comet see what rich people with goverment have done there will be revoltion before spring time. I hope worst and prepare the best. when big boss man comes to my door I will understand we have lost the war.

    - Sam

  4. When the big boss man comes to your door; he will want to know what prompted you to make such adolescent comments like " use freedoms granted by America".

    Granted by whom?

    Oh Sam - read the fucking Declaration of Independance Man !!!!!

    Please !!!


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