Monday, January 10, 2011

Not Owning Gold is a Form of Insanity

Gold will eventually rally exponentially and investors who don't own the precious metal are "insane," and may be showing "masochistic tendencies," Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital, told CNBC.
"I think not owning gold is a form of insanity, it may even show unhealthy masochistic tendencies, which might need medical attention," Griffiths said.
Gold, along with other metals such as copper, has been making new all time highs, which is a strong buying signal, according to Griffiths.
"Although it's been a top performer for each of the last ten years, it's still in a linear trend. Eventually it will go exponential and make more in the last little bit than the whole of the ten year trend," he said.
Griffiths said that any short-term declines in the price of gold represent a buying opportunity and the asset is still not an "over-owned trade".
"Real assets hedge paper money being printed into oblivion, so you've got to own gold and you've got to own other commodity-related investments still,"  he said.
As gold [XAU=X  1374.5    0.05  (+0%)   ] is likely to continue its rise, the value of the dollar [.DXY  80.85    -0.16  (-0.2%)   ] is likely to remain in a long-term downtrend against other major currencies as the Federal Reserve maintains its policy of quantitative easing to stimulate the economy, according to Griffiths.
"The downward trend in the dollar is awesomely powerful. It's vital to get yourself out of the dollar long-term on any significant rally. Continuing to own a currency that is going to be printed virtually into oblivion … is crazy," he said.
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  1. If not owning gold is insane then the majority of the US is insane simply because we ain't got enough money to feed and house ourselves and then buy gold!!!! How is it that people for hundreds of years lived happy and full lifes and had no gold? Its an extra!

  2. tell it hosay folks there arent intrested in spectation. daring truth is about courage. truth is a fire to those with evil. now as far as my view goes i think gold owning was old hobby. Now if these folks are true what they speak we will need gold. Start here where do i find it. Where does the world keep gold. What stores sell gold. Thanks for any help.

    - Sam

  3. Sam your a troll...youve been given the
    information previously, stop wasting peoples time.

  4. 5:53 If they can't afford gold, they surely can afford at least one silver coin every now and then. At lest those people will have SOMETHING.

  5. Good to buy gold ,better to buy seeds,best if you have both

  6. Being a strong, young male with a good brain is better than both of those! Anywhere you go you'll have value more than other people.

    Of course old people would be useful for cooking, knowledge on gardening or hunting, etc.

    Young women I suppose would be able to sell their bodies if it came down to it.

    Men with only brawns will only be useful as work horses or intimidation/security. Men with good heads, especially if they are young now, will be able to acquire survival knowledge down the years.

    Say a guy who's in his 20s now who has a high level of intelligence and a fit body to go with it... in 20 or 30 years he'd end up being amongst the few who can read. No matter where he goes or ends up he'll be given leadership roles by default.

    The communities will be the real currency nonetheless.

  7. gold will save us, silver will to, is insane to not have what will save us..oh boy
    fine,be saved by gold til your 110 years old, then die and then the judgment. what's the benefit gaining the entire world and it's wealth and lose your soul? maybe more going on here then the fall of derivative based economies, maybe a judgment of man's god, money and love of it. pursuing riches we fall into many pits huh

  8. 11:49 now that's an INSANE post! What does it mean? Stay poor, starve and someone upstairs will SAVE YOU? HUH?

  9. "sam" appears to be computer generated spam

  10. Sham spam eats yams
    Ill sham spam can


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