Monday, January 17, 2011

The Fraud at the Heart of Social Security

There are two frauds at the very heart of the Social Security system, and I am going to describe and source them in detail. After spending a number of hours poring over public data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), The U.S. Treasury and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and additional hours searching the Web for other published analyses, I can state with some authority that there are no published analyses or accounts of Social Security which incorporate the actual outlays and receipts from fiscal year 2010 in a context which includes the Social Security Trust Fund.

In other words, all published analyses are based either on SSA or CBO estimates, not the actual numbers from the Treasury, and all media reports I could find are simply cut-and-paste repetitions of these estimates.

I cannot find a single source which provided any evidence of digging through the data and assembling a coherent picture of the Social Security system.

The media simply repeats "conclusions" published by "official sources" based on estimates, not facts. The laziness this implies is staggering. Meanwhile, pundits such as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, however knowledgeable and talented they may be, have obviously never performed a single minute of original data collection and analysis of the voluminous public accounts available to anyone with a computer and web browser.

If this is the best our most prestigious pundits and media resources can manage, then we truly are in dire straits.

All claims that Social Security is "secure for decades" are based on bogus fantasy-estimates, as are claims that the Trust Fund is anything but a carefully contrived fraud.
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  1. Yet another instance of the US government lying.

    Note that back in the Reagan administration there was this cry and hue about S.S. in peril so the gov raised payroll taxes significantly to 'supposely' put S.S. back on sound footing.

    And what did the U.S. Government do with the extra revenue.... why they counted it as general revenue just as before and spent it just as before.

    There is NO social security trust fund.
    The Government spent it!

    Currently the government needs to borrow 40% of every government dollar spent ... and social security is just another expense that can't be paid by incoming revenue.

    And now that China and others don't wish to buy any more of our bonds, the majority of the funds the government now uses to pay SS benefits is being printed up by Ben with the Feds digital printing press.

  2. Hmmm...So much of our SS revenue has disappeared into Citibank (The largest Welfare Queen) and so much of the revenue has been "borrowed" by successive governments (Yeah, both Dems and Repugs) that it was inescapable that it had to turn into a swindle. Part of the strategy in the latest looting of the average Joe's wealth was directed at ultimately getting the last of our wealth (SS) into the pockets of the banksters and the boyz from Wall Street. They are receiving their multi-bonuses with our money as I write this; but it easier to blame the folks who can't fight back - yet.

  3. sstf ran a 41 billion deficit in 2010, due to worse recession then expected, although expected to return to surplus in 2012 and beyond when the economy picks up, so say's
    meanwhile this year kicked off the grand babyboom retirement when the boomers start in mass to enter retirement age..should be interesting. better replace shoes with boots so to kick the can harder lol..or, just keep an open border and legalize all as we need younger workers to pay into this system...alot of them as wages and hrs are lower..alot. sounds like cuts on the way huh

  4. detroit article..enrollment declines(less aid/money for less students) and an unexpected staffing surge... ?
    so the main office has no real idea of what school and union hired whom and how many..anyway it was all unexpected and sudden like and well now that staff are here gotta pay em...maybe if they increase administration staffing... to get a better handle on what local schools are doing..oh boy

  5. No future for america when it cannot educate its youth without turning them into lifetime debt peons.
    Thats free enerprise at the education sausage factories .

  6. I have a really good solution to propose.

    How about we shut down all the schools in this country, from preschools to universities. We'll keep the medical schools, military academies, and science labs only.

    Children will be taught at an early age by their parents how to read and write. Following that, and whatever else the parents might willingly teach them, it will be up to the kids to educate themselves.

    If a child's reading and writing was completed at 10, then they would be mature enough to decide whether they might have a curiosity to learn. From there they may teach themselves advanced mathematics, various sciences, or read history.

    Then at whatever age they may become skilled enough with whatever skills they could master or excel at, and begin searching for employment.

    If they were prodigies but the job requires them to be 18 or 21 for the specific reason then so be it. Any young intellectuals wishing to become doctors would then enroll for medical school or to learn the trades of other science branches at the laboratories.

    From there they could know for whatever they wished to specialize in, the latest research of that field.

    As for the historians, artists, writers, and philosophers they could simply be their own independent thinkers and whoever likes their material could buy it (books, essays, paintings, theories, etc.) This will avoid the prejudice of today's backwards society which require worthless degrees for these creative arts which don't have any actual guidelines but the culture's normalcy biases. Much politicial propaganda would vanish too, seeing how that floods 80% of the material we come across. Holding back the natural and efficacious flow of consciousness in this world.

    This would save money, would encourage thinkers, prevent the social traumas in schools where kids actually learn how to be common and NOT individual people, and it would quickly and fairly siphon out those who are intelligent versus those that are simply slowing them down.

    Intelligence would be produced within the nation faster as kids no longer have to go at the same pace. Freedom would allow absolute creativity of thought in the arts. Logicians would be able to get a deep and succinct education in the trade schools (science and medical) and no time would be wasted sifting out the students from the pointless manifolds of subjects that waste time.

    The rest of the people who did not ever bother reading books as children or teaching themselves any intellectual discipline would make up the work force and businessmen.

    A man of the workforce could start a business or become the labor worker of a business owner.

    Schools are not the friend of society, they are purposely established to encumber humanity. The faster we can elimate the schools the faster mankind will progress.


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