Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, Jan 14, 2011 (IPS) - In an emotionally charged meeting this week sponsored by the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, fishermen, Gulf residents and community leaders vented their increasingly grave concerns about the widespread health issues brought on by the three-month-long disaster.

"Today I'm talking to you about my life," Cherri Foytlin told the two commissioners present at the Jan. 12 meeting. "My ethylbenzene levels are 2.5 times the 95th percentile, and there's a very good chance now that I won't get to see my grandbabies…What I'm asking you to do now, if possible, is to amend [your report]. Because we have got to get some health care."

Ethylbenzene is a form of benzene present in the body when it begins to break down. It is also present in BP's crude oil.

"I have seen small children with lesions all over their bodies," Foytlin, co-founder of Gulf Change, a community organisation based in Grand Isle, Louisiana, continued.

"We are very, very ill. And dead is dead. So it really doesn't matter if the media comes back… or the president hears us, or… if the oil workers and the fishermen and the crabbers get to feed their babies and maybe have a good Christmas next year… Dead is dead…I know your job is probably already done, but I'd like to hire you if you don't mind. And God knows I can't pay you. But I need your heart. And I need your voice."
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  1. That website is toxic. The article is therefore baseless.

    It is a shame what this world is becoming. Not merely the lies from the government, but here lies an example of how little intellectual substance exists today since all the writers seem to have furtive agendas.

    Science books are generally imbued with the twisted statements sick progressive weirdos make every other sentence. Marxist scum couldn't bear the possibility that their claims to climate change may have been brainwash. They would rather commit suicide.

    "Oh the nuclear programs of the USA are so evil... it threatens the planet." The next line, "Free sex is good and it is natural. It's evolution of the rationale." Okay. See how they contradict their own specialization in logic? Nukes would be a natural part of evolution. And conversely, the ability to abstain from sex is also a higher mode of functioning. That's what the intellect is for!

    Dogs being shown food can't help but drool. Humans can though. Unless of course they want us to be more like dogs and walk around humping random strangers?

    Thousands of nukes exist now, and many nations have them not just the USA genius! The point from that hypothetical example is the shame in their illogical biases... a lack of not only plausible reasoning but also common sense. It's an agenda clearly.

    And I'm not a republican or even a tea partier. But the academicians of this modern era are really helping drag mankind into hell. I bet you these whackos posing as sophisticated, all knowing experts know what they are propagating a scam.

    At least I have my mind and senses left. Moving on now.


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